Monday, 12 May 2008

Heat, Phantom Car Parker and Gig Entry

Hey peeps, thanks for responding to that last entry ~ I was curious just to see if my alert was working..........I don't honestly mind if you wanna read and not leave a comment, just wanted to check that's all :o)

So did you all have a good weekend?  I did nothing!!!  Didn't make the most of the nice weather to be honest............I don't see the point sometimes.  I can't stand the heat anyway ~ that's why my favourite season was always Spring coz you would get sunny days but none of this heat ;)

I did manage to get both of those applications finished and posted thanks to the bessie mate for proof reading and pointing out my mistakes lol............

Oh and I have found the phantom car parker ~ not sure if I've told you that story but I shall elaborate later on it the week ;)  Worst thing is that he's not even in my block grrrrrrrr.............

Anyway I haven't posted a gig diary entry last week so I shall leave one now :o)

So I left you last time in Cardiff AGAIN just making our way inside the International Arena to see Bill Bailey................Enjoy xx

After a while the gig started. First was an announcement from a woman over the speakers which I honestly thought was the venue but no, it was part of bill's set as it was very funny talking about the venue not having safety belts or something like that. Next just before Bill came on a video was shown to music. It was the evolution of Bill and that too was very funny. I have come to the conclusion that there is not very much I can mention when it comes to a comedian's show. Unless you were there i guess the jokes wouldn't be too funny if I repeated them. (I shall have a look on Youtube for some clips) The thing about comedians too is not just the jokes but their delivery aka the facial expressions and Bill did not disappoint there. Of course as the thing was being recorded he got heckled quite a bit, not by either myself, Wayne or Trina I hasten to add. Firstly I can't remember what he was doing but someone shouted 'kill it' or was it eat it? I can't remember (note to self listen to the cd) and everytime afterwards there would be another person shouting out a similar thing!! At first it was funny but after a while it got a little annoying. The funniest moment that it was used in, was when an audience member sitting in the front gave Bill a polo and someone shouted 'eat it' out!! The jokes that i did enjoy were: Elton John throwing a tantrum, the asda song 'Asda I ain't gonna be your bitch', the love song (that's on his part troll dvd if you have that), the das hokey cokey song (again on the part troll dvd), UBS and the german gold, the AA (the flashing lights added to the funniness) and the emo song (espeically loved the heavy part at the end).

During the interval as planned Trina and I left our seats and went on the hunt for t-shirts and cd vouchers. She managed to get some from a programme seller and we went up to the merchandise. There was so many people around this area as it was next to the bar too. I suggested that we make our way out to the one near the entrance. So we pushed our way through the crowd that was out there getting food and stuff. We passed one bloke wearing a Queen/Paul Rodgers t-shirt so of course I said 'nice shirt', he said 'thanks'. The merchandise stall wasn't quite as busy and luckily they took card as neither of us had enough cash. Trina got 3 t-shirts, tour one's for myself and Wayne and a Das Hokey cokey one for herself. We made fought our way back through the crowds and back to our seats, again walking passed the front row aka Dan and Rosie. Again we stopped for a little while and spoke to them, but I soon made my way back to our seats and kept Wayne company. Trina didn't make her way back until the lights went dim and Bill was due back on stage, it was funny watching her try to find her seat.

I forgot to mention Bill zooming around on the ?? I can't remember the name of what it is!! When he eventually appeared for the 2nd act he zoomed around the audience on this and it was very funny.

When the gig finished we made our way out of the arena fairly slowly to join the queue for the cd's. Unfortunately for us the queue was quite long and we joined the end. At one point we were stood in front of the doors and when anyone had their cd they made their way out of the building through the part where we were standing. To be honestthere was nothing worse than people wanting to push past you. We were even getting queue rage as it looked like people were pushing in!! Trina and I are not good in queue's at the best of times!! Even though lots of people were leaving the queue didn't seem to go down. We did move at some point but just as we were getting close the end of the queue, some steward started handing them out to the people at the end of the queue to make it go down quicker. Damn it!! We did get our cd's eventually but it did take quite a while.

So we made our way out of the building and straight to the burger van for food. We bumped into Dan and Rosie outside so we chatted a bit. The hot dog I had was horrible!! Still never mind................We chatted about their upcoming birthday parties (well in January anyway!!) and then had to leave as we still had to get the car back out of the car park!! At least this time we knew we didn't have to queue for the ticket machine. So we made our way up to the car and the queue to get out was long. Unfortunately as we were on the fourth floor we were going to have to wait quite a while!! I was getting quite narky at the other drivers as they wouldn't let us out and we had quite a journey to go and they probably had to drive like 5/10 minutes!! At some point one couple were asking for jump cables to start someone's car, then we had to wait for a minute or two as they pushed it from one space to the other. Wayne wanted to get out and help, but Trina and I soon put a stop to that idea. We wanted to get home, we had to work the next day. Eventually we managed to get out and we were off back home.

I sat in the front to keep Wayne company on the way back home as Trina tends to fall asleep. We reminicsed about the gig (which I love to do) and I don't remember how it happened but most of the way home we sang TV theme tunes such as: He-man, Dogtanian, Willy Fogg, Littlest Hobo, Mysterious Cities of Gold and many more. It was fun. We had to stop at the services on the way home and I eventually got to bed about 2am.

I had to work the next day but it wasn't so bad. At least I hadn't been jumping about and going nuts at this gig!!!!

Well that's it for this entry...sorry if it's a long one gig entry willbe the last for these two weeks in November last year...........

So I hope you all have a super week x



specialadyfink said...

The only TV show I knew was littleset Hobo but shoot I don't remember the theme song.LOL
Luv ya kiddo

rdautumnsage said...

I was thinking...if you bought a t-shirt for every gig you went to, your drawers must be overflowing by now (winks)...As always love hearing about your gig adventures. (Hugs) Indigo

jjdolfin9 said...

There really doesn't seem to be anything boring about your life girlfriend.  Even though I don't know the groups, I love hearing about your gigs.
Hugs, Joyce

louiseb411 said...

sounds like great fun, I dont know how you remember every thing, I struggle with things from 10 minutes ago!¬ Louise xx

swmpgrly said...

sounds fun to me

oddb0dkins said...

Must have been a great night. Bill Bailey is one of the better comedians around at the mo.

B. x

helmswondermom said...

I can't handle heat either!  Glad you had a nice weekend.  I'm glad you got your applications out, and I hope that something good comes from them.  I don't miss those days of doing up resumes and applications.  Looking forward to hearing about the phantom car parker!

funnyface0s0 said...

Oh Jen i love the heat, but where has it gone ?    Glad you enjoyed the gig and fingers crossed for those applications !
Jaynee X