Tuesday, 7 March 2006

More Weekend Stuff

Hey everyone.  Jeez what a day!!  Is it the weekend yet?  No, okay let's just keep going then LOL.........So here's the rest of what I got up to at the weekend and I did remember to put the lead into the computer today and have added the photos from the zoo - enjoy :)

Sunday - Trina and I did manage to get up at 9ish, had some brekkie, watched some of 'return of the champions' and decided it would be better for us to get out and have some fresh air instead of staying in and watching TV and doing nothing all day.  So we went to catch the bus down town.  As we were waiting we noticed the dark cloud forming and prayed it wouldn't hit us as neither of us were prepared for rain!! 

The bus eventually arrived and we went into a few shops as Trina was looking for a new swimming cossie!!  After looking in Debenhams we went for a walk by the harbour.  All the time having a good ol' natter about nothing in particular and having a good laugh.  I realised that when we're together we don't talk about normal stuff, just odd stuff and turn it into something that it wasn't to begin with.  Tangents in other words.  I won't go into what kind of tangents we went off on but it was flippin hysterical when we recalled what we had been talking about trust me ;)  We walked along the pier and sat down at the end of it.  Whilst we were there it did start hailing but didn't last long :)  Not that we noticed LOL.......Eventually we moved and walked back to town and continued shopping.

Trina thought I was being very good by not spending all my money.  At the end of the day when I owe her so much I could hardly spend in front of her could I?  lol We went into Ottakers book shop and visited Costa Coffee at the top of the shop for a sandwhich and a cake :)  Trina purchased the new Stephen King book for Wayne, I have to say reading the blurb it does sound very good - can't wait to read that one!!  After food we went to woolies, a dvd shop and a clothes shop :)

Went back to Trina's, had a cuppa watched Saturday's Deal or No Deal but the DVD cut out before the end so we didn't know what had happened.  (Managed to find out from Jez at work), then they brought me home!!  I didn't want to come home, I feel very alone after spending the weekend with them two.  Also my flat always feels big and cold :(  So I just curled up on the sofa and watched Tv.  Have you been watching Invasion?  It was well cool on Sunday :)  Apparently according to Jez it's gonna be even better next weekend. 

Well I think that's it your all caught up.  Yesterday I managed to do some exercises :)  Today I couldn't be bothered but I'll make up for it tomorrow.

I walked to work today it was raining and as I was walking across the bridge I started to regret my decision.  It was blowing a gale and my hands were cold trying to keep my big umbrella up :(  I did go into work through the nearest door which means I have to walk up 4 flights of stairs.  Puffed out is not the word for it LOL..........

Well I shall leave you here..............

Until next time - Take care everyone xx


jeadie05 said...

Great entry jen ,sounds as though you had your usual good time ,when your at Trina and Waynes ,chatting on the pier in a hail storm Mmm,ar well ,loved your pics especially the elephants and the cheetas ...............Jan xx

debbiewebb4465 said...

Hi Jen. Loved the photo's........makes me want to go visit a zoo. Last one I went to was Newquay, last Feb, and it snowed !!! Walking up 4 flights of stairs is enough exercise for a whole week, surely ??? LOL
Take Care Love Debbie xx


rachealcarol said...

Awwww I'm loving the Elephants Jen (they pong a bit though don't they, but they can't help it)  You were very close to those big cats, and is that panda real or are u jesting?

Lovely photo's, I can see you had a great time. Rache

jules19642001 said...

love the pics Jen, looks like you had a brill time.............Jules xxx