Wednesday, 22 March 2006

An entry to go YAY!!

Hiya peeps :-)  How are you all?  Thanks for the comments about the picture (no.7 on the last entry - yep that one is framed, how did you guess?? LOL)
Well I know I said the next update for the seven years ago saga is not till next week, I figured I should still update the journal.  Was trying to do it over the last couple of days but it's all gone wrong and by the time I think about it, it was time for bed LOL...... So here's an update in me doings!!
The weekend was fun :-)  Trina and I went to Sarah's and Dan's flat for a housewarming.  There were 8 of us in total.  I won't bore you with the details and the majority of the time (apart from drinking) was talking about one of the other guests.  So as I don't feel right about going on about that in my journal I shall just tell you a good time was had by all........We didn't go to sleep till 4am.  Woke up on Sunday at 10am.  Sunday was also good but I was too tired to enjoy it ;-)  That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.  I can't remember how much wine I had, which is very odd for me coz I usually can tell you lol.......Don't get me wrong though I didn't get drunk, just merry enough for me to know what I was doing.  Felt light headed far too much though lol............
Got home in time for Invasion (which Jez had said was gonna be a good one) and fell asleep during one of the ad breaks.  When I woke up I realised it wasn't on anymore - grrrrrrrr.......Luckily Trina had videoed it and when she rung back the other day apparently all I had missed was 30 seconds!!  But they were like THE most important 30 seconds of the show ever!!
Work is going okay!!  I feel actually quite pleased with what I've achieved during the last bill run.  The first week P was off on hols.  The second week P came back, but K was off.  The third week P was off and we still had no K.  The majority of the time my team leader was in meetings so I was mainly on my own!!  And I managed to get the accounts out and away from us!!  The next run is due on Friday and it doesn't seem like yesterday that we got the last lot.  I'm glad it's gone quickly but the next run won't :-(
This year is shaping up to be pretty cool for things I'm attending :-)  I was allowed to take the 8th september off so I can go to WWRY.  Yay!!  and last night I looked at Paddy's site as I occasionally do if I remember and I noticed he's added some more tour dates.  One being in Plymouth........arrrrrrrhhhhhhhh..........Emailed Trina, which she didn't get coz I sent it to instead of!!  Doh!!  Finally got it to her at lunchtime and she asked if I wanted to go - duh!!  I had a feeling she would if I sent it to her ;-)  So she went ahead and booked tickets in October for me, her and Wayne - YAY!!  I can't wait, I'm gonna see Paddy Yay!!  Regular readers know I go on about him nearly as much as I waffle on about my Rog!!
So the year looks like this:
May - Convention
June - Roger board meet-up, Foo Fighters gig
July - Cornwall
September - WWRY and Freddie birthday party
October - WWRY and Paddy
Woohoo not bad huh?  I'm glad there is stuff going on I wouldn't wanna sit around and do nothing after last year's excursions - plus what would I talk about ;-)
Ooooooooo.......almost forgot last night around 7ish I thought I'm gonna fix my puncture!!  At nine I was putting the tyre back on the bike all fixed :-)  \o/  I did it!!  I fixed the puncture on the back tyre - everyone go yay!!  I went shopping today to try it out and it's still up but I found one of those silly little things that puncture them in the first place in the front tyre so I'm waiting for that one to go down now!!  I was kinda hoping I had got rid of the noise my pedals make when I'm cycling too but alas no!!  Still can't have everything I guess................
Well I think I've droned on enough.  I don't think the alerts are right I don't seem to be getting half as many as I should.  Forgive me if I've missed an entry on your journals!!
Well until next time.....................
Best wishes xx


oddb0dkins said...

Put some lolly sticks in your spokes. Go on, you know you want to.
B. x

jeadie05 said...

Yay ,clever girl fixing the puncture ,no alert again just the wireless thing ,your Diary is filling up nicely ,you've got lots to look forward too ,so pleased you got tickets to go and see Paddy ,and in Plmouth so you dont have too far to go to see him ..............Jan xx

debbiewebb4465 said...

Yay Jen well done you, bike mechanic LOL  You sure have a busy year coming up ~ but that's how I like it too ~ lots to look forward to!! Alerts are definitely not working ~ no-one seems to have got mine and I know cos I've put one on Mart's screen so I can check and he never got it grrrrrr to AOL !!! Love the jokes ~ keep em coming ~ I've got a few more for you that'll be on their way soon LOL
take care mate, love ~ X Debbie X ~

rachealcarol said...

You've got your year planned well Jen, lots to look forward to.  Wandering what noise your pedals make.  It brought back memories you fixing your puncture, been a hell of a long time since I did that.  Glad the weekend went well. Rache

jaymact1 said...

Great you had such a good weekend even if you were tired at the end of it.  I find late night ads really annoying when that last lot come on and you know there is only a couple of minutes left and all you want to do is get to bed.  Have a great day Love joan.

icklemisssexpot said...

Good to hear you had a great weekend :o) Your diary for the year is filling up rapidly LOL...Wireless alerts is what am still getting for you but at least it's an alert...Mind have gone down the pan LOL    Caff xxx

irisclyde said...

My son cycles and he went through a phase when he kept getting punctures, so he bought this jell-stuff that you put into the tyres and it helps to keep them from puncturing too often apparently. Well done for fixing yours.