Sunday, 3 December 2006

Something for the Weekend

  Hey People, how are you all??  I want to apologise firstly coz I am behind in my alerts again doh!!   I will catch up (I know you've heard that before but I shall indeed ;-)

So have you had a good weekend?  Yesterday was such good fun.  Trina and I decided to do our Xmas shopping, so we met at 10am and went to our usual cafe for a bacon sarnie :-)  Whilst waiting for Trina to come back with the food I rung mum's and spoke to the birthday girly Meggy-Moo!!  Everyone sing Happy Birthday to my ickle sis ~ bless her!!  She's 9 now, it's scary to think she's gonna be in the double figures next year *freak out* LOL................

After our sarnies and a good ol' natter, we went and started our shopping.  I had to laugh at Trina, after about 4/5 shops she was already laden down with heavy bags!!  Clearly not good planning on our behalf.  We lost each other in Smith's and she rung me to find out where I was and it was so funny trying to direct her, but I guess you had to be there ;-)  Whilst in there I bumped into several people I knew including someone from work.   It was turning into that sort of day lol

I was lucky as during our trip I got an idea of what to get for Trina so that was good.  I got my brother's pressie but wasn't having any luck with anyone else.  (I'm very strange, I tend to go on a shopping trip with mum and spend nothing, one with Trina and spend little and go by myself and get it all done lol ~ don't ask me why!!)  Eventually we had to stop for lunch in Woolworths as we were near there and I had a desperate need for the loo!!  Wasn't even hungry!!  At least I made Trina laugh a lot during our lunch!!

After lunch we made our way up to the other end of town and Trina was still moaning about the amount of bags she had, I did help out I hasten to add ~ considering I wasn't carrying very much ;-)

We eventually finished in town and had a nosey at the new ice rink that's been constructed for the xmas period.  It didn't look that busy which I was quite surprised about as it's the 2nd day it was open I think!!  There was quite a queue for the other ride that had been put there.  I can't be bothered to describe it for you, as there is NO way I shall be going on it!  We got a taxi back to mine, dumped the bags off and headed up to the Range.  Trina wanted to get her wrapping paper there and watching her struggle to the till with her purchases was soooo funny!!  But then she moaned about how far it was to walk back to mine...............................

Wayne joined us later and we had fish and chips for tea, that amused us all as the owners of the shop have a pretty outgoing personality and were teasing Trina about her veggie burger.  (Trina's not coming across very well in this entry ~ sorry hun xx)

After having something to eat we got back into the car to find a pub called 'The Exeter Spot'.  None of us had ever been there but I'd heard and seen about this band that were playing there and had sent Trina a link to their website and we decided we should check them out.  We found a parking space after driving around half of town trying to find one and had a bit of a walk to the pub.  It was attached to the football ground.  It looked a bit crowded but we ventured in anyway.

We got ourselves some drinks and started panicking about the bands.  There was a banner on stage that said 'Kiss This' so I mentioned it to Trina and figured it was probably a Kiss tribute act.  None of us are great fans of Kiss so we were a bit worried, but everyone was nice and friendly in the pub so we thought we'd see how it went. 

The first band on were indeed Kiss This, but they weren't a Kiss tribute act.  Songs they did included:  Don't Stop Me Now, Parklife, Baggy Trousers, Objection, Mr Blue Sky, Kids, and loads more...........They were really good, not Wayne's cup of tea but I think he still enjoyed it!!  I had seen a poster by this point which advertised the event and the band we had come to see were playing as well *phew*  The funniest moment of the night, Kiss This were about 2/3 songs into their set and the electrics blew LOL it was really funny but a bit tedious waiting for them to get it sorted again.

After their set was over and the stage was changed over ~ Cover'd came on stage.  I doubt they would appeal to most of you but I knew Wayne was going to enjoy it.  They did songs by The Beastie Boys, Rage Against The Machine, Guns and Roses, Foo Fighters, Velvet Revolver, Electric Six, Billy Idol, Led Zepplin and tons more that I just didn't know!!  It was so rocky, there were headbangers, people taking their shirts off, moshers it was great fun!!  I had absolutely no energy left from the days shopping so I didn't dance around as much as Wayne and Trina :(  but it was still really good!!  The guitarist was awesome and we've all agreed we are going to see them again :)

After the show finished I plucked up the courage to go and talk to this woman who I'd seen and recognised from MySpace of all places *shakes head* LOL.............I had been worried about talking to her but she turned out to be really sweet and so easy to talk too!!  She recognised me from Queen events and it's coz she's friends with a girl I used to write to back in the good ol' penpal days.  She's engaged to the bass player of the band so hopefully we may meet up again and have a few beers :-)  I was trying to convince her to come to the convention.............

We walked back to the car and it was raining by this point and they dropped me off at home.  I asked Trina to text me when she got there.  About 20 mins later I get a phone call ~ freaked me out it did.  They'd hit a fallen tree and smashed the windscreen :(  Luckily they were both ok but quite shaken.  They did make it home after that though :)  bless 'em!!  I felt quite guilty after that!! 

I didn't sleep a wink, maybe for about an hour.  My neck and ear were killing me, I couldn't calm down it was like I'd taken something (I hadn't I hasten to add) so I decided at 5ish to give up trying to sleep and read some of my mag.  After a trip to the loo, I decided I had to try and get some sleep.  The wind and rain weren't helping though!!  Grrrrr.................I must've dropped off in the end though coz I woke again when my alarm went off.

Today I've done nothing!!  No energy LOL  It was a wicked night and I hope we have more like it but let's have no more crashes.... ;)

Have a good week peeps xx

Can't remember who did this sig for me *embarrassed look* but Thank you xx

Ooooo forgot to mention I have new downstairs neighbours and I'm starting to realise how thin these walls really are!!  *rolls eyes*


jeadie05 said...

You sound as though you had a good day out with Trina ,and an even better night with her and Wayne ,so sorry they had the accident  on the way home ,the wind was so strong here last night too , with trees down all over the place ,love Jan xx

jackiebenice said...

ahh i went christmas shopping yesterday ..and gosh it was awful lol..well most of it was, the parking is awful..people try and cut you off..and then everyone wants those GREAT deals, so it's bad ..but i got stuff lol ahh the holidays are here..

take care!!


mtrib2 said...

Your shopping trip must have been good to get your gifts taken care of.    I enjoyed ice skating when I was young so your mentioning it made me remember the good times I had.    I have not thought about that for so long and it has set me thinking about something that I otherwise would not have thanks to your entry.    You really know your music as you can name so many songs from memory.    I am guessing you may be a Beatles' fan also like me.   I am a Blues fan now mainly after so many years of listening to rock and roll constantly.  Your friends Wayne and Trina having the accident with the fallen tree is scary to think of what could have happened.    I am glad that things turned out well and your weekend was not ruined by it.     I used to enjoy going to events so I can relate to your enthusiam.     mark

xxroxymamaxx said...

I'm glad you had a good weekend.  Now try and have a good week too! : )  Hugs and GBU, Shelly

oddb0dkins said...

A busy day and a busy evening, can't understand why you didn't sleep, unless you were too busy listening to your new neighbours. ;O) B. x

salonrose123 said...

Sounds like you had a great time with Trina, and a good night in the pub to finish things off.....just my kinda thing!!
Oh, and happy belated birthday to Megan.  Hope she had a fab day.
Have a great week.
A xxx

sarajanesmiles said...

Happy Birthday Meggy-Moo!!!
It IS scary when your little Sister, or in my case Brother, isn't quite so little any more!!  My Baby Brother is 17 now, how did that happen!!
Glad you had such a good night, glad Trina and Wayne weren't hurt when they crashed the car, what a nasty shock that must have been though :o(
Sara   x

jaymact1 said...

Happy birthday to your wee sister its nice to know I share my birthday with someone I sort of know.  Sounds as if you had a great weekend no wonder you can't keep up with alerts you just enjoy. Love Joan.

labdancer51 said...

Happy Birthday to your lil` sis Jen, double figures next year eh?  That IS!   You certainly were busy with your Christmas shopping, thankfully I`ve bought the majority of mine and only have a couple of things to get.  I just hope I last until my next pay! :o)

Sandra xxxx

ghwt9996 said...

Glad to see you had a great time Jen :)  You need to get yourself some earplugs lol.

Gary x

phoenix71011 said...

Could you put some of your energy in a bottle and send it to me please?! Don't know how you pack it in!!
love Phoenix

rachealcarol said...

Lolol sleep :) do u know what sleep is??? you're always enjoying just enjoying.  Awww Jen you're a whirlwind and I love hearing of your antics. Rache