Sunday, 25 February 2007

Neighbours from Hell and Being Me

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..........................interesting weekend ~ NOT!!

Hey journal people how are you all??

I'm glad you all enjoyed the last entry ~ I doubt if this one will be as good I shall try though ;-)

Let's go back to Friday to start with, was a busy day at work as we got the accounts.  Nearly every one I came across had to be retyped.  Only it's not just a case of that with most of them grrrrrrrr............Anyway I got to leave at 4pm as I had promised to meet mum up in town.

Met Mum and Meggy outside Boots and Meggy told me to close my eyes and she put something in my hand.  It was a Mickey Mouse pen.  If you live near a WHSmith pop in and you'll see them :-)  It writes in different colours and has a Mickey Mouse silver type chain hanging from it!!  Bless 'em.  Thank you very much to you both, it writes great!!

Meggy made me laugh whilst we were waiting for their bus and when I told them I was going to a house warming in Wellington the next day, Mum mentioned that was near them.  Meggy said I could go home with them, I told her I couldn't coz I couldn't afford the bus fare, mum said she would pay but I couldn't go anyway!!  When I told this story to Wayne and Trina, Wayne said he would've picked me up from there to go to Wellington ~ bless him too :-)  Aren't all the people closest to me lovely??

The rest of Friday night was fairly quiet but unfortunately due to computer gaming I didn't get to bed till 1am *shock*  Just as I was drifting off to sleep one of my lovely (please note the sarcasm), neighbours came home and rung the doorbell for their flat.  You can hear this through the other flats and at that time of the night it was very annoying (it was 2am by this point!!).  When theyweren't getting any answer they rang my bell.....................this happened several times alternatively ringing of the bells.  Grrrrrr...............I thought if he rings my bell again I'll just let the git in.  By this point he was trying to force the main door open and I just kept thinking how they were going to break it.  So of course they rang my bell......I got up reluctantly!!  Answered it, it was my downstairs neighbour.  So I let them in to and went back to bed.  It happened twice more times.  They didn't ring my bell though and the 3rd person was on his mobile and was speaking so loud!!  I looked at my alarm clock it said 3am!!  What a night!!  I vowed to kill my neighbours after that ~ or at least play my music louder than ever!!

Luckily I didn't have to do anything the next day so didn't get up very early at all.  When I did get up I cleaned the flat and then watched Shaun of the Dead ~ good film :-)  Except my electric kept flickering on and off.  Very annoying.  Eventually it stopped doing it so I didn't have to freak out completely!!

In the evening we went to Fairy and Kev's bungalow warming!!  Now I love Fairy (real name Susan), she's a character and her and Kev make a perfect couple (makes you sick really lol)!!  I just learnt that night to NEVER go to a house warming where you only know the hosts.  To only go to Queen events and well I don't know if there is a third!!  It was a good night, don't get me wrong.  Kev and his friends performed a couple of songs and so did Fairy and her mate ~ they are very talented people.  But when you get the feeling that people are talking about you and not in a nice way for you to actually hear ~ then it gets to be a case of I don't wanna be there!!  People had judged us before they even said two words to us!!  I guess we are all guilty of doing that, but most of us would at least get the chance to see if this opinion changes!!  I came home and although I'd had a laugh in the car with Trina and Wayne, wondering if I'm living my life wrong!!  At least I've experienced the difference between being a normal person (although I'm not sure what that is) andbeing a 'freak' ~ I think I prefer the freak!!

If I am being personal here I may as well carry on....................this is the whole reason why I don't tell people that I'm a Queen fan.  That way they can get to know me first before they think I'm a weirdo coz I like a band where the lead singer is dead and they are no more!!  The more I get older the less afraid I am of telling people that I'm a Queen fan it's just my choice to hide it from them!!  I don't know what I'm trying to get at here.................just need to get it off my chest I guess!!  Sorry!!

Ok so that's my moan ~ let's share my embarrassment!!  I decide today to go to Comet and get a 3 way scart thingy for the TV, DVD and PS2 so I don't have to keep switching them over.  I finally find one in Argos that isn't too expensive and queue up.  Just as it gets to my turn to be served I completely forget my pin number!!  Usually I'm so good at remembering it and it just went!!  Went to the counter and I tried twice to enter it and both times it was wrong.  Instead of risking the third time I told the assistant to forget it and came out feeling extremely embarrased!!  Of course half way home I remember it grrrrrrrrrrrrrr........Could tell you now but I shan't :-P

Well that's my sorry weekend over and done with!!  I've been trying to think all day of what I could recommend (spelt right) but I still don't know LOL....................

Jen Recommends

Well as you know I'm not sure what to say here today so I shall go with Elaine's suggestion - Another great gaming site :-)  So good this is the reason I went to bed late on Friday *tut tut* but I was playing 10 pin bowling and had just got the knack of how to score a strike I couldn't quit really could I??  I think you may need to log in to play the games but have a go it's fun.  I've played Poppit, 10 pin bowling, Casino games and bingo :-)

Hope your weekend was better than mine ;-)  and your week will be good xx

Thanks to Jenny at Sunshine Expressions for the tag xx


gazker said...

Hey, I am new to your blog, it seems your weekend was as frustrating as mine..... Lets just hope the new week gets better huh?
G ;-)

jlocorriere05 said...

Nothing wrong with being a Queen fan Jenny! There are a lot of people who have died and people still like their music, look at Elvis, Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, Glenn Miller. Blimey, I'm showing my age now! Sorry you had trouble with neighbours, no way would I answer the door at tht time in the morning, I have a privacy thingy on my bell so I can switch it off at night! I hope this week's better for you! Jeannette xx  

rdautumnsage said...

I love how you get along with your friends and family. As far as people being judgemental......Ugh!! don't get me started there. Everyone seems rude and inconsiderate these days. I miss my hippie days when everyone was helping one another and it was love and peace. (No I'm not that old, 41 is not old) As for neighbors I definately can relate. The building on the corner of my back yard had some sorry ass idiots move in. They always with out fail choose sometime after midnight till 4 in the morning to get into fist a cuffs , yelling at the top of their lungs. Normally it wouldn't be a problem being deaf, but when you have a hearing dog that is very sensitive to noise, who wakes you up a dozen times in the night because she doesn't understand what is going on, it becomes insane. (Hugs) Love Ya Indigo

funnyface0s0 said...

Hi Jen
You are a lovely girlie and thats why you have lovely friends and caring family :o)  As for being a Queen fan, well we can't all be perfect eh?    LOL....jus joking !!!   You are a very dedicated Queen fan and i think that is jus fab - i would say its sad but i think ignorance is more apt for people who have nothing better in their lives than to poke fun at those who do.   I shall cast a spell of them and turn them into toads - jus for the day tho :o)
Take care,
Luv Jayne xx

haysiefantaysie2 said...

Blimey - those neighbours of yours annoyed ME and I wasn't even there!  People can be so inconsiderate - I afraid I would have lost my temper with them.  It makes me realise how glad I am that we live in the countryside - the only thing that wakes us up is the occasional wild animal trying to get into the bin, lol.  As for those rude people you met - forget 'em, not worth the effort of getting upset over.  I'm not a queen fan myself (although Freddie did have a wonderful voice) but my Nigel was/is a big fan of theirs and has all their music and I enjoy listening to it now and then.  Did you ever see that little bloke impersonating freddie mercury on 'stars in their eyes' some years back?  It was hilarious, he was nothing like him to look at, but once he started singing, he was amazing, lol.  Have a good week, Lynne xxxxx

katie39041 said...

Ithink you are dedicated to being a Queen fan and good on you. I love there music and i had a friend who just adored freddie not the music just freddie lol. Your friends in the flats i would have been up at 8am sunday playing my music and hoovering up, give it back, they might think twice next time. I hope to go into town i will be looking out for micky pens. Have a brilliant week
love and hugs

sarajanesmiles said...

I think it's fab that you're such a Queen fan Jenny, doesn't make you a wierdo AT ALL!!!  You and your mates have great times, going to all the gigs or just meeting up and doing whatever you do - wandering around the fair singing Queen songs springs to mind ;o)  Don't worry over what other people think, other people smell :o)  Neighbours smell too :o)
Sara   x

jeadie05 said...

Its good to be a Queen fan ,Itoo love Freddies music ,I would have been so annoyed with your neighbour ,its not on is it ?lol at you forgetting your pin I have done it too ,so then I use Maurices one I dont seem to forget that lolol Jan xx

elainey2465 said...

OOOOH now your addicted to Pogo!! LOL  I love it and have had to stop myself putting it on!! Oh your not a freak!!! And what is normal!! There is nothing wrong with loving Queen - me and John do!! You just let whatever you want off your chest hun thats what we here for!! hugs to you. Love Laine xxx

jaymact1 said...

It is easy to pass away hours on POGO I play there too some great games.  Love Joan.

brainwhispers said...

Dont ever worry about what other people think of you.
In my opinion, nearly 95% of the people i ever meet are all silly arseholes.
I guess most of these people at the party were silly arseholes too.
Next time, just stand and point at them saying "Silly arseholes".
You'll feel much better.

Hope you dont mind me using the word "arseholes" in your journal.


irisclyde said...

I recommend a holiday Jen! Or you could take up playing drums. I bet your neighbours would really like that, especialy if you practise late at night.

louiseb411 said...

Jenny, my 11 year old is a massive Queen fan and doesnt care who know it! Its not as bad as my Tony Hadley obsession is it !!!! Louise x