Thursday, 16 March 2006

A Nation of Haircuts

Hiya everyone - well I have some GREAT news!!  I did the diagnostic test today which actually has a lot more questions than the real test and I scored 90% :-)  Which means I would've passed had it been the real thing!!  P rung earlier and when team leader told her it was my test tomorrow apparently she said, tell her she'll be fine!!  Her way of wishing me luck I guess LOL..........Anyway just wanted to share that with you!!  So onwards and back to 16/03/99...................


Well after the Gloucester gig I had an hours sleep!!  But I felt totally alive and awake, ready for another fantastic concert.  This time off to Cardiff.  We met my Irish pen pal who had flown over and not told her parents!!  Then we met up with Trina's pen pal whose house we were all staying at.........She dropped us of at the Coal Exchange building and the same people who were first in the queue the day before were there again!!  We managed to find out the actual layout of the building.  There where two doors at the front and none round the back.  So thankfully he had to be dropped off somewhere near where we were standing.

The hours and minutes went past, evenutally the blue van (editors note - that's Roger's van :-), was spotted!!  This parked up and no-one apart from the driver got out!!  After a long pause the driver got back in and drove off, everybody, apart from me, were running here there and everywhere chasing it!!  In the end they positioned a person on each corner.  It was quite amusing, like some military operation.  At one point whilst we were waiting we heard a shunt between two cars and looked at Lisa who was standing on that corner and she pointed to the cars and laughed.

Before all that happened though I have forgotten to tell you that Treana turned up and people got her to sign stuff.  She signed my Electric Fire cd cover.  Then after a long pause, the white Star Line van turned up, meaning one thing, the band and more importantly for me - Jason!!  The band got out and everyone apart from Jason managed to get inside.  So where was Jason??  Surrounded by about 10/15 people all wanting autographs and photos.  He was so sweet, he kept saying that he had to go inside for the sound check.  I managed to get him to sign my Electric Fire cd cover, then I had my picture taken with him.  Then if that wasn't enough as he was going in, I told him that he played well last night and thanked him :-)  He grinned back at me and said thanks!!  Believe it or not though after all that waiting I found out from Trina who took the picture that he wasn't looking!!  Noooooooooo.........Paula, my irish pal, had her picture taken with him too and sent me a copy.  He's looking at me in her's and at her in mine LOL............

Still low and behold Roger turned up.  I decided not to bother to try and get any autographs or photos cos a lot of people were!!  Trina did try though and she felt like he was ignoring her on purpose.........reason being she held my cd cover out and he looked at it, but signed the ticket next to her.  Can you even begin to imagine what that must've felt like?  He went in for the sound check.

When he was coming back out, we could see him through the door, so I managed to get myself on the ledge and lean over the wall to catch him as he came out.  When he opened the door, I called out to him and he looked in my direction.  And you will not believe what happened next...........He looked at me, (as I've already mentioned but thought I should again and said 'Oh I missed you out earlier' and signed my cd cover.  It was the same cover Trina had been holding, but she was holding it differently to me and it was also a different person, so it made me wonder what he was thinking but OH MY GOD!!  The first time I ask for his autograph and not only did he sign it but he spoke to me! ARrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

The gig was Brilliant!!  Although the lights were not!!  Roger and the band were on fine form.  Now I shan't bore you with loads of details again, so here is the highlights:

- When Roger started Happiness he sang the wrong words, but Jason mouthed the wrong words too........silly man!!  We helped Roger remember that one.

- Some stupid bloke jumped the stage and Rog commented on it but I can't remember what he said!!

- When Radio Ga Ga finished (last song on the set list), I yelled at Jason for his plectrum, I did this for a few times but he didn't hear me.  So I was going to give up when Trina made me continue.  When he finally looked at me I asked if I could please have his plectrum?  He took it from under his tongue and replied that it was a bit wet!!  I said, so??  He chucked it to me and I dropped it and frantically searched on the floor amongst all the coats for it.  When I finally found it I was so was still wet (editors note - Oh dear lord!!) Trina told me afterwards he looked a bit worried.

Roger left not long afterwards, but there was no point trying to get near him, there was so many people around.  They all left after Roger did, but I decided I wanted to see Jason, so I made Clare (trina's pen pal), Paula and Trina wait!!  When he did come out I told him I had found the plectrum and thanked him for it.  (Editor - I am so cringing right now what was I thinking??!!) His reply was nice one and gave me the thumbs up sign :-)  Wow another fantastic day/night!!  Can Truro top that in a couple of days??

Well you'll find out tomorrow hopefully!!  As I'm going away on Saturday (back Sunday), I shall post Truro either tomorrow or Sunday!!

Until then - wish me luck with the exam tomorrow and happy st paddy's day to any of you irish guys out there for tomorrow :-)

Best wishes


jeadie05 said...

I think I told you the same ,get an early night! sleep tight! ,and do well tomorrow I know you will ...good luck and GodBless .............Jan xx

oddb0dkins said...

I've often wondered what goes through the mind of a devoted fan, thanks for the insight. And good luck with the exam. B. x

debbiewebb4465 said...

WOW Jen I can't remember what I did last week !! It must've been fantastic for you ~ you've remembered it all and written it so well !!!
The VERY BEST of luck with your exam ~ you'll be fine ~ you walked the diagnostic !!!
love n hugs X~ Debbie ~X

jaymact1 said...

By the time you read this your exam will be over hope all went well for you. Am really enjoying  reading your exploits at the concert tour whats going to happen next