Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Too much obsessing going on!!!

'Ello all :o)  Tis only me xx

So coming up in today's entry the usual annoyance, obsession, chillin, silliness and lots more.  Has that tempted you to read more?  Well I can only hope ;)

So did you all have a good weekend?  I know I said in the last entry that I was going to Trina's and that I might make an entry there and I would catch up with the journals but things didn't go according to plan.......................read on!!

Friday I had a half day at work, which was good coz I couldn't really concentrate, what with the fact I was wondering whether I was gonna hear about the job and what would I say?!!!  Unfortunately the team leader left just before I did coz she had a headache, (why she turned up at all that morning is beyond me!!) and that left P on her own but apparently she coped :)  So I left at 12ish and went home, got changed and packed and went to catch a train to Torquay.  It was heaving on the train until we got to Dawlish!!  So I managed to grab a seat then *phew*

Anyway walked from the station through town, stopped at Tesco's for food stuff :) and walked the rest of the way through town to catch a bus.  People at the bus stop annoyed me!!  I was in the queue with my two bags and food shopping and these three people with a pushchair stood behind me!!!!!!!!!  Of course there wasn't enough room on the pavement anyway but with them stood behind me, I was the one getting knocked into all the time.  I tried to give them evil glares..............eventually the queue moved up so did I :o)  But get this............the annoying people with the pushchair didn't bother waiting for the bus, they left the area not long after i had moved!!!!  WTF?????

Eventually get to Trina's and I'm hot, sweaty and pretty much disgusting but glad I was there :o)  The cats didn't bat an eyelid that I had entered the building.  There was one on the cushion when I went into the living room but hadn't noticed him LOL.........Rung Trina she was telling me about flash showers and fork lightning and there I was in a hot sunny Torquay..........

Anyway spent Friday night on the internet playing games and stuff.  Saturday got up late, couldn't be bothered with the gym didn't feel that great but managed to get enough energy to go for a quick walk.  It wasn't raining but it was cloudy and very windy!  Walked along the downs to see if I could see the beach and there wasn't many people down there.  Did consider going down but figured the cliff railway might not have been running and I couldn't afford it anyway!

So spent the rest of the evening chilling.  About 4/5pm I get a phone call from Trina to say that they were cold, tired and Wayne's headaches had been starting so they had decided they were gonna come home early.  Wayne had said that as a thank you for looking after the cats, we could go to the cinema the next day.  That was it I was dead chuffed and excited that they were coming home :o) 

They didn't get there till 3.45am and I'd waited up for them, well I had to make sure they had arrived safely and if I had gone to bed they would only have woken me up lol

So naturally we didn't get up very early on Sunday.  When we did we had some chocolate sauce on toast *yum* and then went to the cinema a bit later :o)  Indiana Jones :o) :o) :o) :o) was showing and that's what I wanted to see!!!  They had been showing the first three Indy movies on BBC the last few Sunday's and I missed the first one but watched the second and third one.  I mentioned to Trina that i had been watching them and so had she.............so we have now discovered that we have a new obsession with Indiana Jones.  Not Harrison Ford but the character :o)  Well c'mon ladies you wouldn't kick him out would ya ;)

*shock*  Anyway the film was typical Indy.  Not sure whose seen it and who hasn't so I won't give too much away.  I shall just say that I did enjoy it even if I do think that the person who wrote it should be injured in many ways............the plot is stupid!!!!!!

We spent the rest of the day chillin', listening to music, and I was trying to be creative :o)

Monday ~ Trina and Wayne went to Blockbuster and Trina managed to find the box set of the Indy movies so we've gone halves tee hee hee.......and we spent the afternoon on the sofa with munchies, a duvet and a cat between us watching Raiders of the Lost Ark............BRILLIANT!!!  Couldn't have spent a better bank holiday Monday even if I'd tried lol............Mind you it was hard work to get Trina to make me a cuppa.......wasn't it Trine xx LOL

Back to work today booooooooooooooooooo.............

Some new random car has parked in my space tonight.  I am NOT amused!!!  Get rid of one and another turns up!  It's not there now though thank god!

Websites have a vendetta against me at the moment.  Tried logging into my yahoo emails at lunchtime and it wouldn't let me :(   Facebook keeps chucking me out.......don't get me started on how long and what a fiasco it was trying to get a password reminder from Photobucket!!!!

So the main annoyance?  Britains Got Talent of course!!  why am I watching this tripe?  Tonight it clashed with the Apprentice, but what did I choose to watch?  BGT, how stupid of me!!  I suppose it was too much to hope that my favourite acts from Monday and Tuesday would get through!!  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..........

Still at least Lee is safe in the apprentice, I saw that bit :o)  Yay lee..............

Sorry this has turned into a long entry.........

Laters peeps xx

p.s I did manage to beat Trina's score on Ballonster ~ yay me :o)

and no I haven't heard about that job :(

Thursday, 22 May 2008

A Day of Emotions

Holy Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know what to think or feel ~ this is ridiculous!!!   If you want to know what I'm talking about if you live in the UK just watch the national news!!  Otherwise click on this link...............CLICK HERE  This should take you to our local newspaper website.

Basically some bloke set off a bomb in a restaurant in town at lunchtime and there was another but the police managed to stop that one.  The only person injured was the bloke who set it off but oh my god...............this kinda stuff doesn't happen in my part of the country, and now they are saying it's related to Islam, which is scary!!!!

It goes to show how much we are not used to dealing with this kind of thing as the police have asked officers from London to come down and help with the investigation, plus apparently MI5 are involved!!!!!!

What has this world come too?  I'm just thankful that no-one was hurt apart from the complete and utter ejit that did it!!  They are saying that he has a history of mental illness, well if that's the case who on earth let him take a bus from Plymouth to Exeter today??  Questions need answering people!!

Such a day of emotions..........I'm not sure I can cope anymore!

Jan guessed correctly I had a job interview :o)  I didn't wanna tell my work colleagues were i was going, at the end of the day it was none of their business and I was very lucky that I was given the 9.15am slot which meant I could go to work just arrive late.  I told them I was going to the Doctors.  Almost got away with not saying anything until yesterday when I reminded them I was going to be in late and my team leader asked why!! 

Anyway I made my way into town via bus at 8.30 and the bus arrived quite quickly so I wasin town by 8.40am.  I actually went and sat in Princesshay waiting for the time to tick away and trying not to get nervous!!!  It's so freaky to think I was there before the bomb went off!! 

So eventually I went to my interview and it went okay.  It was at the Register Office and the post is Administrator but the money is the same.  I just want a change of scene but I can't afford to take a dip in wages.  I even made mistakes when I was writing my name and address damn it!!!!  Still they said they would make a decision by the end of the week so I guess I just wait and see.

I'm not sure how i feel about it all now though..............on one side I know I don't really fit in where I work at the moment, don't enjoy the job, and there are changes a foot which could mean it would get worse.  But..........if I'm offered the job do I take it?  Is it really gonna make a difference?  The hours are 8.30-5 although there is some flexibility with that and some Saturday mornings which doesn't bother me coz I tend to spend weekends doing nothing..............well some of them anyway!!!  I'm just not sure.........and I've spent all day in this state of unsuredness (is that even a word LOL)

This only stopped when Wayne sent me a link for BBC news website saying about the explosion.  I soon got the whole office talking about it!!

So that was the day, but it didn't end there.  I get home and start watching the regional news full of the days events and my brother rings.  I had completely and utterly forgot that he had started a new job in Exeter on Monday!!!!!   Luckily he was ok :o)  Apparently though his office was in the cordoned off area, but the police hadn't told them, so when they walked out later in the day the police looked them as if to say 'what are you doing there?'  LOL.............. He managed to get home coz he doesn't park near the office.

He did say that we would meet up next week for a meal or something :o)  That will be nice.

I tell you what it is so scary to see the pics of the town absolutely devoid of people :(  it's ridiculous...............

Anyway I am going to Trina's to baby-sit the cats this weekend as Wayne and Trina are off to Glasto-budget.  I can now access the internet down there which is good so I shall catch up with the journals, I'm sorry I have neglected you for the past couple of days.

I may even write an entry whilst I'm there ;)

So take care peeps and enjoy your weekend x

Monday, 19 May 2008

Lying for Good Causes? Pics and Honoured

The news is on and it makes you wonder about life doesn't it?  Those poor people in China :(  How will they ever rebuild their lives?  We have to count ourselves very lucky that we don't experience earthquakes like that! 

Anyhoo instead of doing my next instalment of gig diary I thought I should share my Bill Bailey photos :o)  They were all taken on the mobile phone so that's why they are not great quality.

So big hugs to Connie xx (((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))  She picked little ol' me for the Guest Editor's picks.  Here's what she wrote :o)

Boredom Eats Away At Me

Jenny is a vivacious young gal from England and foremost

she is the #1 Queen fan --

(not the Queen mum,although I'm sure she's quite

fond of her also) -.The rock group Queen!!

She also loves other rock groups,Foo Fighters,Kaiser Chiefs

and many others.

She goes to lots of concerts with her best buds .

Just sit back and relax and read about her side splitting

tales of her good times (and some not so good times) .

She leaves you waiting for the next chapter in the life

of Jenny.


isn't that nice?  Thank you Connie your such a sweetie :o)  I felt very honoured.  When I read that you had picked me I made a woohoo noise and interupted Trina and Wayne watching Derren Brown tee hee hee......

I love all my readers but to think that I do touch your lives in some way or another always kinda freaks me out but makes me smile at the same time.  Little ways to tell me that I do like that makes me feel so good and so honoured :o)  So thanks to each and every one of you for taking the time to stop by xx  You are all greatly appreciated  ~ I don't think I tell you often enough ;)

So I have to lie to my team leader at work tomorrow *gasp*  I'm not going to tell you why all shall be revealed after Thursday x  Aren't I evil keeping you in suspense...........Anyway I hate lying, I'm never any good at it but it needs to be done for my good and their's lol.

I don't think there is much else to tell you at the moment.  Thank you for your responses to the last entry ~ some good suggestions there, I might have to do them :o)  At the moment though he's sticking to the visitor spaces, which is good.

Anyway I shall leave you here for now, I have to go and beat Trina's score on Ballonster lol.....trust me this is war!!!!

Take care all

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Work, Training, leavers and rant.......

Hello all ~ tis only me :o)  How are ya?

I'm alright, had a nice relaxing day today :)  I know your asking now how could I have had a nice relaxing day whilst being at work?  Well I wasn't at work I had to go on a training course.  This was nice for 3 main reasons 1) didn't start till 9.30am, 2) lunch is provided and there are sweets on the table of the training room and 3) it finished at about 1.40pm so I could come home straight after :)  This meant that P had to stay till 5pm which serves her right coz she's off for the next few days and we've got the bills :(

The girl I'm not fond of was on the same day as me so I was a bit nervous about it but it turned out okay in the end.  As long as we are both pleasant to each other in the work environment there should not be a problem should there?  Nah that's what i thought!!

Bad news at work this week, the newest member of the team I work on, who started in December has handed in her notice and she's not come back this week (she was on sick leave last week :( )  I was liking her, although I must admit i did find it frustrating when she constantly asked the same questions, it was like nothing was sinking in............... So another one bites the dust!!!!   That's two since the main post holder left :(  Means I have to stay till 5pm every night again coz there's no-one to share the burden........damn it!!!   To be honest i don't mind, but every now and then I get the feeling I'm getting lumbered and never say anything, as per usual Jenny sits there and puts up with it.  I reckon one day I'll break!!!

So you wanted to know more about the phantom car parker?  Right well get a picture in your head of a straight bit of road and along this there is about 6/7 visitor car parks for flats 1 - 50.  Next to them is a car parking space for flat 7, next to that is one for flat 10, next to that is flat 22, and another flat next to that.  (These are all clearly marked, and the markings were actually painted a few months ago)  Well a few months ago we were all sent letters from the Agents that manage the properties.  Apparently to stop people parking here who are just leaving their cars whilst they go off to work or something, they issued us all witha visitor permit and a residents permit.  If you wanted to park in a visitors space you had to show the visitor permit and if you wanna park in my designated space aka flat 10 you have to show the residents permit.  It shows the flat number on these permits.  If you don't show the correct permit you are gonna get fined (alledgedly) and there are signs warning of this all around the car park!!

I don't have a car, I cannot actually drive, but I like to live somewhere that has designated parking for Trina and Wayne as I wouldn't want to have to cost them something to come and see me if you know what I mean.  In the last flat it was never a problem coz the space for that one is bricked up and right next to the flat itself.  I've not actually had  problem with my space yet but I feel it is just a matter of days before there is one!!!

This complete and utter ejit has been spotted parking his car in my space!!!!!  The other weekend it was there from Friday night to some time Sunday night.  I went for a walk and purposefully walked around this car and there is NO permits displayed on it!!  This whole situation is WINDING ME UP something cronic!!!!!   I know your thinking well why should it bother her, she doesn't have a car...........................Well no perhaps it shouldn't but it does!!!!  I think it's the principle of the thing!!  Whats the point of putting a system in place if people can just park where the hell they like??

I found out he's actually either a resident or visitor to the building containing flat numbers 31 - 36................He's not EVEN in the same building for crying out loud!!!  Just typing about this is winding me up.............I feel very strongly about this and wished there was something I can do about it.  I'm just glad I know which block he's in coz if he's EVER in my space when Trina and Wayne come round I'm gonna tell him to move it!!!  You see Wayne actually has a resident's permit so has more right to be there than him Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...............................

Apparently someone has received a ticket from this system so I read on the emails the other day but why can't this ejit get one??   Tonight he's parked in a visitor spot coz there is one free but come on..............this has to stop!!!!!!!

So there you go......now you know I'm losing it!  I seriously can't stop thinking about this and it's driving me crazy.  I was thinking the other day if he was parked there and they issued him a ticket would it be sent here?  He is after all parked in my spot so they might think that the owner of the car is resident here!!  He will not hear the end of it if that happens lol

Anyway I shall change the subject before I blow a blood vessel lol

Off to Trina's for the weekend and gyming it again :o)  Think I need to work off some of that stress lol.........

Hope you all have a good weekend and sorry I ranted at you x

Monday, 12 May 2008

Heat, Phantom Car Parker and Gig Entry

Hey peeps, thanks for responding to that last entry ~ I was curious just to see if my alert was working..........I don't honestly mind if you wanna read and not leave a comment, just wanted to check that's all :o)

So did you all have a good weekend?  I did nothing!!!  Didn't make the most of the nice weather to be honest............I don't see the point sometimes.  I can't stand the heat anyway ~ that's why my favourite season was always Spring coz you would get sunny days but none of this heat ;)

I did manage to get both of those applications finished and posted thanks to the bessie mate for proof reading and pointing out my mistakes lol............

Oh and I have found the phantom car parker ~ not sure if I've told you that story but I shall elaborate later on it the week ;)  Worst thing is that he's not even in my block grrrrrrrr.............

Anyway I haven't posted a gig diary entry last week so I shall leave one now :o)

So I left you last time in Cardiff AGAIN just making our way inside the International Arena to see Bill Bailey................Enjoy xx

After a while the gig started. First was an announcement from a woman over the speakers which I honestly thought was the venue but no, it was part of bill's set as it was very funny talking about the venue not having safety belts or something like that. Next just before Bill came on a video was shown to music. It was the evolution of Bill and that too was very funny. I have come to the conclusion that there is not very much I can mention when it comes to a comedian's show. Unless you were there i guess the jokes wouldn't be too funny if I repeated them. (I shall have a look on Youtube for some clips) The thing about comedians too is not just the jokes but their delivery aka the facial expressions and Bill did not disappoint there. Of course as the thing was being recorded he got heckled quite a bit, not by either myself, Wayne or Trina I hasten to add. Firstly I can't remember what he was doing but someone shouted 'kill it' or was it eat it? I can't remember (note to self listen to the cd) and everytime afterwards there would be another person shouting out a similar thing!! At first it was funny but after a while it got a little annoying. The funniest moment that it was used in, was when an audience member sitting in the front gave Bill a polo and someone shouted 'eat it' out!! The jokes that i did enjoy were: Elton John throwing a tantrum, the asda song 'Asda I ain't gonna be your bitch', the love song (that's on his part troll dvd if you have that), the das hokey cokey song (again on the part troll dvd), UBS and the german gold, the AA (the flashing lights added to the funniness) and the emo song (espeically loved the heavy part at the end).

During the interval as planned Trina and I left our seats and went on the hunt for t-shirts and cd vouchers. She managed to get some from a programme seller and we went up to the merchandise. There was so many people around this area as it was next to the bar too. I suggested that we make our way out to the one near the entrance. So we pushed our way through the crowd that was out there getting food and stuff. We passed one bloke wearing a Queen/Paul Rodgers t-shirt so of course I said 'nice shirt', he said 'thanks'. The merchandise stall wasn't quite as busy and luckily they took card as neither of us had enough cash. Trina got 3 t-shirts, tour one's for myself and Wayne and a Das Hokey cokey one for herself. We made fought our way back through the crowds and back to our seats, again walking passed the front row aka Dan and Rosie. Again we stopped for a little while and spoke to them, but I soon made my way back to our seats and kept Wayne company. Trina didn't make her way back until the lights went dim and Bill was due back on stage, it was funny watching her try to find her seat.

I forgot to mention Bill zooming around on the ?? I can't remember the name of what it is!! When he eventually appeared for the 2nd act he zoomed around the audience on this and it was very funny.

When the gig finished we made our way out of the arena fairly slowly to join the queue for the cd's. Unfortunately for us the queue was quite long and we joined the end. At one point we were stood in front of the doors and when anyone had their cd they made their way out of the building through the part where we were standing. To be honestthere was nothing worse than people wanting to push past you. We were even getting queue rage as it looked like people were pushing in!! Trina and I are not good in queue's at the best of times!! Even though lots of people were leaving the queue didn't seem to go down. We did move at some point but just as we were getting close the end of the queue, some steward started handing them out to the people at the end of the queue to make it go down quicker. Damn it!! We did get our cd's eventually but it did take quite a while.

So we made our way out of the building and straight to the burger van for food. We bumped into Dan and Rosie outside so we chatted a bit. The hot dog I had was horrible!! Still never mind................We chatted about their upcoming birthday parties (well in January anyway!!) and then had to leave as we still had to get the car back out of the car park!! At least this time we knew we didn't have to queue for the ticket machine. So we made our way up to the car and the queue to get out was long. Unfortunately as we were on the fourth floor we were going to have to wait quite a while!! I was getting quite narky at the other drivers as they wouldn't let us out and we had quite a journey to go and they probably had to drive like 5/10 minutes!! At some point one couple were asking for jump cables to start someone's car, then we had to wait for a minute or two as they pushed it from one space to the other. Wayne wanted to get out and help, but Trina and I soon put a stop to that idea. We wanted to get home, we had to work the next day. Eventually we managed to get out and we were off back home.

I sat in the front to keep Wayne company on the way back home as Trina tends to fall asleep. We reminicsed about the gig (which I love to do) and I don't remember how it happened but most of the way home we sang TV theme tunes such as: He-man, Dogtanian, Willy Fogg, Littlest Hobo, Mysterious Cities of Gold and many more. It was fun. We had to stop at the services on the way home and I eventually got to bed about 2am.

I had to work the next day but it wasn't so bad. At least I hadn't been jumping about and going nuts at this gig!!!!

Well that's it for this entry...sorry if it's a long one again....next gig entry willbe the last for these two weeks in November last year...........

So I hope you all have a super week x


Thursday, 8 May 2008


Hey peeps can you let me know if you got an alert for this entry?


Thank you xx



Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Work out, application forms and bras

Hey everyone :o)  Sorry boys if the title has made you blush ;)  Hope this entry finds you well xx   Technically this should be the gig diary entry but I thought I would postpone that and tell you about the weekend.

As you know on Friday I went down to Ms Trina's and as soon as Wayne and myself arrived we had to get changed and leave.  We went straight down to the town hall to play badminton!!!  Such a weird set up.  I knew they played every friday but I assumed it was  at a leisure centre somewhere!!  Oh no, in the town hall there is 4 courts all set up to be used but apparently not many people realise it's there.  That night there were two other people at the end of the hall playing away.  Trina wanted me on her team which was such a mistake I was crap and knew i would be!!!  After a while of being fed up of getting embarrassed of not being able to hit the shuttle cock back I sat out and watched the two blokes ~ they were very good!!

After a while and Trina not amused that I wasn't watching them ;)  She insisted playing against me ~ just her and me!!!  I must've picked up some hints coz I was starting to do well.  It was decided that Wayne should come back into the game and Trina and I concocted a plan against him :o)  As I was getting good closer to the net that's where I stood.  We ended up giving him a good run for his money.  It was just a shame when the time was up coz i was getting into that!!

The rest of the evening was spent with me trying to give Trina a quick lesson on Facebook *rolls eyes* and we had a drive round on Wayne's new Grand Theft Auto game.

Next morning we had to get up fairly early but not too early as we had managed to convince Wayne to give us a lift to the gym.  Yep this is the gym that is based on the Queen musical We Will Rock You.  (Sorry no pics guys!)  'One Vision, One Fitness' it's called and I loved it :o)  I tell you if I lived closer to it I would probably go there every day!!!  There's not a lot of mirrors like most gyms and when we arrived we were the only people there working out.  This is my kind of gym :o)  The equipment was fab!!  We did five minutes on the tread mills then shown what I call the seated area!!  Don't be fooled....................There are about 9/10 chairs that are computerised and you do about 2/3 minutes on each one and each one works a different part of your body.  The first one concentrates on your arms and legs and the next would do your abs etc etc.......You take a piece of paper with you so you can chart your progress and there are 3 levels ~ Beginner, Intemediate and Advanced.  Certainly felt like we had worked out after a session on them.

We then went on the walking machine for about 5 minutes (we both loved this one more than the tread mills.............although I should add Trina started off on this one going backwards, don't ask me how LOL).  Then 5 minutes on the rowing machines and 5 minutes on the bikes :o)  A full workout and so much fun.

The walls of the gym are covered with graffitti from the musical and the main wall is based on the Tottenham Court Road tube station which is home to the Bohemians in the musical.  There's a framed 'one vision, one fitness' tshirt signed by cast members and other memorabilia around.

After the workout we met Wayne in town for a fry up :o)  Well we couldn't let that work out go to waste could we lol................We've convinced Wayne he should sign up for the gym and is going for his induction at the weekend I think.  I hope I will be able to go again soon and make the most of this but it does cost £5 per session otherwise you set up a standing order for £30 which is not in my best interests as I won't be using it enough to justify that cost!!!  Unless I moved of course ;)

I was driven home not long after that and a few more go's on Grand Theft Auto, I like just driving the car round and causing destruction.  Such a bad girl LOL

Sunday I woke up and I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired I couldn't move or have the energy to do anything worth while :(  I did manage to hoover but I have no idea how.  I also managed to finish my book :o)  So exciting when that happens tee hee hee...............

I let myself down though :(  I wanted to spend the day concentrating on some application forms that i had requested.  There are at least two jobs that I am applying for.  I spent yesterday working on one of them instead.  When I got home from work this evening I tried my damned hardest to concentrate on the supporting evidence but it's crap to be honest with you.  Why is it when I want a job and need one I suddenly come over all useless with regards to supporting applications??  I've sent the rough draft to Trina for proof reading and hoping she might be able to word things a bit better for me :o)  Bless her

Some good news deemed from the weekend ;)  I received my pressie and cos Trina was here when I opened it I had to tell what it was and that I was going to order her one :o)  I also received a 'We Will Rock You' beanie hat which was a pressie from Trina to cheer me up from last week ~ she's so lovely to me :o)  Unfortunately the weather has got a lot warmer so I can't wear it yet LOL

Also one of my bras broke last week which i wasn't amused about coz I thought how am I going to afford a new one ~ Marks and Spencer charge £20/30 for a decent one.  Well on my little trip to Matalan yesterday I found bra's in my size for £7 :o)  YAY happy little dance xx  Easily pleased me lol

Well i shall love you and leave you here, just thought you'd like to know how I got on x

Till next time

Oh p.s Exeter has made it through to Wembley again this year....................no doubt they will loose there LOL..............we wait and we shall see...............

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Energy, Paranoia, Gym and Football

Evenin' All ...............How are you?  A new month a new colour for 'Boredom Eats Away' :o)  Gotta spruce the place up a bit if you know what i mean lol

Thanks for the comments to the last entry, I think I have to answer the one or two of you that asked where I get my energy from to do all these gigs etc........Well to be completely honest with you when I'm not at gigs I am sat here at the computer or watching TV which lets face it is not all that energetic!!  I may go for a walk every now and then and i may run the hoover through this flat but I don't do anything that energetic and I think this enables me to save it up throughout the year :o)  Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it xx

So the weekend ~ I told you about the bike and that was all I did really.  Wayne and Trina helped me with my shopping, which was good of them but it meant that I didn't get home till quite late :(  They took up most of my evening.  But then I spent the rest of the night on MSN chatting away and playing games with Trina :o)  Then more of our friends were on there so they started chatting to us too.  It was fun.  We ended up playing more games on Saturday night too.  She is going to be such a bad influence on me where the internet is concerned.  She was online on Tuesday night too so journal reading suffered ~ sorry peeps but I'm sure you understand x

Work has not been great ~ surprise surprise!!  Mind you, me feeling useless doesn't help!!  Wednesday was awful ~ I just wanted to have a good cry and when I thought i could the cleaners were in the loo's so I couldn't go, I had to bite it back :(  Hey, ho!!!  Worst news is the girl I am not too keen on...well they are moving her bit where she sits and from what I've been told today she is going to be sitting behind us :(  It's bad enough I'm going on a course with her for a WHOLE day but to have to put up with her 7 hours a day behind me, I swear I will end up telling her where to go!!!

Thing is though I can't even tell you why I don't like her.  Do you ever meet peoplelike that where you just take an instant dislike to them?  Well from what she said yesterday I get the feeling it may be mutual lol....She was talking to one of my fellow colleagues about the course and who was going on the same day as she is.  Well I heard her say my name (or at least i think I did), she said it quite quietly.  Go on, tell me I'm paranoid, but then she was going on about how she wanted to swap days etc!!!!  Jeez............

Anyway enough about her she has taken up too much of my journal space as it is ;)  What else is there to tell you about?

Exeter City were playing Torquay United in the football play off's tonight.  1st leg at home for Exeter and it would appear they have lost 2 - 1 :(  Regular readers to my journal may remember that we got this far last year and went to Wembley were of course they lost.  Can they get to Wembley and do better this year?  We should find out by Monday as they play the 2nd leg at Torquay but being 1 down already they have it all to play for ~ as the pundits would say LOL..............Dunno why I'm mentioning this I can't stand football, but local stuff like this interests me LOL  I am a strange girl!!

So this weekend tomorrow I am off to Trina's.  On Saturday we are going to 'One Vision One Fitness' which is a gym in Torquay, not far from where Trina lives.  Can you believe this gym has been based on the Queen musical We Will Rock You?  Nope me neither that's why we're going to check it out.  We are having an induction and then shall probably use some of the machines :o)  Apparently at some point there is going to be a jaccuzi...........can't wait for that lol

I come back home on Saturday night and god knows what I shall do for the rest of the weekend.......probably play internet games, watch videos etc :o)  General laziness lol

Anyway I think that's all for tonight........I'm just gonna have a quick scour in the newspaper for jobs..........gotta find a new one!!   and wanna finish my book, I'm less than a 100 pages from the end and now it's starting to get exciting lol

Hope you all have a good weekend xx