Saturday, 30 December 2006

Photos and Happy New Year

Hey, I thought seeing as how my battery on my camera appears to work ok today I'd upload those photos.  A mixture of xmas celebrations and our trip to the Model Village.

So have you had a good day?  Since midday it's been raining and blowing a gale but it appears to have calmed down now which is a blessing!!  I just hope it stays that way.  I have to get up early tomorrow to catch a train to Trina's.  There was me hoping for a lie-in, but if I don't catch that one I won't get to their's till nearly 2pm, which would be a bit late.

Today I went shopping as soon as I got up.  Mainly coz I heard the rain was on it's way and I didn't wanna get wet again.  I say again coz yesterday I went up town to have a look at the sales.  Aren't they rubbish this year??  That's not to say I didn't get anything ;-)  I brought several DVD's, a new top for work (the washing machine is systematically destroying all mine), a new t-shirt and trousers.  Not too bad.  It was drizzling all day though but I didn't care!!  I cared about it today though, but decided to walk round to Sainsbugs as I don't need that much.  I've not been here much to eat myself out of house and home lol..................

I still managed to spend quite a bit though ~ whoops!!  Once I got home I hoovered up and tidied up.  I cleaned the bathroom and kitchen floors, bleached the loo, and cleaned up my living room.  I decided I would take my tree decorations down, I won't be able to do it on Monday coz no doubt I won't be in the mood to do anything ~ what with the thought of going back to work arrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.........see!!

The living room looks a lot tidier I must admit a good job well done me thinks!!  I've also progressed on the career level of my new game :-)  Go me.................Got a bit stuck though so need to practise a bit more!!  I'm gonna have another go in a bit ~ won't be able to play it tomorrow :(  I don't know how I shall survive............only joking ;-)

I don't think I'm gonna be making any new years resolutions ~ we'll just see how things pan out.  I looked at last years entry the other day and I read my resolutions for this year and I had achieved NONE of it.  We'll just roll them forward, but I'm not going to post what they were so that you can't tell me I haven't achieved any of it by the end of next year LOL..................That's if we are still here in J-land!!  Who knows..............

I'm sure there was other stuff I was gonna talk about today but I can't remember it!!  So I shall sign off here..............................

I hope you will all have a super new year where ever you are and whomever you are with xx


Cheers xx

Thanks to Missie for the graphics and I think Terri made the sig ~ Thank you xx


Friday, 29 December 2006

About Time for an Update

Hi Everyone ~ Figured it was time to update!!  I was gonna upload my xmas piccies but unfortuantely my camera has run out of battery :(  I shall try and get a new one soon and share them with you though!!  Wouldn't want you thinkin' that your missing out on something would I??  ;-)

So it sounds like you all had a good xmas which is lovely to see!  Mine wasn't too bad ~ as you know mum has broken her wrist and so I had to help out but as it turned out I didn't have to do too much.  Megan is her little nurse maid helping her to get dressed etc......  I wondered where mum would be without her and it's another sure fire sign that my ickle sis is growing up fast!!

The only problem that faced me was peeling the spuds.  Avid readers to this journal will know that I use a proper potatoe peeler and I often chop my fingernails off with it at the same time ~ mum doesn't possess such a thing and I had to use a knife.  I was very nervous I had images of me in hospital with a bandaged finger or something.  I managed it in the end though and they turned out quite well :-) 

Xmas day went okay ~ Meggy had a bit of a moan at the beginning of the day but otherwise it was fine.  I think she loved her pressies she didn't really say!!  (She loved her birthday pressie though!!)  I got:  some money, a new top for work, necklaces, a teddy bear, chocolate, a diary, and other stuff I'm sure!!  My mum loved her watch and necklace that I gave her *yay* Eventually my brother turned up.  I asked to go and see what he'd got me ~ he'd had to leave it in the boot of his car!!  It was a new computer He informed me that it had about 3 hard drives and can burn DVD's and CD's ~ I am estactic with it (which is the good news!!)  The bad news is it keeps crashing on me :(  damn it!!  I have a feeling there is something wrong with one of the programmes coz no sooner have I opened it than the computer is telling me there's an error!!  Anyway stop moaning jen!!  My bro had built this for me ~ isn't that cool??  It's a lot quieter than my last one and has lots of space for my music ;-)  I downloaded my first album the other day tee hee hee!! I was very impressed with myself.

The rest of xmas day went by quietly.  Well apart from my mum trying to have a conversation with me with her headphones on.  Oh and my bro shouting at mum's computer and then at mine later!!  Still never mind.............................

Boxing day I didn't do anything worth mentioning apart from eat too much!!  I spent the majority of the day watching Three Men and a Baby, then later Three Men and a Little Lady (both I'd borrowed from mum) hadn't seen them in years!!

Wednesday I went to Trina's for Xmas day num 2 :-)  We exchanged pressies as soon as I got there.  I gave her a locket that says on the back 'Best Friends are like four leaf clovers, hard to find, lucky to have :-), Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders cd, (she loves him) and a calendar that I made from photos of the events of this past year.  She loved them and I managed to reduce her to tears yet again ~ go me!!  tee hee hee............this years theme was get her anything not on the list!!  God knows what I'll do next year!!

They gave me many cd's, DVD's chocolate and the BEST GIFT EVER!!  I knew I was getting it but I didn't realise how fabby it was gonna be!!  Yep that's right peeps they got me Guitar Hero II with Guitar for the Playstation 2  How happy am I??  I now have an instrument to help me air guitar properly ;-)  By the way I'm not very good at it but I'm off for more practice in a bit ~ I'm hooked lol

We also visited the Model Village about lunchtimeish to see the snow and then later to see the minilluminations.  It was fab and I shall post the pics for you guys to see how great it was.

She cooked a xmas dinner for me and then I ended up staying the night which hadn't been planned but it was a good laugh!!  We were watching some countdown of the best 80's tunes and saw a new interview with Rog that we hadn't seen before which was very nice :-)  He looked mighty fine ladies!!  *girly giggle*

Well I won't drone on any longer and I'll hopefully do another entry tomorrow to show the piccies.

A pressie from Shelly aka Roxy ~ thank you xx (if i've spelt your name wrong I apologise profusely)!!

Friday, 22 December 2006

Xmas takes a nasty turn!!

Hiya all ~ how are you?  Work is done until the 2nd January WOOHOO ~ I love this part of xmas.  Work today was not taken very seriously at all!!  Team leader, P and I spent the morning playing games.  Team leader sent them to us by email and we were all trying to beat each other on the golf game tee hee hee........I won the first round ~ don't ask me how!!  I didn't send the link to my home email coz you need Excel to play and I haven't got it :(  But if you do want the links let me know and I'll send them to you in January ;-)

When I got to work there was a prezzie on my desk ~ it was from P.  She said it was because she felt guilty about leaving me to do the accounts as she was ill.  I told her not to be so stupid but thanked her for it too.  She said that she'd rattled it earlier and it sounded broken but that's ok apparently LOL..................Then when teamleader got there (it's her birthday today!!) she gave P and I a gift each.  We'd already been given chocolates from her and the other team leader, so we were quite surprised.  As she had to open hers (which was cheese biscuits and some shortbread) we had to open this one.  It turned out to be a little bottle of Bucks Fizz with some chocolates.  How cool is that??  Bless my team!!

After work I went up to the Post Office for my two packages :-)  One was what I was hoping for *yay* and the other was for me from Bev our old school friend ~ it feels like a teddy bear tee hee hee............

I walked home from town ~ it looked heaving up there so I figured catching a bus is probably not a good idea.  Had some lunch when I got home and then went food shopping.  Oh dear what a mistake!!  Talk about busy...............It didn't take too long though.  It made me laugh that the shop kept announcing it's opening times, I figured that was a hint lol.............I treated myself to a few munchies but not much!!

Had a shower, and dyed my hair!!  Whilst in the middle of dying it my phone rang.  So with the dye in place I had to find out who called.  My mum had left a message in a very somber voice saying 'Jen it's mum can you ring me urgently.'  My mind boggled thinking the worst of course aka either Nan or Grandad.  But oh no!!  The other day she was driving home on her moped and because of some wood chippings she skidded and came off.  She's only gone and broken her wrist!!  DOH!!  The way she was telling me it sounded like she was about to say something so horrible, so I had to laugh!!  Purely out of relief of course ;-)

So guess who has to help cook Christmas Dinner??  Yep muggins here!!  Well if I don't what would we do??  I can't cancel Christmas.  I told mum to tell Meggy that she'll have to help me ~ so she did and all you could hear in the background was hysterical laughter...................

I hope you'll all wish me luck and I'm sure you'll be waiting with baited breath to hear this sorry tale unfold!!  I shall be back home Christmas Day Evening but I shan't be back online till Boxing Day possibly!! 

Anyway here's part 3 of the quiz ~ What a cracker! (Xmas Jokes) try to work out the punch line.  Good luck xx

1) What do you call a Reindeer with no eyes?

2) What do you get if you eat Xmas decorations?

3) What is Rudolph's favourite day of the year?

4) How does Jack Frost travel to work?

5) What is the difference between the Xmas alphabet and the ordinary alphabet?

6) What did Adam say on the day before Xmas?

7) What do you have in December that you don't have in any other month?

8) Why can only tiny fairies sit under toadstools?

9) What did Cinderella sing when her photos weren't ready?

10) Why is it difficult to keep a secret at the North Pole?

Well that's it.  Have a super xmas everyone xx I've turned my alerts off for now.  Hope you have a good time xx

God bless you all xx

Thanks for the sig Roxy xx

p.s can you believe when I dyed my hair I seemed to have got it under my little fingernail ~ it's turned brown LOL..........I don't know how to get rid of it!!  Thought I'd share that silly thing with you!!

Thursday, 21 December 2006

Quizzes and Sadness

Hiya Everyone - isn't that a lovely graphic by Donna @ D's Designs??  I thought it was beautiful :-)  Anyway hope your all ok today ~ here in my flat today it was snowing, yep snowing just here in my flat..........Ok it wasn't really!!  I had received a card from lovely Sara and she'd included 3 snowflakes.  They have decorated my computer :-)  Thanks Sara xx

I've had another packet from Royal Mail tried to be delievered today.  I'm going to pick them up tomorrow after I finish work at 12pm (woohoo!!)  sorry can't wait for a week off divine!!  Mind you we haven't really done any work today *tut tut* team leader was sent a link for quizzes --- click there if you want to have a go!!  I started the sweet wraper one at lunchtime and in the end it turned into a team effort  with P and teamleader helping me.  That's pretty much all we did in the afternoon and P gave us the answers to the quiz she set ~ Part two coming up for you guys and I shall post part 3 tomorrow!!

Another great graphic this time provided by Chris at Cabs creations :-) 

I can't believe how much I have to do tomorrow.  I'm hoping to go up to Mum's on Saturday ~ don't know what time yet but there's no rush not really.  I have to go food shopping coz no doubt Boxing Day I'll wanna pig out and if I haven't got anything in I shall be slightly annoyed!!  I want to colour my hair again.  The women's loo mirror at work is not being kind to me ~ showing me all my grey hairs in such a bad light.  It looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad at the moment that's why I have to do it again :(  Never mind!!

Jeez can you believe how cold it is tonight??  Ooooo well done to Jan for realising I was the one in the blue dress and blonde wig :-)  It was such a shame I didn't meet roger that night ~ I reckon he has a penchant for blondes...................

Anyway I don't know what else to say (I did have something disgusting to share with you all but as it's nearly xmas perhaps I won't!!)

I just want to take this opportunity to ask you to be kind and go share your sympathies and condolences with Jayne @ Single Girl as she lost her mum on Monday.  We all knew how ill Jayne's mum was and I'm sure this must be so difficult for her.  Please stop by her journal to let her know we're thinking about her :-)  Thanks peeps xx

Right here's the next part to the quiz ~ tonights section is Xmas TV.  Have a go and don't forget to EMAIL ME your answers ;-)  So far Ainsley's in the lead.  Can you do any better??  Don't forget the panto anagrams on the last entry............Good luck xx

1)  Look at the next season

2) Robbers in a hot place

3) A dozen naked females

4) Two cans and yourself

5) 1953 road

6) Light the forest

7) Not pretty Elizabeth

8) Not a Primary performance

9) Brunel's kids

10) Teaching lady from the corner shop

Good luck with those xx

Thanks Sazzy for the sig xx

Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Fancy Dress Photos and Stuff

my friends ~ how are you all??  Well the plan for this entry was to share the photos from the last adventure I've told you about and to share this quiz we got from P.  However it's taken so long to load the photo's in I'm not sure I can be bothered to type the quiz up!!  Maybe just the first part.

Well Friday is speeding it's way to me slowly........mmm..........a bit of a contradiction there.  Still I wait patiently!!  I've had a package tried to be delivered apparently so I'm hoping beyond all hope it's that other present I was waiting for ~ cross those fingers peeps.  I'm also hoping that the delivery office will still be open at 12ish on Friday for me to pick it up.  I'm leaving early on Friday as I didn't go home after the xmas lunch we get some spare flex.  Good ol' flexi time

P is actually due back tomorrow ~ if she does make it in, which I'm sure she will coz she's so bored at home, it's gonna seem very strange.  Plus I won't be able to spread myself over two desks anymore damn it ;-)

I think I forgot to mention the prize I won on Monday in the lucky dip at work.  Just before the meal the divisional manager gets us to all stand around and there's these pressies on a desk.  We have to pick names out of the envelope.  I picked out S and she picked out my name.  Later on that day though I started to feel guilty about this as I'd just assumed it was me.  There were however, two Jenny's in the office that day.  One of the visiting officers is called Jenny so I'm usually known as Jennifer in the office ~ which made me wonder if S actually pulled out her name.  There was no mention of a surname though.  (Her's starts with a G and mine's an M!!)  I mentioned this to team leader and she told me not to worry and that it's too late to do anything about it.  She's right but even so..............................  Anyway I can't tell you what it is coz I haven't opened it yet.........but I'm guessing it's sweets ;-)

Anyhoo I shall postthe first part to the quiz ~ we're hoping to get the answers tomorrow so stay tuned.  In answer to Ains question about a prize I'm not sure I'll think about that one ;-)  If you take part EMAIL me your answers so then no-one else can see them and they can't cheat.  So here it is:  have fun xx


1) To Twitching Kind

2) Store Go Home

3) Obtain Bed Whose

4) Aid Land

5) Lid Cleaner

6) To New Wish

7) Historians Blade

8)  Hatband Ankle Jackets

9) Rant Peep

10) I Do Oh Born

Well that's it for now folks.  Parts 2 & 3 coming soon xx

Thanks Sazzy for the sig xx

P.s Thanks to all who have sent me cards.   (Awww group hugs in J-land) They are lovely and a note to Gary I'm disappointed you can't get me Roger Taylor ~ I was counting on you ;-) 

Monday, 18 December 2006

Lunch and blahness

Is it me or is AOL playing up today??  Oh well no surprises there then!!

The xmas lunch was ok ~ I had a melon for starters, turkey with god knows how many spuds (don't like veg much), and for afters had the fruit salad.  Didn't have an alcoholic drink, was gonna but didn't seem like anyone else was and I didn't wanna be the only one.  Up until lunchtime I was having a bad day and seemed to be making quite a few silly mistakes.  After lunch didn't wanna be there and then the phone rang when I was supposed to be leaving so I had to answer didn't I??  I am such a muppet sometimes!!

Still I managed to get home early to see Brian on Paul O'Grady and have had the heating on most of the night to dry my clothes.  As they went through two cycles of washing it seems to be taking some time to dry them damn it!! 

I don't know what else to tell you!!  I've felt really blah today and I hope it gets better tomorrow!!  Roll on Friday at least I can leave early woohoo :-)  Anyway here's some more of the write up (Ains you'll get pics hun, be patient!!)

The atmosphere in the Dominion was electric ~ I think it was just the hardcore fans that had been told to dress up coz there were so many people that weren't!! The show started with the Beautiful Day remix (which is fab) and that got the crowd clapping away instantly!! The beginning part of the show with the words coming up on the screen aka 1975 bohemian rhapsody released, 1990 Mr blobby enters the charts (you get the gist!!) it said 05/09/06 Freddy would have been 60. The crowd went mental ~ we could tell we were in for a great night.

During the interval I went to get Trina some merchandise and met up with Sarah (aka Aerospice, or girl who came to the foo's gig with us!!). When I got back to my seat our mates were there so we all had a good natter. The second half started as usual up unto the point were Killer Queen starts singing Don't Stop Me Now. Usually Kashoggi interupts her half way through, but this time McFly did indeed pop up through the trap door thingy and 2 of them sung the rest of the song whilst the other two pranced around on stage. After they finished Killer Queen said something about taking them backstage and giving them a rub down for her later. Apart from that there were no other script changes noticeable, but we did manage to put the cast off the script several times ~ notably the fast we will rock you claps when Galelio is trying to set the guitar free ~ very amusing!! During Tie Your Mother Down/We Will Rock You Brian appeared through the trap door, wearing a coat that he wore during the 1986 magic tour apparently??!! The cast did their finale sequence as usual and then Brian appeared during Bohemian Rhapsody. When it got to the rocky part, the tube station set moved forward and there was Roger. This caused a problem coz I didn't know whether to scream or head bang. Can't do both at the same time........... Brian came back on to sing Love of My Life and Roger joined him to sing Say It's Not True. Ben Elton came on stage after they finished and told us they had raised millions and millions for Aids charities from all the We Will Rock You's all over the place. Brian and Roger appeared once again for Show Must Go On and everyone came out for bows etc including McFly. At the very end when all the cast had disappeared the audience sung Happy Birthday to Freddie. 

Trina decided we had to run round to the stage door at the end so we did and there was a lot of people out there. A lot of the cast members left and Jim Beach (Queen manager) popped his head round the door. Now we think about it, he was probably assessing the situation, but he did get teased by Gavin. Jim decided McFly could go out this entrance though. People I know, were booing (I didn't join in I hasten to add, even if I don't like them!!), Trina did and then she went over and touched one of them. Apparently he told her that she was wicked and he loved the fancy dress. No respect left for Trina!! A bit later some bloke (Brian's driver I was told), came out and said the band had gone - the thought was that they had gone out the front door whilst McFly were distracting us!! We all made our way back to the bar. 

Once we back at the St Giles, I decided to go up to Pam's room and get changed. I couldn't stand wearing a dress a moment longer *eugh* When I got upstairs I couldn't work the key, (and I had two of them as I had to move our stuff to another room. Trying to remember which one was which was bad enough!!) So I had to venture back downstairs to find out how to work the damn thing and then back up I went, this time accompanied by Nico and his girlfriend (who don't really speak much English, but seem very nice!!) They grabbed their stuff and left, so I get changed, after I'd managed to find my stuff in Sam's bag ?? and take all our stuff down to Dan's room. I managed to do all that without getting the keys mixed up!!

The rest of the evening was spent drinking, joking and listening to everyone's stories etc. Jacky (owner of the fanclub) turned up, so she spent most of the evening sat on Sam's knee. The majority of us were up till about 4am. At around this time Dan went to bed we had to get our stuff so Jamie decided to ring for a taxi. The taxi arrived and took Jamie, Gabriele, Sam, Trina and myself to Jamie's place. (Did you see the episode of Who Do You Think You Are with Barbara Windsor, well she went to this place in London which was a factory - well their flat is in that complex and we were only there earlier that day - freaky huh??) Once in the flat Jamie showed us this stupid video on Youtube and also her high school video of her singing. Sam, Trina and Jamie talked forever, but I couldn't keep my eyes open and what is most embarrasing I think I may have snored a little. Don't you hate it when you think you are and your aware of it and you wake up with a start!! Anyway they didn't actually stop talking till about 6am and Trina had to get home to go to work so had booked us on an early train home. We ended up having only an hour and 45 minutes sleep. 

Got up as soon as the alarm went off and Trina managed to slam one of the doors by mistake, it was quite funny. (She has since profusely apologised!!) We walked to the tube, managed to catch one not long after getting there. We both thought there were several dodgy looking people on it that morning and felt very relieved when we reached Paddington. I got a breakfast bun from Burger King and we caught our train home. 

We got back to Exeter just after 11am and I decided as it was such a lovely day (but also the electrician was supposed to be coming to the flat) I would walk home. When I eventually got back I think the electrician was just leaving so I timed that just well. I was absolutely knackered and needed sleep but I was sweating buckets so I didn't have a lie down. I just watched TV and went on the computer and found a press coverage with a pic of Sam and friends ~ she made the paper bless her. I tried to recharge my batteries for the weekend!!

Well that's it for now!!  P sent us a quiz for xmas so I might share it with you later this week ;-)

Have a good week xx

Thanks for the gaphics Roxy and I can't remember who gave me the tag but thank you xx

Sunday, 17 December 2006

The Weekend and another adventure

Hi people

So another weekend has gone past!!  Jeez what a weekend ~ there's me thinkin' I'll have a nice relaxing time considering I'd been dumped for £35.  However everything has just been one thing to make me very stressed.  Firstly my washing machine door wouldn't open after it had finished the cycle.  I panicked coz my Queen jumper was in there and all my work tops (it was the first time I had washed my jumper!!) I set it going through the cycle again and had to sit there panicking the whole time until it had finished.  Luckily the door did open, but the machine didn't half stink!! 

Then I went shopping ~ of course I cycled round but I hold my hands up to being a cyclist that uses the pavements if there's a lot of traffic on the road.  Especially on the main road part!!  Well a police car went past and the way my day was going I expected them to come back and give me a fine.  On the way back they passed me again!!  I couldn't believe it........Luckily I got home ok.

Today I've walked to Somerfield to get some of their soup with pasta bits and guess what??  They didn't have any!!  So you can see my weekend hasn't exactly gone according to plan!!  Tomorrow I have the works xmas lunch and unlike most people I dread social events like this ~ especially these where you don't really get on with anyone and your forced to spend at least two hours with them!!  I've just gotta remember not to make any sandwhiches in the morning LOL.........wish me luck though. 

Anyway enough of this........onto the next adventure......Enjoy xx


Trina and I arranged to meet for our usual bacon sarnie in the usual place. We went to catch the 10.40am train but it ended up being 40 minutes late and we kept being told it was a 'fast' service but it appeared to be stopping at every single station. We didn't get to sit in our booked seats but we didn't get moved either. Once we eventually got to London we made our way to the Dominion and the back door. The majority of our mates were already there, and with the scaffolding round much of the building jokes about Roger and his comode ensued. When the builders appeared, Gavin started taking the mickey out of them. James, a guy we hadn't seen since Hyde Park show turned up with his girlfriend so it was nice to see him again. Sarah kept saying she was going to move (instead of standing there waiting for the guys to turn up), but she never moved. We were told there was balloons on Freddie's statue ~ which we all thought were a bit lame but I suppose the gesture was nice. More people turned up and Sarah talked to them, apparently they were McFly fans, which prompted a lot of moaning from us. Ben Elton turned up and people asked for autographs and photos (I'm not entirely sure why I didn't). We turned up too late for Brian and Roger, we were told they had gone in at 11am. After Ben goes into the building, some of the fans decide to give up waiting and head for the St Giles bar. Sarah won't budge!! Trina and I agree to leave and we managed to get Sarah to promise to call if anything exciting happened. 

We met more people in the bar and have a few drinks and the silliness ensues. People started to arrive in fancy dress ~ by this point Sarah had returned from her vigil by the stage door and we hadn't missed anything. Trina and I decide it's time to get changed into our costumes, so we join Pam, her mum, Sheila and Sam in Pam's room to get changed. It was very hot in that room!! We all take it in turns to use the bathroom to get changed. Gavin and Nick join us at some point. Gavin was going to use Trina's hippy skirts which she'd brought and he looked like a choir boy. We tried to get Nick to wear one but he wasn't having any of it!! Pictures were taken though............When everyone was ready we all ventured downstairs, by the time we got there more and more people had turned up dressed in fancy dress. I've tried to remember what everyone was wearing, so here's the list: Me - hippy, Trina - 60's style, Gavin - choir boy, Funster - black and white, Pam's mum - 50's style, Sam - black coat and tails with a top hat that had a birthday cake on top, Sheila - Magenta, Mark - another hippy, Wendy - 70's Freddie, Charlie and Helena - posh gowns, Bloke I don't know the name of - dressed in rather revealing pink suit, Ermy - teenage muntant hero turtle, Dan - pimp of the 60's, Becky and Rosie - Dan's girls in posh outfits, Gary and Steve - rather camp outfits including feather boa's, sailor hat, cowboy hat etc, Andy - dressed as a girl, woman he was with - pirate, Monty - Marilyn Monroe, Jamie - school girl, Gordie - Egyptian etc etc. The atmosphere in the bar was already building to a party spirit and when Roger and Brian came on the TV (local news report), the bar erupted into cheers and shouts, when they showed a clip of the band etc we were all singing along and doing hand claps ~ it was a good laugh. 

Just after 7ish we all braved the London streets and walked the short distance to the Dominion. We'd been told there would be cameramen and a red carpet for those of us in fancy dress. Because such a big group of us all arrived at once in fancy dress, we did get accosted by a cameraman who took a big group photo. (I think it made the Queenonline report!!) When photos were taken we all queued up to make our way inside when Gary noticed a pickpocket. Luckily I didn't have any pockets for him to pick, but many of our friends did, so we managed to make them aware. There was a very tiny bit of red carpet, which was just stupid!! Once we got inside, Trina, Alison and myself were asked to pose for a photo. I asked the bloke what he was taking the picture for, he said it was for a cd that would go out to the press. That was quite exciting!! Trina and I found our seats, well away from the majority of our mates unfortuantely, but Shelia and Mark were in the front row. A girl sat next to me whom I'd met at the Queenonline meet up in November the year before. She told me there was a rumour about McFly turning up. I rolled my eyes and groaned at the prospect. 

So would Mcfly turn up??  Keep tuned for the next edition xx   I'll let you know how the xmas lunch went too ;-)

Wednesday, 13 December 2006


Hiya ~ oooo another entry in two days ~ ain't you the lucky ones..........

I was actually deleting my bbq pics from my documents and came across some more that I should've posted last time ~ whoops!!  These are a mixture from Saturday and Sunday night and the lights of Torquay are taken by Jamie who was doing strange things with effects and stuff I think!!  Thought you'd like to see them anyway :-)

Can you believe that I've been dumped on Saturday for a measley £35 ~ I ask you is that all I'm worth??  I was due to meet Trina this weekend and we were gonna go to Babbacombe Model Village coz they have snow scenes apparently and that would be cool (oooo and the minilluminations tee hee hee I love that word, can't say it but I love it anyway ;-)  Still never mind.............shall have to think of some other way to entertain myself which does not cost anything!!

She's actually going to give me back her year book that I created for her last year so I can update it for this year.  Not for a present but just coz I'm better at stuff like that (that sounds really mean sorry Trine xx)  So I've got that to look forward too........Probably won't be able to do much without the photos though!!  Mmmm.........I expect there'll be some way around that!!

Well I don't want to go on any took long enough to get the photos to load up.  I shall start the write up of the next adventure to tell you about next entry me thinks ;-)  so until then xx

Thanks Sazzy for the gorgeous sig :-)

Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Read Only if Bored - you have been warned lol

So here we are into another week and we're getting closer to xmas aren't we??  Thank god that means a week off work ~ woohoo!!  So how's your week going?  Mine's generally been the same, accounts, people moaning, power cuts (yep we had one of them today), etc etc............P is still off so myself and team leader are being kept very busy.  Usually we would've sent the bulk of the accounts already and started on the NCC's (no current contributions for those that want to know what NCC stands for ;-) but we haven't got that far!!  I don't know how P works so quick, I'm trying my best but I'm certainly lacking something :(  Probably the enthusiasm................Anyhow as I always say and pretty much live by ~ you can only do your best!!

I don't really have much else to say!! you believe that??  Let's see what I can ramble on about then?  Trina and Wayne were on their way to see Iron Maiden in Cardiff yesterday.  They went one way and the road was blocked due to an accident, so they turned round and went a different way, which was blocked due to roadworks.  So they followed the signs for the diversion and end up breaking down and causing a problem for the traffic as it was down a narrow lane................ha ha ha........I was laughing so much when I heard this!!  They did make it to their gig whilst the support band were on stage, which they didn't mind missing!!

Talking of gigs can you believe Roger played at a gig at weekend and I wasn't there *shock horror*  Yes I have to admit sometimes that does happen!! :(  I've just watched a video a friend took of the gig and I feel regretful coz I didn't go but I know in my heart of hearts that I made the right decision.  I couldn't afford it :(  Let's hope he does some more!!

Did you watch any of that variety performance thing?  What I can't understand is why take Holby City off for it, but to show that on Thursday (at least I think that's what they said!!)  The Bill is on Thursdays so why not stick the Variety thing on then when there is an alternative to watch ~ unlike tonight.  Saying that though every time I flipped back to channel 1 coz the ads were on, I found myself enjoying it.  I saw Spamalot (I have to see that next year!!), Sound of Music (weren't there 3 boys and 3 girls in the film version??), some comedians which were very funny etc etc.....

I finished my letter to my Nan and posted it today :-)  I've started one to my Aunty now ~ aren't I a good relative!!  I found out all these years I've been spelling my aunty's name wrong.  Her name is Sonia and that's how I've been spelling it ~ according to the xmas card I got yesterday it's spelt Sonja (since when??) *shrugs shoulders*

Just one more xmas present to turn up and this one's fairly important and the person that asked for it is going to be upset if it doesn't arrive me thinks!!  According to the website the delivery can be anytime between the 6th and the 19th!!  What do I do if it's not here by then??  It's too late to order it online and I don't know any shops that I can get it from??  Plus I would end up with two copies, which I don't really want!!  Arrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Myspace ~ if any of you guys have one (I know you do gary ;-) my link is here -------> click here  Go on add me you know you wanna ha ha........I just wanted to moan about it coz in the Bulletin posts today it's telling me about this artist on artist interview ~ jeez people catch up I watched that yesterday!!  Or maybe it was Sunday but even so....been there done that!!  Also I did a search on there on Saturday night when I was really bored, looking for Roger Taylor and my page turned up on page 7 I think it was..........may havebeen page 9!!  Go me!!

Well I think I've gone on about nothing in particular for too long..........

Bye for now xx

Thanks Donna @ Ds Designs for the sig xx

Sunday, 10 December 2006

Never Growing Up

Hiya everyone :-)

Well I haven't forgotten ~ I thought I might coz my brain is like a sieve sometimes.  I'm amazed I can remember my own name half the time (well ok that's a slight exaggeration but you see what I mean ;-)  I've added Ga Ga pics coz I'm sure I've told you about that already and the ruined jumper!!  Evidence LOL

So have you had a good weekend?  Mine's been okay actually.  I received my first xmas card (thanks Jeannette ~ Travels).  I made a pact with myself that when I receive my first card I would put the tree up, or if I got bored first.  Luckily the card arrived first I got the box out and assembled it before doing the hoovering, otherwise there would be green stuff everywhere and that wouldn't do. 

So I did my housework, and went food shopping.  Had to go whilst it had stopped raining.  (I cycle round to the shops to get my shopping see..........) It stayed bright pretty much all afternoon, so I decided to go for a bit of a wonder and spent more money *tut tut* at me.  It's the banks fault they approved my overdraft!!

When I got back I set about decorating the tree.  As I found my santa hat I wore it to try to get me in the mood for doing such a task ~ it wasn't really happening and I still don't feel xmassey but I love the lights on a xmas tree :-)  I also started and finished wrapping the pressies I have.  Still waiting for two to be delivered :(

Today I've done nothing (isn't that always the case on a Sunday for me ;-)  I've watched a film 'Fierce Creatures', and been on the computer ever since.  But I've started a letter to my Nan.  The last time I spoke to her on the phone I promised her I would write to her soon, and she said I wouldn't.  I don't like to be known as a person that doesn't keep her promises, why make one if you don't keep it!!  There's already one person who does that in this family and I'll be damned if I'm tarred with the same brush!!

Well I think I've lost what I was going to say and the whole point to this entry in the first place ~ sorry peeps. 

I know ~ I shall explain about Bob (see pics).  Trina and I get bored on our many train journeys and often resort to childish behaviour (for example we once had a water fight on a train LOL there was water all over the window LOL) ~ so just for a laugh I drew a face on my finger, took a picture on Trina's mobile phone and Bob was created.  He now  has his adventures wherever we go.  At some point I'll share some of the pics we've taken of him.   See I'm right in what I say about how I never grow up LOL ;-)

Well I'm gonna leave you here, time for bed me thinks.  Have a good week people xx

If i remember rightly Missie made this tag but I could be mistaken ~ to whoever made it Thank you very much xx

Oooooo see I told you my brain is like a sieve ~ Elaine wanted me to say Hi to everyone and to tell you all that she's busy with her studies and hopes to get back to j-land soon xx

Saturday, 9 December 2006

BBQ pics

Hiya guys.

I can't believe AOL sent out a wireless alert for that last entry ~ thanks for letting me know Jan and Ally xx  (Why am I starting every entry with a moan at AOL ~ if I ain't careful I'm gonna get banned or something!!) 

Just thought I'd share the BBQ pics with you guys.  I've put my Xmas tree up today so I'll post pics of that tomorrow if I remember lol..........

Hope your having a good weekend xx

Thanks Sazzy for another fab creation xx