Tuesday, 28 March 2006

Nation of Haircuts

Evenin' all!!  Hope we find you all well...........
Well although there was a picket line outside work today it would appear they were targeting people in cars rather than us walkers :-)  I was all geared up for a fight and even had worked out some witty responses if they said anything to me, such as......I don't work here I'm just passing through ;-)  Unfortunately I can't remember the other one LOL.......trust me it was good though!
Those accounts that I told you were wrong - well it gave me a headache yesterday!!  We finally received a spreadsheet with the names of all those that had gone wrong and decided to pull the note and the account.  It turned out that some of them had come down as nil accounts, coz of course the charges weren't loaded on when they should've been grrrrrrr......Our nil accounts go to a couple of ladies who pull the files, so there was another hassle to deal with.  We've managed to find them all today but jeez.....nothing's ever simple is it??!!
Anyway tonight I shall continue with my 7 years ago saga.  7 years ago today Trina and I followed Roger to Cambridge :-)  Enjoy!!
CAMBRIDGE JUNCTION - March 28th 1999
Luckily I have an Aunty and Uncle who live near Cambridge - (editors note R.I.P my uncle:-( !!) and I haven't seen them in ages so Trina and I went to stay with them.  We went up on the day before the gig to spend some proper time with them which was lovely :-)  The next day they gave us a lift to the venue, but refused to pick us up at that time of night.  So we had to get a taxi back, which we didn't mind.  When my Aunty dropped us off, we were 2nd in the queue.  That was until they decided to tell us after tons of people had arrived that we were to queue by the other door.  Great security as usual (please note the sarcasm!) We were still quite near the front though.  The people we had met during the other gigs turned up which we didn't think they were going too so that was nice.
Unfortunately there really isn't much to report as far as meeting or whatever coz there was this huge walk to get round to the back of the venue.  Also the rumour was they had stepped up security after Sheffield as two 40 year old women had practically abused Roger!!  Martin (nice security bloke) had to apparently shove Roger into the side of the van to get him in safely.  Needless to say that us younger ones had all been blamed for that incident!!  Jeez Trina and I weren't even there!!  Anyway Trina and the girls all walked round.  She informed me that Jason's growing a beard and Keith looked terrible in his hat (she took a liking to the drummer Keith Prior).  They also caught a glimpse of Roger who waved to them but that was all!!
The gig was good but both Trina and I felt as though it took a while for the band to get going.  It could've just been that we hadn't seen them for 10 days (which was true)!!  How we coped I shall never know!!  (editors note - the same way I'm coping with Q + PR in Amercia right now arrrrrrrrhhhhhhhh)!!  Once the band did get going we had a great time......so here's the best bits :-)
- When We Will Rock You started the lights went up and Jason looked directly at me and mouthed alright :-)  My sources informed me that the day before at Liverpool he was apparently recovering from a bad hangover lol.  I don't think anybody else had been screaming for him in the last 10 days!!
- When Roger took off his jacket, everyone, mostly the girls, screamed :-)  So Jason lifted his guitar and motioned to undo his flies....................faint!!  Unfortunately he didn't grrrrrr.......
- After Roger's drumming solo at the end of London Town, the end of the first batch of songs, he left the stage and had to walk past us!!  He was carrying his drumsticks.  He threw one  and it went past me and to some people nearus.  I noticed this and called to him, so he bent down and bounced the 2nd stick.  It went towards Trina!  She made a grab for it and so did the girl next to her.  Fortunately for us the other girl let go, so Trina had caught a drumstick and it is most definitely Rogers :-)  I couldn't believe it and I kept hugging her, then when she passed it to me I would not let go!!  I feared someone might take it.  Fortunately nobody did, and we own a drumstick arhhhhhhhhhhh..........
- I did try for Jason's plectrum but he chucked it to the people a few row's behind me :-( 
Still we had Roger's drumstick what do I care??!!  Trina and the gang went round the back again.  I decided not to bother and made friends with a girl on the same side of the fence as I was.  The girls who went round to the back got talking to Treana Morris who promised to dedicate a song to us in London.  Then the band left and so did Roger!!  Trina and I went back to Aunty's and Uncle's on a bit of a high........not long to go till the next gig :-)
Unfortunately on a sad note - the infamous drumstick that I wrote about there has gone missing :-(  I definitely had it when I lived with Trina's parents but it disappeared after I moved in with my ex who didn't like Queen stuff!!  It's depressing coz it holds such great memories!!  Still you can marvel at it on the photos just to prove I'm not lying about it ;-)
Well I shall write more in a few days.
Take care j-land


jeadie05 said...

Your graphic is great ,I hope you sort things out at work without to many more headaches ,Enjoy reading about your '7 year saga ' What an anticlimax the pickets letting you through !.............Jan xx

rachealcarol said...

Aww Jen, shame about the drumstick, but you've held it, and hugged it.  Sounds a good time was had.  Hard going at work, the pc needs a slap for letting u down.  Have a good week. Rache

jlocorriere05 said...

Sounded like you had a brilliant night, shame the drumstick has gone AWOL. Perhaps another one will bounce your way one day!! Jeannette.