Thursday, 1 May 2008

Energy, Paranoia, Gym and Football

Evenin' All ...............How are you?  A new month a new colour for 'Boredom Eats Away' :o)  Gotta spruce the place up a bit if you know what i mean lol

Thanks for the comments to the last entry, I think I have to answer the one or two of you that asked where I get my energy from to do all these gigs etc........Well to be completely honest with you when I'm not at gigs I am sat here at the computer or watching TV which lets face it is not all that energetic!!  I may go for a walk every now and then and i may run the hoover through this flat but I don't do anything that energetic and I think this enables me to save it up throughout the year :o)  Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it xx

So the weekend ~ I told you about the bike and that was all I did really.  Wayne and Trina helped me with my shopping, which was good of them but it meant that I didn't get home till quite late :(  They took up most of my evening.  But then I spent the rest of the night on MSN chatting away and playing games with Trina :o)  Then more of our friends were on there so they started chatting to us too.  It was fun.  We ended up playing more games on Saturday night too.  She is going to be such a bad influence on me where the internet is concerned.  She was online on Tuesday night too so journal reading suffered ~ sorry peeps but I'm sure you understand x

Work has not been great ~ surprise surprise!!  Mind you, me feeling useless doesn't help!!  Wednesday was awful ~ I just wanted to have a good cry and when I thought i could the cleaners were in the loo's so I couldn't go, I had to bite it back :(  Hey, ho!!!  Worst news is the girl I am not too keen on...well they are moving her bit where she sits and from what I've been told today she is going to be sitting behind us :(  It's bad enough I'm going on a course with her for a WHOLE day but to have to put up with her 7 hours a day behind me, I swear I will end up telling her where to go!!!

Thing is though I can't even tell you why I don't like her.  Do you ever meet peoplelike that where you just take an instant dislike to them?  Well from what she said yesterday I get the feeling it may be mutual lol....She was talking to one of my fellow colleagues about the course and who was going on the same day as she is.  Well I heard her say my name (or at least i think I did), she said it quite quietly.  Go on, tell me I'm paranoid, but then she was going on about how she wanted to swap days etc!!!!  Jeez............

Anyway enough about her she has taken up too much of my journal space as it is ;)  What else is there to tell you about?

Exeter City were playing Torquay United in the football play off's tonight.  1st leg at home for Exeter and it would appear they have lost 2 - 1 :(  Regular readers to my journal may remember that we got this far last year and went to Wembley were of course they lost.  Can they get to Wembley and do better this year?  We should find out by Monday as they play the 2nd leg at Torquay but being 1 down already they have it all to play for ~ as the pundits would say LOL..............Dunno why I'm mentioning this I can't stand football, but local stuff like this interests me LOL  I am a strange girl!!

So this weekend tomorrow I am off to Trina's.  On Saturday we are going to 'One Vision One Fitness' which is a gym in Torquay, not far from where Trina lives.  Can you believe this gym has been based on the Queen musical We Will Rock You?  Nope me neither that's why we're going to check it out.  We are having an induction and then shall probably use some of the machines :o)  Apparently at some point there is going to be a jaccuzi...........can't wait for that lol

I come back home on Saturday night and god knows what I shall do for the rest of the weekend.......probably play internet games, watch videos etc :o)  General laziness lol

Anyway I think that's all for tonight........I'm just gonna have a quick scour in the newspaper for jobs..........gotta find a new one!!   and wanna finish my book, I'm less than a 100 pages from the end and now it's starting to get exciting lol

Hope you all have a good weekend xx


pamal3 said...

Hey jenners, there is nothing worse than troubles at work. I know first hand! Keep searching until you find something better. I like the new colour, It's not too blinding!!! lol. It's good fun to have a laugh with friends online. You go girl! lol. ;-) Love Pam xx

jlocorriere05 said...

I hope you like the gym, I can't wait to hear how they based a gym on a Queen musical! Lol! I've met people before who I just didn't take to ~ don't we all?! Have fun at the weekend. It must feel nice to have Trina in the internet now! Jeannette xx  

cayasm said...

Good luck with the job hunt nothing worse than working in a job you don't like. have fun at the gym, and keep it up lol, I chat a lot on MSN toogoota love the

Have a good weekend


oddb0dkins said...

Good luck with the job hunting.
I know someone I met thirty odd years ago. Never liked her from the moment I met her, still don't. Couldn't tell you why though. Trouble is, she's an in-law so there's no escape.

B. x

jjdolfin9 said...

Good luck with the job hunting Sweetie.  You spend so much of your life at should at least like your job and the people you work with.  Life is too short to be unhappy 40 or so hours a week.
Hugs, Joyce

cherry2sweet2eat said...


jaymact1 said...

Hi am I glea to hear I am not the only one that wastes hours playing internet games I play alone but still its great. LOve Joan.

rdautumnsage said...

I do hope something else comes up by way of a job hon, you don't sound happy where your at. I hate people who generally have bullying, pull you down attitudes - and yes, I have come across someone here and there I took an instant dislike to. It never fails those people end up being around you endlessly driving you insane. Have a great relaxing weekend hon. (Hugs) Indigo

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

I do hate looking for a job..wishing you luckI think being mean should be a mental handicap too...I hate mean people..have a good weekend.TerryAnn

specialadyfink said...

K-I want pix of that gym-don't forget-K?
many hugs lil buddy

jeadie05 said...

So sorry you are feeling like crying at work Jen ,that makes me sad ,have a lovely weekend Jan xx

sunnybethe said...

Geezzzz, am I late or what.  I don;t think the Alert was working for your journal hun.  Well, I'm here now and you are one busy, busy girl!  hugs,  Bethe

funnyface0s0 said...

Hello Strange Girl .....(well you said it, not me ;o) )
Now this girl at work, it is written - by people who know these things.....that if you take an instant dislike to someone its because they are very much like yourself ....... rubbish isn't it ?????    Hmmm or is it, think about her, are there any similarities between you ?    I'd be interested to know.
Now then, eat cake and be happy :o)
Luv ya, Jaynee X