Thursday, 30 March 2006

People On Streets

Hello J-land!  It's only me again back with another 'what happened on this day 7 years ago' lol.....
Firstly a small catch up session!!  Not much going on really!!  Last night was insane - I won't tell you about it now coz it really needs to go into it a bit more deeper, but let's just say it was a very strange experience.  Not an unhappy one I can add ;-)  Unfortunately though it made me late going to bed so today I have no energy whatsoever!!  I woke up with fuzzy ears!!  What I mean by that is I can hear but not very clearly like the sound is all muffled.  I had it a few years back only a lot worse it felt as though I was living under water for about a week until I could go and have them cleaned.
It was very odd today though.  I felt crap for most of the day and then I went to the loo.  When I came back from the loo I thought 'I can hear again' LOL.........very strange!!  P, myself and team leader are fastly becoming hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil at the moment.  P has a problem with one of her eyes, team leader had to go to the emergency dentist the other day and me with me ears!!  It's quite funny when you think about it!!
Anyway enough of this waffling ;-)  Onwards.............and to continue my 7 year saga!!
Well this gig was not planned!!  Trina had spent a whole hour on the way back from Cambridge trying to convince me that we had to go to another one.  I know that doesn't sound good on my behalf but we were depressed about not being able to go to gigs and I didn't see how going to one more was going to combat that!!  Eventually I came round to her way of thinking and she booked everything on the way home.  That night I rang a friend of mine called Sandie who I knew was going to the gig and she promised to save us a place in the queue, she was getting there very early!!
This proved to be a gig that makes me wonder how we would have felt if we didn't go!!  We managed to get to the concert hall at 3pm.  It was quite late coz we had to leave home late as I had to sign on that morning.  The job centre didn't realise that I wasn't really looking for jobs, I was following Roger Taylor half way around the country.  Much better way to spend your time me thinks ;-)  Anyway Sandie had saved us a place and she was right at the front of the queue.  She even gave me a photo of Jason that she had taken at Stoke :-)  bless her!!
First person we saw was Treana.  I was going to say hello to her, but she beat me to it!!  As we walked past her she said 'alright?' Bless her she is so nice!  Not long after that we saw the band going in.  Trina got Mike to sign her Happiness? cd cover.  I tried getting Jason's attention but he ignored me!!  Everytime he appeared though Trina would either hit me, kick me or push me - her way of letting me know he was there!!  Roger went in a totally different door and a select few seemed to have managed to get his signature.
When we were let into the hall there was blind panic!!  It didn't seem to matter who was first in the queue or whatever, coz they opened the doors and then you were stopped by security who were checking bags and taking drinks off you.  I had to wait for Trina who had a bag with her.  Then as you went up the stairs there was a hall but about 10 different doors that you could go through, which were all locked when we got there.  Luckily we managed to squeeze in the queue with some friends coz they remembered we were in front of them outside.  We still managed to get to the front :-)  Horrors of all horrors, another barrier, with a massive gap between us and the stage :-(  Roger did comment on that later, like he always did.  I got the feeling it was not his idea to put the barrier there!!
Anyway when we were waiting for Treana to come on and do her stuff, I recognised a rather tall lanky man at the side of the stage fiddling with some amps.  I turned to Trina and said, 'Isn't that Brian's guitar tech Pete?'  She looked and we agreed it was!!  Just as we did we noticed the red special guitar sitting on a stand nearby.  We decided to let everyone know what a treat they were in for!!
We couldn't believe it, it turned out to be the best gig we went too.  Not just coz Brian was there, but the band were so fired up, it was unbelieveable.  Here are the best bits ;-)
- During Believe in Yourself, Roger didn't get to the microphone in time and he looked at us, coz he saw me singing when he should've been, pulling weird faces coz I thought I heard it wrong.  Anyway when he did make it back to the mic and sing 'You' he pointed at me and accentuated the word (which you can hear on the live bootleg cd!!) ;-)
- During Strange Frontier the crowd sing the ahhhhhh's in the middle and he put his hand to his ear and looked at us.  (editors note - which he shouldn't have done coz we were so out of tune lol)
- For the first encore he came on without any glasses.  Wow!!  I started screaming and god knows what else, and Trina thought it was because he was wearing a waistcoat and white shirt.................but then realised the man wasn't wearing glasses!!  Something he didn't do very often as he had a problem with his eyes.  (editors note - he's had laser eye surgery to fix that for those of you who didn't know that - trivia fact for you ;-)
- Brian came out for the 2nd encore.  It was totally amazing!!  He did Under Pressure, Rock n Roll, and Radio Ga Ga.  The greatest thing was watching little insignificant Jason.  He was bewildered that he was playing next to Brian and he just kept grinning and pointing to him.  He also mouthed 'it's brian'  Brian pretty much kept himself to himself and stood at the back of the stage.  When he did come to the front it was right in front of where we were standing.  The worst bit was I couldn't take any photos coz I  was too scared to reach into my pocket and get my camera as there was a bit of a crush.  Trina had a rather large bloke using her as a public leaning post.  Even leaning on her to jump higher.  She did manage to take a couple though :-)
When it was over we went round to wait for the band to come out, so I could get Jason to sign my photo that Sandie had given me earlier.  Roger's blue van went round to the front and Sarah ran round and apparently Roger and Brian both came out at the same time.  She had managed to get Brian's signature but he said he had to go as he was meeting a lady ;-)
Trina and i didn't run round, I figured there'd be no point, that we wouldn't be able to meet them and we might have missed the band!!  Eventually they came out..........Keith came out and Trina asked him to sign her Happiness album cover (it's now ultra rare coz Keith doesn't play on it LOL).  While she was doing that I said I'd take her picture.  Once he had signed they had their picture taken.  It was all I heard about all night!!  How lovely his fleece was lol.......She did manage to compose herself long enough to say something to Mike.  Apparently he looked round another person to say 'good gig wasn't it?'  bless.......
Jason finally came out.........I went over to him and asked him to sign the photo!!  I asked him what it was like to play alongside Brian, he said, with a huge grin on his face, 'fantastic!'   So there you go.........we weren't going to go.........and all that happened!!
Not long till the next one............
Well your going to have to wait for it though ;-)  I've added an extra photo at the end.  The SAS band did a gig a while ago which was recorded and you can currently purchase called 'The Show'!!  That photo is a screencap from the gig just as Roger walks on the stage.........look at my face lol.........Thanks to Jo for that capture ;-)
Right well it's taken a long time to type that I'm off!!
Take care peeps


rachealcarol said...

Jen that's a lovely pic of u in the crowd. Rache

jlocorriere05 said...

So glad you had a good time, looks like the band were enjoying it too! I'm not getting alerts from you  any more! Jeannette.