Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Fancy Dress Photos and Stuff

my friends ~ how are you all??  Well the plan for this entry was to share the photos from the last adventure I've told you about and to share this quiz we got from P.  However it's taken so long to load the photo's in I'm not sure I can be bothered to type the quiz up!!  Maybe just the first part.

Well Friday is speeding it's way to me slowly........mmm..........a bit of a contradiction there.  Still I wait patiently!!  I've had a package tried to be delivered apparently so I'm hoping beyond all hope it's that other present I was waiting for ~ cross those fingers peeps.  I'm also hoping that the delivery office will still be open at 12ish on Friday for me to pick it up.  I'm leaving early on Friday as I didn't go home after the xmas lunch we get some spare flex.  Good ol' flexi time

P is actually due back tomorrow ~ if she does make it in, which I'm sure she will coz she's so bored at home, it's gonna seem very strange.  Plus I won't be able to spread myself over two desks anymore damn it ;-)

I think I forgot to mention the prize I won on Monday in the lucky dip at work.  Just before the meal the divisional manager gets us to all stand around and there's these pressies on a desk.  We have to pick names out of the envelope.  I picked out S and she picked out my name.  Later on that day though I started to feel guilty about this as I'd just assumed it was me.  There were however, two Jenny's in the office that day.  One of the visiting officers is called Jenny so I'm usually known as Jennifer in the office ~ which made me wonder if S actually pulled out her name.  There was no mention of a surname though.  (Her's starts with a G and mine's an M!!)  I mentioned this to team leader and she told me not to worry and that it's too late to do anything about it.  She's right but even so..............................  Anyway I can't tell you what it is coz I haven't opened it yet.........but I'm guessing it's sweets ;-)

Anyhoo I shall postthe first part to the quiz ~ we're hoping to get the answers tomorrow so stay tuned.  In answer to Ains question about a prize I'm not sure I'll think about that one ;-)  If you take part EMAIL me your answers so then no-one else can see them and they can't cheat.  So here it is:  have fun xx


1) To Twitching Kind

2) Store Go Home

3) Obtain Bed Whose

4) Aid Land

5) Lid Cleaner

6) To New Wish

7) Historians Blade

8)  Hatband Ankle Jackets

9) Rant Peep

10) I Do Oh Born

Well that's it for now folks.  Parts 2 & 3 coming soon xx

Thanks Sazzy for the sig xx

P.s Thanks to all who have sent me cards.   (Awww group hugs in J-land) They are lovely and a note to Gary I'm disappointed you can't get me Roger Taylor ~ I was counting on you ;-) 


jeadie05 said...

Great pics are you in the blonde wig and blue dress ?,I have started the annagram but am tired night night Jan xx

gabreaelinfo said...

Merry Christmas!


salonrose123 said...

Fab looked really groovy Jen.  Dig those shades, man!
Going to start the quiz now, love things like this.
A xxx

ally123130585918 said...

Lovely photos Jenny ~ I'll have a go at the quiz when I get spare minute ~ then e~mail you if I finish it lol ~ Ally

jlocorriere05 said...

Hi Jenny, the pics are lovely, looks like you all had a good time! I'll have to come back to the quiz, I'm brain dead at the moment! I think maybe it froze on the way home! Jeannette xx

mtrib2 said...

I just looked up the word Anagrams and I can't figure out much.    Enjoyed viewing the pics of you and friends in costume.     Enjoy your present as I am sure it was you that was picked.      mark

sarajanesmiles said...

Great pics Jen :o)
Ooh, wonder what's in the prize you won!!
Sara   x