Thursday, 8 February 2007

Protective Bubbles and Rambles

Hey ho peeps :)  How's y'all doin'? 

Firstly I would like to apologise for the lack of graphics in this entry!!  Photobucket appears to be having a problem with logging into my account :(  Well not just my account but hey, who cares about the others??  ;)

Well I reckon I have some kind of protective bubble around me that says I'm not to fall ill EVER!!  (I have a feeling I may have already said this but just ignore me if I have lol)  As you know Team Leader had been off well she's still not back, now my colleague felt odd today so I'm not sure whether she'll be in tomorrow and if she's not I'll be there on my own!!  Not that, that matters ~ been there and done that.  I just don't get it though why am I not catching it??  Not that i want it!!  Good lord NO WAY!!  It's just I don't eat that healthily.......I may walk to work come hell or high water but I don't walk that fast........pretty lazy really!!  I don't know I'm just left guessing lol..............

Mind you I dread the feeling of being off ill.  I'd have to look after myself and that would freak me out!!  I can imagine though that if I was sick Trina would be on the phone every five minutes to check I was ok lol..........bless her :)

So tomorrow is the fake birthday I'm calling it that coz her birthday was last month.  So it's really just a get together of friends with some blimin' good music and food :)    What a fab way to spend an evening.  Unfortunately she's panicking at the moment coz of the weather we don't know how many are turning up!!  Still if it's just Wayne, Trina and me I know we'll have a blimin' good time!!  I don't know when I'll be back but I shall update you all with photos.

Talkingof updates I haven't finished telling you about the adventures from last year.  There's still Paddy.........Paul Rodgers...........and We Will Rock You!!  I'm so slack.........told you lazy that's what it is ;)

Ooooooooo photobuckets let me you can have graphics aren't you lucky lol  *note to self ~ stop using smiley faces so much*  Sorry peeps they are annoying me lol

Well I've finished the application form, just need to get it to work and photocopy it.  Trina's asked if she can read it but I'm not so sure about that.......I'm not happy with it so letting her read it and comment about how crap it is may just make me feel worse!!  I'll see I guess..............

Work is was Jim's birthday this week.  He is such a good laugh..........we hardly ever talk about anything serious, it makes for a nice relief if you know what I mean!!

Oooo mum's had her cast off ~ finally!!  Apparently she's having physio on her arm now coz it's all stiff from having the plaster on.  I'm hoping to get up there next weekend.  I haven't seen her or Meggy~moo since xmas!!

So I hope all you who got snow is making the most of it and enjoying it as much as you can!!  Pretty much the whole country except the south west ~ how flippin' typical is that!!  I should've put a bet on that we wouldn't have any.........It said in the local paper last night that there was a 30% chance that we would.  It was so obvious from that, that we weren't!!  Stupid snow grrrrrrrrrr...........I thought it was funny that they were going on about it on GMTV this morning and they were getting messages from people down here in the west country telling them to shut up LOL.........

Hmmmmmmmmmmm..........don't know what else to mention/ramble doubt I'll think of something as soon as I click on save*rolls eyes*

So I shall leave you here ~ have a good weekend peeps xx


jlocorriere05 said...

My brain always goes into overdrive after I click save too! I think, oh, yeah, that's what I wanted to tell everyone then next time I've forgotten about it again! Have a good time tomorrow with Trina and Wayne and whoever else shows up! Jeannette xx  

jeadie05 said...

I would think walking to work has toughened you up Jen ,Hope you dont get it ,though you are pushing your luck by talking about it lol ,enjoy the fake party Jan xx

jaymact1 said...

Glad you are not feeling ill when you live alone its no fun.  Looking forward to hearing about the party sure you will have a god time.  Love Joan.

funnyface0s0 said...

Hi Jen .... party on!!   have a fab time and take plenty of pics!   Think yourself lucky you have not caught this nasty lurghey..... i have it and its not nice!!!
Have fun -
Luv Jayne x

salonrose123 said...

You do realise you've just jinxed yourself about not getting ill, don't ya??!!
Have a fab time at the fake birthday party.  Have a drink or three for me!
A xxx

oddb0dkins said...

You want some snow? I'll send you some if you like.
Enjoy the fake birthday bash. B. x

sarajanesmiles said...

He he, I do that sometimes, try not to use smiley faces everywhere... always give up in the end and use em though :o)  <~ see!
Have fun at the fake Birthday party... Happy fake Birthday Trina!
And just 'cause I feel like it... :o) :o) :o)
Sara   x

peccarylover said...

Luck you not getting ill!! :)

I'm in the west country too...I'm glad we havent had loads of snow...cold, slushy nasty stuff it is

Amy ~x~

haysiefantaysie2 said...

It makes a change to hear of someone who's not ill!  Everyone I know has been feeling grotty since before Christmas!  Thanks for popping over and leaving a comment on my blog, drop by anytime  :o)   Lynne xx

mrsm711 said...

You always have alot of nice graphics in your entries.  PhotoBucket has been acting up for alot of people.  So glad to hear that your not Ill.  most people are right now.  My family has not gotten anything yet. Happy Valentines Day!   :)      Tracy