Sunday, 4 February 2007

Positive Attitude Entry Perhaps??

Hello everyone about time I updated huh.................I promise it will be a quick one and I also promise there is going to be NO moaning or whinging of any kind.  This shall be a positive attitude kinda entry ~ well I can but try ;)

Work has been okay for the rest of last week, it's gonna get boring though we are about to run out of work.  We seem to be getting quicker at doing things when we should be going slower.  People will get craggy when there's no work to be done!!

Anyway enough of that ;)

So from the read of your journals it appears that you've all been enjoying the sunshine!!  How can we not huh?  We never know when it's going to return again in this silly climate!!  I was listening to the radio the other day and the news was on and telling me that top class scientists have told us the global warming is in major trouble. I'm fed up with hearing that ~ what we need now is someone to figure out what we can do to stop it!!  Anyhoo that's whinging isn't it??  Sorry peeps...positive attitude!!

Yesterday I got up early and went to the hairdressers.  We've just been paid so I thought I better make the most of it!!  Wasn't in there too long and the lady that cut it, although she was complimentary about my hair, I don't like her.  This causes a quandry for me.  When I next go in there and they ask me do I mind who cuts it?  I can hardly say well anyone but J.  I just don't like the way she's cut my frige.  I have a high forehead so need to have a fringe.  (Oooooooooooo DFS advert ~ Yes we want it all :) Queeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnn)!

Trina came round later in the day and I did nothing but snap at her!!  :(  It wasn't a good afternoon, but we did get the music loaded to her MP3 player in the end ~ that was causing many headaches.

Today hasbeen slightly better :)  I got up lazily and had a shower.  Watched The Wedding Singer ~ good movie, then went for a walk.  It was beautiful and I'm glad I went.  Had to walk off the jaffa cakes I had eaten ~ I really am a pig LOL

Trina called for a chat, but I had to ring her back as I'd missed her.  She told me about this bloke in Ejays when she went there last night.  He was the guy who was dressed as a woman on New Years Eve and I kept squeezing his fake breasts ~ it was a good laugh.  Apparently last night when she went in there and started chatting to him, she told me he was looking at Ali (girl Trina was with) and asked about me :)  I can't believe I made that much of an impression.  Just as I was starting to get my hopes up about some bloke asking about me ~ she informs me he's gay!!  Bless him though..............That made me feel good about myself :)

I have made a start on my application form ~ Yes people I have found a job I wish to apply for and it's the same money but that is all I'm saying.  I don't want to tease you it's just I don't wanna tell you more in case things get screwed up and go wrong.  I can only blame myself then ~ not that I'd blame you guys lol

Ooooo I've also grabbed a passport application form which I've filled in as much as possible.  I rung the number to find out how much it's gonna cost me and the grand total is £66 ???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Is it me or is that ridiculous??  Well there is no way I can afford it this month so yet again that is on the back burner.

Next weekend is Trina's birthday party ~ many of our Queenie friends are coming so it should be a good laugh.  We're also planning to go to Ejays so I hope that bloke will be there ;)  tee hee hee........

Well I'm gonna leave you here, I'm off to play Snakes coz it's driving me crazy grrrrrrrr....  Have a good week xx

Thanks to missie for the tag xx


jeadie05 said...

I loved the wedding singer ,I have a high forehead too Jen ,but I cut my own fringe dont trust anyone else ,I do it when its wet and only a sliver ,each time Jan xx

oddb0dkins said...

I think if you want your hair cut a certain way you should just ask them, no matter who's cutting it. after all, they charge enough for the priviledge.
Have a good week. B. x

jlocorriere05 said...

Kayl;eigh told me passports were £66! Mine was about £32 when I got it in 2000! It is a lot for something you need if you go abroad, that's probably why they charge it, they knoiw people will buy it anyway! Good luck with the job application, I hope you get it. The weather is gorgeous for February isn't it?! I hope it stays, if this is global warming I love it! Jeannette xx  

wallstreetsmart said...

Hi Jenny,

Thanks for checking out my journal. I hope you stick around for a while.


wobblymoo said...

I got my passport renewal form the other day too, couldn't believe the price, need one for youngest too so a grand total of £111 for the two of us

katie39041 said...

Hooray for being positive.I went on your bros site its good i love space invaders, lol i cant play it though.Global warming, im not complaining too much about it, at least we have no snow has yet. With any hairdresser i watch them like a hawk, if they cut my fringe too short i do not go back. Mind i am always looking out for new hairdressers because they do not listen to me. Got a good one now though..
I hope you have a good week at work.
love and hugs

elainey2465 said...

Yes Jen it really is that much!! I just recently had to do my passport for when I go to New York - its a rip off isnt it!! Least its not too often you have to do it!!! Laine xxx

ukgal36 said...

Hope you have a great week!

jaymact1 said...

Hope you have a great week and the job application goes well.  Love Joan

sarajanesmiles said...

How much for a passport???  Blimey!  Not that I need one, or have ever had one, lol, which is probably a good thing at that price!  
Hairdressers scare me.  I haven't had my hair cut for around two and a half years now, though I'm thinking of making an appt soon.  I don't have a fringe, but there's still plenty of ways for them to mess up!  
Always nice to find out that someone liked you and has asked after you :o)
Sara   x

stewielad1 said...

Have a good moan girl, that's what journals are for. Never mind about the gay happens to the best of

Have a good week
Stewart xx

salonrose123 said...

£66 is downright daylight robbery, but at least you only have to pay it every 10 years.  Unless you're like me and lose it just months before you go on holiday!!  
Pleased to hear you sounding cheery.  But go ahead and moan if you need to.  That's what we're here for!
Have a great week.
A xxx

irisclyde said...

Sounds as though there's a lot going on! Good luck with your job application. You need to have someone else cut your hair if you're not happy, but it's difficult to do, isn't it? Think of the most tactful way of putting it, or go for her day off??

sarajanesmiles said...

An experiment, to see if I can comment :o)
Sara   x   <~ the experimenter!

peccarylover said...

Hello!!! I'm new here!

Thought I'd come and say hi after you posted on my blog :D Thank you!

Also...I love queen too!


Amy ~x~

mrsm711 said...

Me and my daughter love Queen.  Good Taste!  :)  You have so many cute blinkies, I might just have to snag a couple if you don't mind.  :)     Tracy