Wednesday, 15 March 2006

Stressed arrrrhhhhh!!

Hiya peeps well I shall be making two entries this evening as like I said in the previous entry it's 7 years since Trina and I followed Roger Taylor round the country!!  More about that later ;-)

Right now I'm feelin' fairly stressed out!!  Last night there was a web chat and a girl that annoys us turned up like she usually does.  She posts her usual 'we can't understand a thing your saying' stuff and then she types something to one of the other girls and I flipped to be honest.  She had told this other girl to shut up and just got messy!!  I'm moderator on the board and big boss wasn't there so I felt kinda responsible.  Problem was I didn't have the ability to kick her out.  Instead I sent her a private message asking her politely to leave.  She ignored it.  I asked her in the main chat to leave, she ignored it.  She then starts posting about how she's received messages about large trout and thinks it's from me!!  Well that was it I couldn't deal with it anymore and left!!  I was fuming!!  I haven't felt like that in ages.  I rung Trina to get her to calm me down lol..........Well tis her job after all ;-)

When is all said and done though I feel as though I could've handled the situation better and not left in such a huff but there comes a point when you just can't take anymore!!  If you know what I mean??!  Big boss has banned her from the board now after last night's fiasco!!

I'm also stressed about this damn exam and I still feel I'm gonna fail.  I should know more tomorrow as I have to do the diagnostic test and that gives a clearer view as to what the main test will be like!!  Panic arrhhhhhh!!!

Tonight my computer is playing up.  It's not loading up normally giving me options such as safe mode, normal mode, and others.  Apparently I've deleted some file or another that's extremely important!!  Well I'm sorry but b*****ks!!  Why would I delete a file like that??  On top of everything I have no idea how you would access such a file..............

I give up!  Especially if it means I need to do a system restore coz as usual I shall lose everything :-(  Oooooo not if I get myself an MP3 player that would work and I could store all my music stuff onto it!!!   Something to consider but for now I guess I'll just plod!!

P's off work this week due to breavement in the family at the weekend and the doctor signed her off.  I asked E to give her my regards when she spoke to her on the phone.  Apparently P was worried coz she'd left me alone on Monday.  I shrugged my shoulders and carried on but it's nice to know she cares in her own strange little way :-)  If K's not back next week then I shall be on my own again on Monday!!  Hey ho!!

Anyway I shall leave this entry here and shall take you back 7 years ago this very day when I was 21 years old - 1999 what a year!!

Take care peeps


elainey2465 said...

LOL hun well you did the right thing by just leaving must have really been frustrating though. Don't blame you for getting so angry. Can't wait to hear about your wild tour LOL Laine xxx

jeadie05 said...

Oh cheer up Jen Istill think you can do it ,your exam ,take a deep breath and go forit .......Jan xx

jaymact1 said...

Sorry you are so stressed have just about forgotten what it was like to be stressed at work that is one of the great things about being retired but it also means you are getting old oh well you can't have it all ways. Love Joan.

rachealcarol said...

Jen it's braver to walk away than take the bait of someone intent on disruption.  You focus on your exam that's more important, I know you'll do great in it.  And as for the pc............slap it!!!!  I hope you've managed to find some calm, stressful days happen but they don't last long. The MP3 player would be a good reward for all the effort you've put into the exam :) Rache

jules19642001 said...

its better to walk away wehn being goaded like that, you did well to get Trina to calm you down. If you retaliate, you stand a good chance of getting into trouble plus it is like putting fuel on the fire retaliating, ignore her and the fire goes out and she will probably go away...............Jules xxx

labdancer51 said...

Hi Jen,  you did the right thing asking that person to leave.  I can`t understand why people behave like that online, they`re most likely the sort that would never confront anyone in real life so I expect being invisible makes them brave!  I hope the exam went well for you, it will be over by the time you read this.  Take care. :o)

Sandra xxxx

mtrib2 said...

If you do not think you deleted an important file from your computer then you didn't.    I paid last year for a combination spyware software and a registry cleaner/repair but am lettin AOL software take care of the spyware detection.    I still have the registry software and it still fixes the registry.   I am not paying for either one this year is what I am trying to say.    Perhaps someone who knows about computers more than I do could help you.    Do you know Stuart from "Specimen Days"?   He can be helpfull and has a good deal of computer knowledge.   I will send you his URL.     As far as getting stressed in the Web chat,   don't let it get to you.    I do not like going into any chats anymore.     They go so fast and then they are gone, there is hardly time to write anything thoughtful.     Hoping that your test went well.    Take care and have a great weekend,   mark