Sunday, 17 December 2006

The Weekend and another adventure

Hi people

So another weekend has gone past!!  Jeez what a weekend ~ there's me thinkin' I'll have a nice relaxing time considering I'd been dumped for £35.  However everything has just been one thing to make me very stressed.  Firstly my washing machine door wouldn't open after it had finished the cycle.  I panicked coz my Queen jumper was in there and all my work tops (it was the first time I had washed my jumper!!) I set it going through the cycle again and had to sit there panicking the whole time until it had finished.  Luckily the door did open, but the machine didn't half stink!! 

Then I went shopping ~ of course I cycled round but I hold my hands up to being a cyclist that uses the pavements if there's a lot of traffic on the road.  Especially on the main road part!!  Well a police car went past and the way my day was going I expected them to come back and give me a fine.  On the way back they passed me again!!  I couldn't believe it........Luckily I got home ok.

Today I've walked to Somerfield to get some of their soup with pasta bits and guess what??  They didn't have any!!  So you can see my weekend hasn't exactly gone according to plan!!  Tomorrow I have the works xmas lunch and unlike most people I dread social events like this ~ especially these where you don't really get on with anyone and your forced to spend at least two hours with them!!  I've just gotta remember not to make any sandwhiches in the morning LOL.........wish me luck though. 

Anyway enough of this........onto the next adventure......Enjoy xx


Trina and I arranged to meet for our usual bacon sarnie in the usual place. We went to catch the 10.40am train but it ended up being 40 minutes late and we kept being told it was a 'fast' service but it appeared to be stopping at every single station. We didn't get to sit in our booked seats but we didn't get moved either. Once we eventually got to London we made our way to the Dominion and the back door. The majority of our mates were already there, and with the scaffolding round much of the building jokes about Roger and his comode ensued. When the builders appeared, Gavin started taking the mickey out of them. James, a guy we hadn't seen since Hyde Park show turned up with his girlfriend so it was nice to see him again. Sarah kept saying she was going to move (instead of standing there waiting for the guys to turn up), but she never moved. We were told there was balloons on Freddie's statue ~ which we all thought were a bit lame but I suppose the gesture was nice. More people turned up and Sarah talked to them, apparently they were McFly fans, which prompted a lot of moaning from us. Ben Elton turned up and people asked for autographs and photos (I'm not entirely sure why I didn't). We turned up too late for Brian and Roger, we were told they had gone in at 11am. After Ben goes into the building, some of the fans decide to give up waiting and head for the St Giles bar. Sarah won't budge!! Trina and I agree to leave and we managed to get Sarah to promise to call if anything exciting happened. 

We met more people in the bar and have a few drinks and the silliness ensues. People started to arrive in fancy dress ~ by this point Sarah had returned from her vigil by the stage door and we hadn't missed anything. Trina and I decide it's time to get changed into our costumes, so we join Pam, her mum, Sheila and Sam in Pam's room to get changed. It was very hot in that room!! We all take it in turns to use the bathroom to get changed. Gavin and Nick join us at some point. Gavin was going to use Trina's hippy skirts which she'd brought and he looked like a choir boy. We tried to get Nick to wear one but he wasn't having any of it!! Pictures were taken though............When everyone was ready we all ventured downstairs, by the time we got there more and more people had turned up dressed in fancy dress. I've tried to remember what everyone was wearing, so here's the list: Me - hippy, Trina - 60's style, Gavin - choir boy, Funster - black and white, Pam's mum - 50's style, Sam - black coat and tails with a top hat that had a birthday cake on top, Sheila - Magenta, Mark - another hippy, Wendy - 70's Freddie, Charlie and Helena - posh gowns, Bloke I don't know the name of - dressed in rather revealing pink suit, Ermy - teenage muntant hero turtle, Dan - pimp of the 60's, Becky and Rosie - Dan's girls in posh outfits, Gary and Steve - rather camp outfits including feather boa's, sailor hat, cowboy hat etc, Andy - dressed as a girl, woman he was with - pirate, Monty - Marilyn Monroe, Jamie - school girl, Gordie - Egyptian etc etc. The atmosphere in the bar was already building to a party spirit and when Roger and Brian came on the TV (local news report), the bar erupted into cheers and shouts, when they showed a clip of the band etc we were all singing along and doing hand claps ~ it was a good laugh. 

Just after 7ish we all braved the London streets and walked the short distance to the Dominion. We'd been told there would be cameramen and a red carpet for those of us in fancy dress. Because such a big group of us all arrived at once in fancy dress, we did get accosted by a cameraman who took a big group photo. (I think it made the Queenonline report!!) When photos were taken we all queued up to make our way inside when Gary noticed a pickpocket. Luckily I didn't have any pockets for him to pick, but many of our friends did, so we managed to make them aware. There was a very tiny bit of red carpet, which was just stupid!! Once we got inside, Trina, Alison and myself were asked to pose for a photo. I asked the bloke what he was taking the picture for, he said it was for a cd that would go out to the press. That was quite exciting!! Trina and I found our seats, well away from the majority of our mates unfortuantely, but Shelia and Mark were in the front row. A girl sat next to me whom I'd met at the Queenonline meet up in November the year before. She told me there was a rumour about McFly turning up. I rolled my eyes and groaned at the prospect. 

So would Mcfly turn up??  Keep tuned for the next edition xx   I'll let you know how the xmas lunch went too ;-)


jeadie05 said...

Thankgoodness the policemen turned a blind eye they wanted you safe on the pavement ,good luck with the party ,and remember you dont need to do your packup lol Jan xx

oddb0dkins said...

Glad you all had a good time, look forward to reading the rest. B. x

jlocorriere05 said...

I'm glad you managed to get your clothes out of the washing machine! I hope the works Christmas lunch goes OK and doesn't seem too long! I couldn't imagine Freddie at sixty, doesn't time go fast, it doesn't seem long since he left us, bless him. Glad you had a good time at the show. I don't know who McFly is or are! Have a good week! Jeannette xx

jaymact1 said...

Hope you have a beel on your bike as there is a law now about that and you can be done for that.Hope you enjoy your lunch. Love joan.

sarajanesmiles said...

Hope the Christmas do at work goes well today... I don't usually like things like that either, but you never know, you might have fun :o)
Bad washing machine!!!  Don't worry our Jen like that again!!
Sara   x

salonrose123 said...

No pics of you all dressed up?  Tut tut.
Hope the 'do' goes well today.  I'm not too fussed about them either, but who can turn their nose up at free grub?!
Have a great week.
A xxx

jacksj989 said...

It sounds as though the London trip was wonderful.

By the way, while I am writing, my family and I would like to wish you all the very best for the coming Christmas and New Year.


mtrib2 said...

I hope the Christmas lunch was not too bad.    Glad that you had an exciting time at the Queenonline party with the costumes.    mark

andrewfrnd said...

Your weekend sounds like my every day life! Your Somerfield sounds like our local one-if something is on 2 for 1 you are lucky if you find 2 items on the shelf!
Thanks for your comments  in my journal