Thursday, 15 May 2008

Work, Training, leavers and rant.......

Hello all ~ tis only me :o)  How are ya?

I'm alright, had a nice relaxing day today :)  I know your asking now how could I have had a nice relaxing day whilst being at work?  Well I wasn't at work I had to go on a training course.  This was nice for 3 main reasons 1) didn't start till 9.30am, 2) lunch is provided and there are sweets on the table of the training room and 3) it finished at about 1.40pm so I could come home straight after :)  This meant that P had to stay till 5pm which serves her right coz she's off for the next few days and we've got the bills :(

The girl I'm not fond of was on the same day as me so I was a bit nervous about it but it turned out okay in the end.  As long as we are both pleasant to each other in the work environment there should not be a problem should there?  Nah that's what i thought!!

Bad news at work this week, the newest member of the team I work on, who started in December has handed in her notice and she's not come back this week (she was on sick leave last week :( )  I was liking her, although I must admit i did find it frustrating when she constantly asked the same questions, it was like nothing was sinking in............... So another one bites the dust!!!!   That's two since the main post holder left :(  Means I have to stay till 5pm every night again coz there's no-one to share the burden........damn it!!!   To be honest i don't mind, but every now and then I get the feeling I'm getting lumbered and never say anything, as per usual Jenny sits there and puts up with it.  I reckon one day I'll break!!!

So you wanted to know more about the phantom car parker?  Right well get a picture in your head of a straight bit of road and along this there is about 6/7 visitor car parks for flats 1 - 50.  Next to them is a car parking space for flat 7, next to that is one for flat 10, next to that is flat 22, and another flat next to that.  (These are all clearly marked, and the markings were actually painted a few months ago)  Well a few months ago we were all sent letters from the Agents that manage the properties.  Apparently to stop people parking here who are just leaving their cars whilst they go off to work or something, they issued us all witha visitor permit and a residents permit.  If you wanted to park in a visitors space you had to show the visitor permit and if you wanna park in my designated space aka flat 10 you have to show the residents permit.  It shows the flat number on these permits.  If you don't show the correct permit you are gonna get fined (alledgedly) and there are signs warning of this all around the car park!!

I don't have a car, I cannot actually drive, but I like to live somewhere that has designated parking for Trina and Wayne as I wouldn't want to have to cost them something to come and see me if you know what I mean.  In the last flat it was never a problem coz the space for that one is bricked up and right next to the flat itself.  I've not actually had  problem with my space yet but I feel it is just a matter of days before there is one!!!

This complete and utter ejit has been spotted parking his car in my space!!!!!  The other weekend it was there from Friday night to some time Sunday night.  I went for a walk and purposefully walked around this car and there is NO permits displayed on it!!  This whole situation is WINDING ME UP something cronic!!!!!   I know your thinking well why should it bother her, she doesn't have a car...........................Well no perhaps it shouldn't but it does!!!!  I think it's the principle of the thing!!  Whats the point of putting a system in place if people can just park where the hell they like??

I found out he's actually either a resident or visitor to the building containing flat numbers 31 - 36................He's not EVEN in the same building for crying out loud!!!  Just typing about this is winding me up.............I feel very strongly about this and wished there was something I can do about it.  I'm just glad I know which block he's in coz if he's EVER in my space when Trina and Wayne come round I'm gonna tell him to move it!!!  You see Wayne actually has a resident's permit so has more right to be there than him Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...............................

Apparently someone has received a ticket from this system so I read on the emails the other day but why can't this ejit get one??   Tonight he's parked in a visitor spot coz there is one free but come on..............this has to stop!!!!!!!

So there you you know I'm losing it!  I seriously can't stop thinking about this and it's driving me crazy.  I was thinking the other day if he was parked there and they issued him a ticket would it be sent here?  He is after all parked in my spot so they might think that the owner of the car is resident here!!  He will not hear the end of it if that happens lol

Anyway I shall change the subject before I blow a blood vessel lol

Off to Trina's for the weekend and gyming it again :o)  Think I need to work off some of that stress lol.........

Hope you all have a good weekend and sorry I ranted at you x


cayasm said...

Glad your training day wasn't too horrendous as you thought it might be, and you got home early bonus!, totally understand your feelings about the carparking we have a similar situation, my neighbours anf myself have two spaces each and one neighbour is constanly allowing the friends to use the other space so when my friend come they have to find off road parking...grrrrr, but I've written her a letter so hopefull it will resolve it's self.

Take care


oddb0dkins said...

Maybe you should park your bike there. ;O)
Seriously, I hope you sort him out, it's so inconsiderate.
Enjoy the weekend.

B. x

specialadyfink said...

Knowing me-I would put cement blocks there and a pole between them and hang a sign that says don't even 'THINK' about parking in my space-or you will pay the tow truck that comes and gets your car!!!!.

No you aren't nuts-I would feel the same.Whether you are using it or not-it's yours.Just like if you have a  swimming pool and aren't using it when you're at work- doesn't give the neighbors any rights to come on in for a dip..if it ain't yours -ya leave it alone..and that's all there is to it....-
P.S.-I just fell off the darn soap box--LOL

jjdolfin9 said...

Why not make up a notice on the computer, all legal looking and put it on his windshield every time you see him in your spot.  Say it's a warning and he will be fined if he is caught again.  No one will know where it came from and assume it is from the complex owner.  Just a thought.  Enjoy your weekend.
Hugs, Joyce

bexrv said...

if it's your parking space then just put a note on his windscreen saying 'please don't park in my space, I do use it!', worked for the people who parked across our drive.  If that doesn't work then I'd call the building management people and tell them what's going on and ask for something official to stick to his car if he does it again, or for a number to call fine people.


rachealcarol said...

I often get things stuck behind my wipers.....can no one put a copy of the letter behind his.  Maybe he doesn't realise.......maybe he's got a lovely voice and personality.  Maybe he's an idiot!! nope Jen nothing wrong with you I'd be thinking all sorts as well lolol Rache

jjdolfin9 said...

Congratulations on being picked by the Guest Editor on Magic Smoke.  Hope it brings you lots of readers.
Hugs, Joyce

lv2trnscrb said...

congrats on being a guest editor's pick; I'm with you; I would have been upset if someone was parking in my assigned space, regardless that you don't have a car; someone is taking advantage of that and of you; I'd get his license plate number and report it if I could


carouselqueen70 said...

Congrats on being gues editor's pick!!! love, Christine

luvrte66 said...

Hi Jenny, stopping by via Magic Smoke. Congrats on being a Guest Editor pick this week!

I enjoyed looking over your journal--anyone who loves Queen is a friend of mine! When I was in high school, I had a terrible crush on Freddie Mercury, may he R.I.P. It wasn't until several years later that I found out he'd never be interested in me. <grin>

All my best,


topazscorpio27 said...

Congrats on being a guest editor's pick!  -Dawn-

pamal3 said...

Hey my Jenners. you send that bad boy over to me and I will deal with him hehe! lol. Now that's out the way...On to much happier matters, like.....Congratulation's on being chosen as Guest Editor's Pick. Waheyyyyy Well done Lambchop. I am totally thrilled for you. I just know a good person when I type to one! lol. Hope you have a Fab weekend. Catch you soon. Love Pammels. xx

jlocorriere05 said...

I'm glad the training went well Jenny and you got home early. About the phantom parker ~ I live in a block of flats and we all have visitor permits. If you're parked without one then the clamper comes round and you're clamped, or rather your car is! Can't the agents do anything, I'd certainly report it to them, maybe they could put a warning note on the windscreen. I hope it gets resolved for you before you blow a gasket! Jeannette xx  

cayasm said...

Congratulations on being a "Guest Editor Pick" Muwah


funnyface0s0 said...

Jen, Jen, Jen...... don't let this idiot wind you up and get you soooooooo stressed - you gotta start standing up for yourself girlie...... stick a note on his windscreen sayin ' this is my parking space so go park in someone else's '........ :o)
Luv Jaynee X