Sunday, 26 March 2006

Mothers Day

Hi Everyone :-)  I'm not feeling 100% at the mo, so I won't post a huge entry...........I'm sure I'll be fine don't worry about me!!
Well firstly HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all you mothers out there, especially mine - who will hopefully read this unless she's changed her home page to something else!! lol
Mothers day is the only day I tend to agree with.  Every other one is usually a marketing ploy but whenever I think of what my mum went through, and is doing it all again, she definitely deserves a day to herself.  Not that she'll get it no doubt but in my mind she should ;-)  Hope you have all had a good day all you mother's and been spoilt rotten.
I went to visit mine yesterday!!  Couldn't decide what to get her for a pressie and if I asked her she probably would've said oh I don't know!!  So we went shopping so she could pick out something that she would like :-)  She ended up choosing a handbag which was actually quite nice.  Even I admit that and I'm not one for handbags!!  I spent far too much money, thinking I get paid this week, when in actual fact it's the end of the week arrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhh..............Never mind!!  We went and had some lunch in the country stores restaurant place which is quite expensive but nice and pleasant!!  Meggy had a child's portion but it didn't look like a childs portion.  It said in the menu that kids get a free lolly if they leave a clean plate.  I bet they don't give out many!!  Especially with the size of their plates.  I opted for chicken tikka masala and it was nice.
I finally managed to show mum where I am on the Queen Paul Rodgers DVD :-)  and set my journal up as her home page.  Now that she has internet connection again.  So she can keep up with me doings!!  Everyone say hi to my mum ;-)
Oh my god work on Friday was a flippin' nightmare!!  We received the accounts and as usual looked through the Direct Debits one first.  There were a few that I had set up on the system all in one day that hadn't been accepted as DD.  I was freakin' out coz I was sure I'd done everything right and everyone double checked it and I had.  I was panicking most of the afternoon, until we were informed there was a problem with the system and any updates we made after the 15th March they wouldn't have been registered.  Apparently 480 bills will be affected.  Can you believe that?  Who said computers were fab??  Certainly not me!!  Well their ok when their working huh?
I had a freaky dream the other night and haven't been able to forget it ever since.  I dreamnt that I came home one day and my front door was jammed open and the flat had been turned upside down and it was a complete mess.  Yet nothing had been taken.  My neighbour (although it wasn't actually my neighbour), was a student type with an attitude problem and had been home all day yet claimed they hadn't heard anything.  What a horrible dream!!
Today I've not really done anything!!  Rearranged my book cupboard for like the millionth time since moving lol........hoovered, and watched Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley.  It was ok but I didn't go much on the ending. 
I've got just over 100 pages left to go in my Martina Cole book I'm reading.  No guesses for what I'll be doing this week LOL...........
Well I shall leave you here since I didn't want to do a long entry......yeah right lol
Take care and I promise I'll catch up on journalreading soon xx
best wishes


jeadie05 said...

 Hi Jens Mum ,hope you've had a nice Mothers day ,it sounds as though you all had a ggod day yesterday ,Hi Jen ,sorry just chatting to your Mum ,will you have to do all those DD's again ?ouch ..I like Martina Cole which one are you reading ?..............Jan xx

debbiewebb4465 said...

Hi Jen and HI Jen's mum !! Not feeling so good myself today mate but thanks for Mums Day greetings. Glad you had good day with your mum, wish you better, take care
hugs ~x Debbie x~

jlocorriere05 said...

Hope you feel better soon. Hi to your mum, glad you had a good day yesterday! Computers can be a right pain at times, and that's putting it politely!! Jeannette.  

jules19642001 said...

hope you feel better soon and glad you and your mum had a lovely day..........Jules xx

elainey2465 said...

Hi Jen, Hello Jen's mum!!!  Well glad it wasnt your fault at work!! Bloomin computers!!! Laine xxxx

labdancer51 said...

Hi Jen`s Mum!  Hi to Jen!    How lovely that you spoiled your Mum like that.  It is nice to have your kids around on Mother`s day though I agree with you about the marketing side of this `special` days.  You only have to see the price of some of the cards in the shops. :o)

Sandra xxxxx

rachealcarol said...

(((( fell better soon Jen )))) Rache

irisclyde said...

I like Mothers' Day! :o) I'm getting back into a reading routine and I've just started the last Harry Potter book. Bit behind reading the journals too!