Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Small Celebrations for Now

Yay Woohoo Yay Woohoo Yay Woohoo Yay Woohoo!!

My prayers have been answered people ~ c'mon join me in doing the stupid dance ;-)  I promise you I am not going mad I shall tell you what's happened........

Last night I thought I would browse the Foo Fighters official website for some random reason or another :-)  and there posted THAT day is the announcement that they are headlining the V Festival in August ~ that's in England WOOHOO!!  Emergency phone call to Trina with toothpaste in my mouth (don't ask)!!  Both her and Wayne are up for it and tickets go on sale on Thursday ~ please everyone I am begging you to keep everything crossed and to pray like you've NEVER prayed before that Trina will get hold of 3 tix!!  She's doing it coz she's good at things like that and can make calls like that during working hours LOL.......................don't ask me how she gets away with it!!

I tell you something though people I really did think I was gonna have to go through the year without the snifter of a decent gig to look forward too!!  Now not only do I have something decent to look forward too, I shall conqueur a first for me and that's a festival!!  I usually end up watching the highlights on TV and thinking that it might be cool to be there but never do I think 'next year I'll go'!!  Since last years Foo's gig though all 3 of us have vowed that if they come back we are going to see them ~ but not just that Trina looked up the rest of the line-up and so far it looks like this:

  • The Killers
  • Foo Fighters
  • Snow Patrol
  • Mika
  • The Kooks
  • The Fratellis
  • The Fray
  • Goo Goo Dolls
  • Manic Street Preachers
  • James Morrison
  • KT Tunstall
  • Damien Rice
  • Paolo Nutini
  • Primal Scream
  • Basement Jaxx
  • Babyshambles
  • Kasabian
  • Editors
  • P!nk
  • Happy Mondays
  • James
  • The Proclaimers
  • Not bad huh??  I shall look forward to the Killers as well as the Foo's!!  I saw them on Jools Holland just before xmas and thought they were really good live and with a song called 'Jenny was a friend of mine' you can't go wrong ;-)  LOL  I also wanna see Basement Jaxx (their greatest hits album is good if you can stomach dance music lol), Manic Street Preachers (one and only time I've seen them live I was ill!!), Snow Patrol (downloaded their albums and have to say they sound good :-) and Pink (saw her new video this morning and it's a live one from her shows and she looks like a good entertainer with a bit of attitude lol). 

    Like I said peeps please cross those fingers!!

    What makes me laugh is this!!  I have discussed with Trina that we need to get back to Queen heads ~ we've not really been listening/watching them much lately so March was gonna be Queen Rehabilitation month.  The first day of that month and Trina's gonna be trying to get tix to a gig where Queen aren't playing LOL.................Oh dear!!

    This gig has sparked us to try and come up with our ultimate festival line-up.  I said that if we added the Kaiser Chiefs (I'm feeling bitter about not going to their gigs this year) and Placebo we would have a good line up to those I have mentioned previously!!  Trina mentioned Queen, Nirvana etc...............So c'mon peeps who would you see in your ultimate festival line up??

    Apart from all this excitement I've been invited to some kind of discussion group for Jim at work's outside interest.  I think he writes plays and I don't quite get what is going on so will have to ask him, but bless him to ask if I would be interested in taking part and forwarding me the email!!  Get this though it's to discuss the works of Phil Collins LOL

    I actually like Phil Collins ~ don't ask me why I just do!!  I wish I could afford to go and see him perform with Genesis but the cost of the tickets but me off greatly.  I think they were something like £66 *shock horror*  Anyhoo I am going to ask Jim some more about it and might consider going ~ well what've I got to loose??  Plus from what I can tell of the email we get to listen to a Phil Collins track each time LOL Good music and meet some new people??  I'll keep you posted ;-)

    On a bad note today my foot is really hurting and I have no idea why!!  It was fine when I woke up, fine when I walked to work and when I bent down to get a file it started hurting.  It killed me to walk home but I can't afford to take the bus!!  Perhaps if I keep it moving it might do it some good.  There is no bruising or anything like ~ the only way I can describe it  is this:   You know when you accidentially tread on a plug with the 3 pronged attack ~ well it's a bit like that, only constant.  God knows what I've done!!

    I tell you what though it's flippin' typical isn't it?  Just when I get my exercising head on again something like that happens and I can't really do anything :(  (Trina said that's an excuse ~ trust me peeps it's not at all!!)

    I was thinking when I got home today that it's bad I've not heard from that job to say I haven't been successful isn't it??  I know I had kinda gathered it by now but even so!!  Still tomorrow's job day in the paper :-)  Won't be anything in there but still worth a look!!  Work's still a bit crap at the moment, so what's new i hear you cry LOL

    Well the day Trina's gonna try and get tix I'm meeting up with Dad and Greg.  Well I suppose I am ~ haven't heard anymore about that!!  I'm gonna be so glad though coz it means I'm gonna get back all my music from the computer drive that went wrong ;-)  Plus I might get some of Greg's stuff ~ my computer will be excellent then, a varitable music feast tee hee hee...............

    Well I reckon that's enough of me using the word well.............and I shall say ta-ra for now.

    Thanks to Chocolate Cherried Creations for this tag xx

    P.s no Jen Recommends today coz I'm too buzzing to think of something other than gaming sites at the moment lol

    Sunday, 25 February 2007

    Neighbours from Hell and Being Me

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..........................interesting weekend ~ NOT!!

    Hey journal people how are you all??

    I'm glad you all enjoyed the last entry ~ I doubt if this one will be as good I shall try though ;-)

    Let's go back to Friday to start with, was a busy day at work as we got the accounts.  Nearly every one I came across had to be retyped.  Only it's not just a case of that with most of them grrrrrrrr............Anyway I got to leave at 4pm as I had promised to meet mum up in town.

    Met Mum and Meggy outside Boots and Meggy told me to close my eyes and she put something in my hand.  It was a Mickey Mouse pen.  If you live near a WHSmith pop in and you'll see them :-)  It writes in different colours and has a Mickey Mouse silver type chain hanging from it!!  Bless 'em.  Thank you very much to you both, it writes great!!

    Meggy made me laugh whilst we were waiting for their bus and when I told them I was going to a house warming in Wellington the next day, Mum mentioned that was near them.  Meggy said I could go home with them, I told her I couldn't coz I couldn't afford the bus fare, mum said she would pay but I couldn't go anyway!!  When I told this story to Wayne and Trina, Wayne said he would've picked me up from there to go to Wellington ~ bless him too :-)  Aren't all the people closest to me lovely??

    The rest of Friday night was fairly quiet but unfortunately due to computer gaming I didn't get to bed till 1am *shock*  Just as I was drifting off to sleep one of my lovely (please note the sarcasm), neighbours came home and rung the doorbell for their flat.  You can hear this through the other flats and at that time of the night it was very annoying (it was 2am by this point!!).  When theyweren't getting any answer they rang my bell.....................this happened several times alternatively ringing of the bells.  Grrrrrr...............I thought if he rings my bell again I'll just let the git in.  By this point he was trying to force the main door open and I just kept thinking how they were going to break it.  So of course they rang my bell......I got up reluctantly!!  Answered it, it was my downstairs neighbour.  So I let them in to and went back to bed.  It happened twice more times.  They didn't ring my bell though and the 3rd person was on his mobile and was speaking so loud!!  I looked at my alarm clock it said 3am!!  What a night!!  I vowed to kill my neighbours after that ~ or at least play my music louder than ever!!

    Luckily I didn't have to do anything the next day so didn't get up very early at all.  When I did get up I cleaned the flat and then watched Shaun of the Dead ~ good film :-)  Except my electric kept flickering on and off.  Very annoying.  Eventually it stopped doing it so I didn't have to freak out completely!!

    In the evening we went to Fairy and Kev's bungalow warming!!  Now I love Fairy (real name Susan), she's a character and her and Kev make a perfect couple (makes you sick really lol)!!  I just learnt that night to NEVER go to a house warming where you only know the hosts.  To only go to Queen events and well I don't know if there is a third!!  It was a good night, don't get me wrong.  Kev and his friends performed a couple of songs and so did Fairy and her mate ~ they are very talented people.  But when you get the feeling that people are talking about you and not in a nice way for you to actually hear ~ then it gets to be a case of I don't wanna be there!!  People had judged us before they even said two words to us!!  I guess we are all guilty of doing that, but most of us would at least get the chance to see if this opinion changes!!  I came home and although I'd had a laugh in the car with Trina and Wayne, wondering if I'm living my life wrong!!  At least I've experienced the difference between being a normal person (although I'm not sure what that is) andbeing a 'freak' ~ I think I prefer the freak!!

    If I am being personal here I may as well carry on....................this is the whole reason why I don't tell people that I'm a Queen fan.  That way they can get to know me first before they think I'm a weirdo coz I like a band where the lead singer is dead and they are no more!!  The more I get older the less afraid I am of telling people that I'm a Queen fan it's just my choice to hide it from them!!  I don't know what I'm trying to get at here.................just need to get it off my chest I guess!!  Sorry!!

    Ok so that's my moan ~ let's share my embarrassment!!  I decide today to go to Comet and get a 3 way scart thingy for the TV, DVD and PS2 so I don't have to keep switching them over.  I finally find one in Argos that isn't too expensive and queue up.  Just as it gets to my turn to be served I completely forget my pin number!!  Usually I'm so good at remembering it and it just went!!  Went to the counter and I tried twice to enter it and both times it was wrong.  Instead of risking the third time I told the assistant to forget it and came out feeling extremely embarrased!!  Of course half way home I remember it grrrrrrrrrrrrrr........Could tell you now but I shan't :-P

    Well that's my sorry weekend over and done with!!  I've been trying to think all day of what I could recommend (spelt right) but I still don't know LOL....................

    Jen Recommends

    Well as you know I'm not sure what to say here today so I shall go with Elaine's suggestion - www.pogo.com Another great gaming site :-)  So good this is the reason I went to bed late on Friday *tut tut* but I was playing 10 pin bowling and had just got the knack of how to score a strike I couldn't quit really could I??  I think you may need to log in to play the games but have a go it's fun.  I've played Poppit, 10 pin bowling, Casino games and bingo :-)

    Hope your weekend was better than mine ;-)  and your week will be good xx

    Thanks to Jenny at Sunshine Expressions for the tag xx

    Wednesday, 21 February 2007

    Jen Recommends

    Hello everyone,  I really don't have ANYTHING to talk about so if you would like to stop reading now ~ feel free to do so ;-)

    There that's the warning over and done with lol............

    Um..............where to start this entry??  I was thinking about it earlier and figured perhaps I would tell you my sorry tale with my father, but then I think you wouldn't understand and it would come across like I was being petty ~ so maybe not!!

    Then I got a bit annoyed with Trina and figured I could moan to you about her, but she rang me earlier and so I'm not annoyed anymore ~ so maybe not again!!

    What does that leave me with??

    Work ~ nope too boring!!  There is NOTHING to do and we are planning to do things that will leave us with less work next time!!  I hate being super efficient at work!!  Strange huh??  I just don't understand how we can finish all our accounts at the end of a week/a week and a half and the other team still have accounts to look at, at the end of the four week period??!!  The mind boggles!!  Mind you saying that they have been told they must do things differently ~ we shall wait and see whether they will or not!!

    Jobs ~ Checked the paper ~ got excited coz I thought I'd found something to apply for and it's only a 10 month contract - DAMN IT!! There's a few things at the police ~ but I reckon that's shift work and coz I can't drive and local transport is crap and I'm not that great with shift work, it's probably not a good idea!!  I'm pretty positive I haven't got an interview now for that other job ~ they were holding interviews on Friday!!  I told Trina today I hadn't heard anything and this was for either of 2 reasons - 1) I am already in employment so can't start straight away or 2) because my application was rubbish and I should've tried harder!!  Hey ho!!

    Writing ~ because work is so crap I've been taking my ideas to work and typing some stuff up.  There's nothing else to do!!  I saw an advert on the board at work for a creative writing workshop for some time in April up in Bath!!  I bet it's expensive ~ I think about things like that, like there was a course held at the college here for creative writing but then I think if I went I wouldn't be very good at it!!  I don't know why, probably something to do with that damn confidence of mine.  It's one thing to think your good at something but another if someone else thinks it too!!

    Dad ~ I will mention briefly that I have not heard from either my brother or my dad so far!!  If they ring tomorrow then screw them!!  I have a busy schedule tomorrow night and if I can't achieve it then my whole system is gonna be thrown into disaray.  Friday I'm planning to meet up with mum as her and Meggy-moo are coming to town!!  As it's the school holidays and the bills are printed on Friday I am unable to have the time off ~ teamleader has school holidays off as she has a son!!  I expect if it wasn't a bill run I probably would've been able to have the afternoon or something!!  Hey ho x 2!!

    Trina's fake birthday party entry is coming ~ almost finished typing that up at work ~ just got to put the finishing touches to it here at home!!  Was gonna do that tonight but gave up on that idea lol...............

    I have come up with an idea for my journal ~ kind off got the (ooo 3 sneezes ~ if I was at work I could go home now lol) idea from Lyn ~ she finishes her entries with her 5's, so I thought I might finish mine with recommendations ~ been recommending a lot lately so figured it would be a good way to do it ~ could be a film, album, song, book, magazine or website.  So I think I shall start it tonight and see how long I can make it last LOL

    Why do I always say I have nothing to write about and then drone on for ages??!!  I'm a tease really aren't I??  LOL

    Well I think I've lost my thread now so it's probably a good time to stop and let you get your breath back ;-)

    Jen Recommends (must look up how to spell recommend lol)

    Tonight it's gonna be a website.  I was searching for games to play at lunchtime and came across this site ~ there are TONS of games to play.  So far I've played reversi, battleships, 10 pin bowling, golf, air hockey, fowl word (great game), snake etc etc..............GO check it out if you are bored.................oh yeah you want the link don't ya LOL


    Ta-ra for now xx

    I love this tag from Terry Ann @ a girl next door looks just like the graphic I had in my about me section last month :-) And it quotes my life wisdom lol  Rock on peeps xx

    Monday, 19 February 2007

    Ramble, Ramble and Dream Recall

     everyone ~ I know I usually delight you all with an entry on Sunday's but last night I fancied watching the TV instead.  I'm watching it tonight too, but hey, I can multi task during this programme lol...............I reckon it'll be over soon anyway!!

    So I was thinking of what I was gonna write in this entry all day ~ mainly coz Trina's not been in today so my head has been full of mindless-not-important information, with no-one to share it with :-(  So hence the entry and mindless ramblings coming up :-)

    Told you that programme would finish ~ bear with me whilst I sort some music out ;-)  That's much better!!

     ----- me, not you lol

    Talking of music (hey, see what I did there.........) I've downloaded quite a bit during the weekend.  All the albums I started at the beginning of the week finally finished ~ I'm dead chuffed coz I get excited about downloading them and then it takes forever to do it!!  Never satisfied me!!

    Ooooo people wave hello to mum and Meggymo once again!!  My brother had tampered with her computer so she lost my journal :-(  Fear not, jenny to the rescue and I sorted it out for her :-)  So she's back to avid reading like you!!

    That thing I was waiting to tell you about, well it's probably not gonna sound like a big deal to you but my Dad rang me!!  I'm not gonna go into it during this entry coz it's supposed to be upbeat and not moany and personal, but basically I don't like him!!  Anyway he suggested that we meet up, that's my brother, me and him.  Sometime this week!!  Personally I've heard this kind of thing before and it never happens, so I'll keep you posted ;-)

    I feel as though I'm in limbo at the moment!!  I don't appear to be exercising ~ although a half-hearted attempt this evening.  Before the application form,I would spend 1/2 an hour writing but I seem to have stopped this and need to force myself back into the swing of things, but feelin' like your in limbo, makes you just wanna sit there and do nothing!!  I'm sure it'll all come good in the end though.......

    Had a good day Saturday with Mum, did spend a bit of money but as mum said it was on things I NEED :-)  My only frivilous items were Mickey Mouse document wallets.  Don't ask me what I need them for, they had Mickey on and I was tempted lol.......................

    Yesterday I had to watch the repeat of Dancing on Ice coz I didn't get home in time for it on Saturday!!  (I found Dancing On Ice clips on Youtube, do you remember footloose from last year ~ that's on there, it's really good and I found Torvill and Dean's Bolero :-)  I want Kyran to win!!  That will probably change though.

    Later I played Simpsons Hit and Run on PS2.  It's good you have to complete missions and I'm stuck on a mission where you have to destroy all the electric boxes in the nuclear power plant.  *rolls eyes*

    Had a very odd dream last night ~ so odd I can still remember it now!!  Basically this bloke from work was in it and I don't like him, so I don't get that.  Anyway I went to lunch at the social club place on work premises to see a band play (??), hung around with them and watched as they played their set which wasn't going down that well coz people were just sitting around having their lunch lol......oh I did try to get the singer to like me ;-)  but his girlfriend was a right numpty (we won't go there!!)  So they left and I had to get back to work, only I went to some recycling place first where this jumped up admin assistant said I couldn't do it!!  (??)  Then I tried getting back to work, which is just a simple walk across the lawn ~ ha ha no it wasn't!!  Argument with woman about swearing in front of her son, wading through water with wellies on (??) and I still didn't get back to work!!

    All in all it was VERY ODD!!

    No news about the application form yet!!

    FREDDIE IS A LEGEND!!  I'm sorry I don't think I say that enough.  LOL.....................I downloaded his best of album, no I haven't got it already *shameful face*  Brilliant songs :-)  Recommended!!

    Well I don't think I shall drone on anymore ~ wanna change the MP3 player playlist!!  Love new songs on my MP3, keeps me guessing as to what's coming up :-)

    Speak soon xx

    Thanks to Chris at Cab Creations for my sig xx

    Wednesday, 14 February 2007

    Sick Days

    Hey everyone xx  Thanks for the kind-off-i-told-you-so comments on the last entry :P  You'll all be glad to know that I've had two days off work sick!!  I'm actually feeling much better today but I thought oh, stuff it let's stay off another day ~ we've got no work to do anyway!!

    Because I've been off and the brain hasn't been working (no funny comments please) I don't know that I've got a lot to ramble on about.......

    Today I've been playing quite a lot of online games and trying to catch up on the journal alerts.  I did manage to beat my top score on Hexxagon and am now in the line for trophy's woohoo :-)  Time well spent!!

    From a discussion I've had at work a few weeks ago I've tried to find out more about the London Underground but haven't been very successful!!  It's hard to find out how it started....Many years ago is the best answer I can come up with LOL.....

    The party entry shall come soon but I started writing it on Monday at work (again time well spent!!) Hopefully I shall have it written by the end of the week ;-)  If not I shall just make it up and post it on Sunday.  Talking of parties ~ I spent the afternoon chatting to my Queenie mates over the emails.  It was a good laugh.  I'm unable to do that at work!!  (once had a disciplinary about emails ~ not going back there!!)

    There are two things I hate the most about being off work and they are a) having to ring in to tell 'em your sick!!  It annoys me coz you have to get up early and do it when all you really wanna do is lie in bed and get better.  and b) going back!!  I know it's gonna be a boring two days but I have to go back.  Plus I have to post my application form for the other job tomorrow ~ praying that if it arrives on Friday they will still accept it *prays*

    Had to laugh earlier ~ I did one of those email quizzy things, you know when you have to write so many numbers down and fill in the blanks with names, numbers and colours etc......then they tell you what it all means!!  Well I filled mine in and Roger came out as a relationship that can't work LOL............It's only taken me what 20 years to realise that ROFLMAO  I picked the song Breakout for one of the answers and apparently this is how I feel about life LOL...........Oh dear!!

    I'm not mentioning valentines day *bah humbug* is how I feel about that!!  Not just coz I'm single :P

    Rung my mum earlier ~ going up to see them at the weekend.  Should be a good laugh!!  Have no money but we'll still eat out somewhere coz that's what we do :-)

    Something else happened this week but I'll tell you about that at a later date coz I don't wanna write it here in case mum read's it and I wanna tell her in person to be honest!! 

    Does anyone know the song 'The Devil Went Down To Georgia'?  I've just downloaded it coz they keep playing it everytime we go to Ejays and Trina said I should!!

    Ooooo talking of Trina, Shelly aka Roxymama has been making a valentines day quilt and I thought I should add something even though I have nothing to say............reading some of the others though inspired me to write this: 

    Thanks Shelly for the graphic it's cool :-)

    Have you been watching the Brits?  Nah, me neither!!  Load of rubbish!! 

    Ooooo look out for the Bad Mothers Handbook (starring Catherine Tate ~ I'm sure that's what it's called) advert they are showing on ITV1 ~ the end song is one of my faves from the Foo's accoustic album 'On The Mend' it's called.  Freaked me out the first time I heard that!!

    Well I reckon I've droned on enough ~ knew I could lol............I have to get to bed and mentally prepare myself for facing work again!!  Arrrrrrrrggggggggghhh........................

    Bye for now xx

    Thanks to Chocolate Cherried Creations for my graphic xx  Very apt for today lol

    Sunday, 11 February 2007

    Burst the Bubble

    Arrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the worst has happened!!  I'm feelin' terrible!!  Well that's a lie I'm not too terrible but I have a sore throat and it's making me feel icky :(  I was gonna do a proper entry this evening to tell you about the party and show you pics but I can't sit here much longer!!  I wanna watch something on TV and feel sorry for meself!!

    Hopefully a proper update tomorrow and hopefully I shall be able to catch up on your alerts ;)

    Jen xx

    Thursday, 8 February 2007

    Protective Bubbles and Rambles

    Hey ho peeps :)  How's y'all doin'? 

    Firstly I would like to apologise for the lack of graphics in this entry!!  Photobucket appears to be having a problem with logging into my account :(  Well not just my account but hey, who cares about the others??  ;)

    Well I reckon I have some kind of protective bubble around me that says I'm not to fall ill EVER!!  (I have a feeling I may have already said this but just ignore me if I have lol)  As you know Team Leader had been off well she's still not back, now my colleague felt odd today so I'm not sure whether she'll be in tomorrow and if she's not I'll be there on my own!!  Not that, that matters ~ been there and done that.  I just don't get it though why am I not catching it??  Not that i want it!!  Good lord NO WAY!!  It's just I don't eat that healthily.......I may walk to work come hell or high water but I don't walk that fast........pretty lazy really!!  I don't know I'm just left guessing lol..............

    Mind you I dread the feeling of being off ill.  I'd have to look after myself and that would freak me out!!  I can imagine though that if I was sick Trina would be on the phone every five minutes to check I was ok lol..........bless her :)

    So tomorrow is the fake birthday party....lol I'm calling it that coz her birthday was last month.  So it's really just a get together of friends with some blimin' good music and food :)    What a fab way to spend an evening.  Unfortunately she's panicking at the moment coz of the weather we don't know how many are turning up!!  Still if it's just Wayne, Trina and me I know we'll have a blimin' good time!!  I don't know when I'll be back but I shall update you all with photos.

    Talkingof updates I haven't finished telling you about the adventures from last year.  There's still Paddy.........Paul Rodgers...........and We Will Rock You!!  I'm so slack.........told you lazy that's what it is ;)

    Ooooooooo photobuckets let me in........so you can have graphics aren't you lucky lol  *note to self ~ stop using smiley faces so much*  Sorry peeps they are annoying me lol

    Well I've finished the application form, just need to get it to work and photocopy it.  Trina's asked if she can read it but I'm not so sure about that.......I'm not happy with it so letting her read it and comment about how crap it is may just make me feel worse!!  I'll see I guess..............

    Work is ok........it was Jim's birthday this week.  He is such a good laugh..........we hardly ever talk about anything serious, it makes for a nice relief if you know what I mean!!

    Oooo mum's had her cast off ~ finally!!  Apparently she's having physio on her arm now coz it's all stiff from having the plaster on.  I'm hoping to get up there next weekend.  I haven't seen her or Meggy~moo since xmas!!

    So I hope all you who got snow is making the most of it and enjoying it as much as you can!!  Pretty much the whole country except the south west ~ how flippin' typical is that!!  I should've put a bet on that we wouldn't have any.........It said in the local paper last night that there was a 30% chance that we would.  It was so obvious from that, that we weren't!!  Stupid snow grrrrrrrrrr...........I thought it was funny that they were going on about it on GMTV this morning and they were getting messages from people down here in the west country telling them to shut up LOL.........

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm..........don't know what else to mention/ramble about........no doubt I'll think of something as soon as I click on save*rolls eyes*

    So I shall leave you here ~ have a good weekend peeps xx

    Tuesday, 6 February 2007

    Stressed and Insensitive

     Evenin' all ~ how are you feelin??

    Me ~ I'm relatively calm after such a stressful two days.  Team leader is off sick and I have no idea what's happened but all the nutcases that we send invoices too have decided it's time to pick up the phone and discuss matters.  Today has been the worse of the two days.  It was strange coz it would be relatively quiet and then the phone would go mad for about 10 mins and then it would go quiet again!!  Still I'm here and survived to tell the tale so that's gotta be worth something huh??

    Before I carry on I would like to say a big hello and welcome to all new commenters/readers!!  I hope you'll feel welcome and enjoy your stay ;)

    So I've started the supporting statement on my application form and I have to say that so far I'm not impressed with myself.  I did write out what I was gonna say on Sunday ~ so I thought I could just go ahead and write it up neat but no such luck!!  Well I am but I'm finding other things to add and I'm finding it hard to put into words what they want from the candidate.  I have learnt from past experiences if you relate your own experiences to their person spec you will get an interview!!  Well that's what I was doing when I was unemployed and I seemed to be doing ok at getting to the interview process.  Not that I want to seem big headed or anything LOL.............  I'm finding it odd sitting there at work and thinking about applying for a new job.  It just proves to me that nothing is ever final!!  I think there is a part of me that feels you can get stuck in one place for too long and forget how to leave it!!  Not gonna happen to me I swear it....................

    So that was a bit deep.................let me think is there anything I can waffle about today.................No I don't think there is!!  I've not had any major random thoughts lately, well none that I can share with you guys ;)  teee hee hee.........

    Ooooo I never told you about Wayne.  One day he was taking a shower (I have been told this ~ I wasn't actually there!!)  and the water from their shower head got all screwed up and hot water was emerging from it.  So to avoid it he moved and fell.  He's only gone and broken his ribs!!  Trina thought I was really insensitive and I suppose I was coz when she told me I laughed.  Well first off I shouted at her, but I'm not a morning person and that's when she rung!!  (I don't know why I'm telling you this!!)  But when she rung me later to confirm he had broken them I laughed then.  I'm so useless in those situations though I never know what to say or how to act.  I guess if she had told me in person it would've been different but over the phone..............well it's not an excuse honest!!

    I'm just a horrible person!!  (Please note I am not looking for sympathy!!)

    So they reckon snow is on the way.............I'll believe it when I see it!!

    I don't know what else to say and I don't think I'm in the mood to ramble tonight so for now I'll say take care peeps xx

    Thanks for the sig Cherry xx 

    Sunday, 4 February 2007

    Positive Attitude Entry Perhaps??

    Hello everyone about time I updated huh.................I promise it will be a quick one and I also promise there is going to be NO moaning or whinging of any kind.  This shall be a positive attitude kinda entry ~ well I can but try ;)

    Work has been okay for the rest of last week, it's gonna get boring though we are about to run out of work.  We seem to be getting quicker at doing things when we should be going slower.  People will get craggy when there's no work to be done!!

    Anyway enough of that ;)

    So from the read of your journals it appears that you've all been enjoying the sunshine!!  How can we not huh?  We never know when it's going to return again in this silly climate!!  I was listening to the radio the other day and the news was on and telling me that top class scientists have told us the global warming is in major trouble. I'm fed up with hearing that ~ what we need now is someone to figure out what we can do to stop it!!  Anyhoo that's whinging isn't it??  Sorry peeps...positive attitude!!

    Yesterday I got up early and went to the hairdressers.  We've just been paid so I thought I better make the most of it!!  Wasn't in there too long and the lady that cut it, although she was complimentary about my hair, I don't like her.  This causes a quandry for me.  When I next go in there and they ask me do I mind who cuts it?  I can hardly say well anyone but J.  I just don't like the way she's cut my frige.  I have a high forehead so need to have a fringe.  (Oooooooooooo DFS advert ~ Yes we want it all :) Queeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnn)!

    Trina came round later in the day and I did nothing but snap at her!!  :(  It wasn't a good afternoon, but we did get the music loaded to her MP3 player in the end ~ that was causing many headaches.

    Today hasbeen slightly better :)  I got up lazily and had a shower.  Watched The Wedding Singer ~ good movie, then went for a walk.  It was beautiful and I'm glad I went.  Had to walk off the jaffa cakes I had eaten ~ I really am a pig LOL

    Trina called for a chat, but I had to ring her back as I'd missed her.  She told me about this bloke in Ejays when she went there last night.  He was the guy who was dressed as a woman on New Years Eve and I kept squeezing his fake breasts ~ it was a good laugh.  Apparently last night when she went in there and started chatting to him, she told me he was looking at Ali (girl Trina was with) and asked about me :)  I can't believe I made that much of an impression.  Just as I was starting to get my hopes up about some bloke asking about me ~ she informs me he's gay!!  Bless him though..............That made me feel good about myself :)

    I have made a start on my application form ~ Yes people I have found a job I wish to apply for and it's the same money but that is all I'm saying.  I don't want to tease you it's just I don't wanna tell you more in case things get screwed up and go wrong.  I can only blame myself then ~ not that I'd blame you guys lol

    Ooooo I've also grabbed a passport application form which I've filled in as much as possible.  I rung the number to find out how much it's gonna cost me and the grand total is £66 ???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

    Is it me or is that ridiculous??  Well there is no way I can afford it this month so yet again that is on the back burner.

    Next weekend is Trina's birthday party ~ many of our Queenie friends are coming so it should be a good laugh.  We're also planning to go to Ejays so I hope that bloke will be there ;)  tee hee hee........

    Well I'm gonna leave you here, I'm off to play Snakes coz it's driving me crazy grrrrrrrr....  Have a good week xx

    Thanks to missie for the tag xx