Sunday, 12 March 2006

Exam worries and other stuff

 Hiya everyone - can't believe I haven't updated since Tuesday!!  I'm useless aren't I lol........don't answer that ;-)  So what's been happening??  To be honest and quick - nothing!!  So have a good week only joking!!

Seriously nothing has been happening.  Work is okay!!  More of the usual moany people and a bit of work to do when I go in tomorrow which is nice to know.  T left the department on Thursday.  I'm kinda glad in a way - her voice irritated me lol......When you don't talk much and listen to others having a conversation they can start to do your head in after a while!!  She was alright otherwise!!  Her section put up banners and balloons when she left on Wednesday for her to come into on Thursday.  P couldn't believe the childishness about it all.  I don't understand it to be fairly honest but I've never really been in an office that does stuff like that.  The worst we did at Go was to send Graham a birthday card filled with those little hole punch things.  He saw the funny side of it but was fairly annoyed as he'd had to hoover them up LOL........God I miss that place in some ways!!  If I was still with them I'd have a lot more than 20 days annual leave that's for sure!!  I'm trying to spare some of my leave for next year coz you never know what might happen.  We have leave from april to march just in case you were wondering lol.

Talking of leave I must book the 19th June off this week :-)  Trina and I were emailing as usual *tut tut* and I mentioned how B4 (channel 4's music prog on at 7am) had said the Foo Fighters were playing Hyde Park in the summer.  I thought how cool would that be so I mentioned it to Trina in passing.  As it turned out we (aka Trina, myself and Wayne) are going to Manchester to see them on the 18th June.  As that's a Sunday we are gonna make a weekend of it.  They are playing the Lancashire Cricket Ground and I've been there before.  One of my ex's family had a 50th or something and they all live in Manchester and I went with them.  Had the worst time of my live coz he got drunk and we argued pretty much all night!!  But the next day there was a cricket match on and our balcony looked over the ground.  Could've sat there all day and watched it - I don't even like cricket!!

Anyhoo what else has been happening??  The weekend has gone by in a complete and utter state of 'where did it go?' lol.....Today especially!!  I've had enough of being out in the rain what with the last few days walking to work during it and so today I stayed in.  But I haven't really done anything or achieved anything and it's now 9.41pm!!  I have been slightly creative this weekend though.  I've made 4 more banners and 2 wallpapers :-)  I should post a banner so you can see what I mean but I can't be bothered to open that photobucket account just yet so I do apologise if you haven't got a clue what I mean!

Watched Wallace and Gromit today.  Love that film - as if you didn't guess, what with the comments telling me they had won the oscar LOL.......I just think it's amazing (a bit like Harry Potter phenomenon) that someone can have a simple idea and look what it turns into!!  I want to be able to do that.........but how??  That's the big question of course!!  I guess I shall never know the answer.

*ouch* that was a bit deep huh?  I've been downloading stuff too.  I don't know why I bother coz I can't get it off the computer anyway LOL.  Managed to get Paul and Queen doing Dragon Attack which they've been doing on their usa shows.  It's funny coz I don't have a clue what the tour dates are for those and I think it's much better for me not to know otherwise I would be miserable!!  I probably could've gone but I would be in much more debt than I am now!!

Oooo talking of tours *see that link that I just did crafty huh* Wednesday marks the 7 year anniversary of the Roger Taylor Electric Fire tour which Trina and I managed to attend 7 shows of :-)  If I remember coz I forgot last year I shall try and share my tour diary and possibly some of our photos :-)  Don't worry it doesn't go on that long and doesn't really include much about Roger, but you'll see that when I start sharing it!!

This week I have my ECDL exam and to say I'm panicking about it is probably an understatement.  I was planning to catch up this weekend but that went out the window.  So I shall have to do some at home during the week.  Arrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhh...........I have this instinct that I'm gonna fail!!  That's not good............

Well I shall leave you here for now.

Take care peeps

Best wishes.....


jeadie05 said...

Good luck with your exam ,Dont fail ,think I'm gonna pass  ,...........Jan xx

jaymact1 said...

Good Luck with the exams think positive. Love Joan.

rachealcarol said...

Good luck with the exam Jen. Lol @ the card, I've done that........good ain't it :) Rache

stewielad1 said...

I have tickets for the Foo's at Hyde park. I want to see them, plus Motorhead are supporting its a double bonus

irisclyde said...

Hellooo, I've been pretty lax at updating and even worse at reading, but here I am, to say: good luck in your exams!