Tuesday, 7 November 2006

I Lied and now I'm Ranting

Hey everyone,

So I lied about this entry!!  In the previous entry I said I would carry on telling you about my adventures well I feel the need to rant so this has to take priority ;-)

Everything has gone from bad to worse and why is it when you need a damn good cry you can't do it??  Over the past two days I've felt VERY emotional whilst listening to music and wanted to cry but have stopped myself!!  Why??  Well the first time I wanted to cry over Friends Will Be Friends and as I was listening to the MP3 player at the time arriving at work I figured it was not a good time.

Yesterday when I got home from work I turned on my TV.  Channel 4 is fuzzy but there's still a picture and sound, ITV was fuzzy but there was no sound and the same was happening to BBC1 & 2 :(  I usually watch the soaps and eat my tea at the same time and coz I could only watch the picture to Eastenders and not hear anything this depressed me further!!  (I should mention my TV has done this before but it would usually sort itself out in about 1/2 an hour, but not so yesterday!!)

So I log on and visit a few websites - I have a message on Myspace that I wanted to read but kept getting their godforsaken error message so I couldn't read it!!  At the same time I thought I would check out Youtube ~ lately that's been loading in the vids, playing about a minute and then closing down.  Last night I was watching some Foo's videos and during one, felt like crying again *shakes head in disbelief* It certainly wasn't a sad song but I was just feelin' very low at the time I think!!

Today my TV is no better and I managed to have a bit of a cry before tea but certainly nothing to make me feel better :(  Neither Wayne or Trina could cheer me up!!

The moral of this story is I'm cold and fed up!! 

On a slightly happier note ~ if there is one ~ had a thought towards Trina's xmas present!!  So that's a couple of ideas swimming in my head but it's not a great one, but due to lack of anything else I have to go with it!!

Also on a happier note I have discovered a new game on Kafka :)    The packing coloured boxes one into the vans - the downside is it doesn't work fast enough on my computer so I shall have to save it for lunch breaks lol

Right I better go and figure out whether I can afford a new TV ~ I've missed Enders and Holby City tonight - god help me on Thursday when Catherine Tate and Never Mind The Buzzcocks is on I shall be very depressed!!

Well I'm gonna take my miserable self off before I bring you down too.....................

Take care friends xx


oddb0dkins said...

Get your best music together, jump in the car and drive. Tape/CD volume up, of course. Guaranteed to help. B. x

jeadie05 said...

OUR TV was bad last night I heard on the radio ,it is an atmospheric ,thing ,so its not your set at all ,lol ,love Jan xx

funnyface0s0 said...

Hi Jen - get the video Ghost (or similar) big box of tissues and big box of chocolates....... play vid, have good cry, blow your nose then eat chocolates - you'll feel a whole lot better.    As  for fuzzy tv.... don't worry its happening all over the country (my brother is a satellite engineer and he told me this when i called him last night to say our telly wasn't working properly!!)  my theory on this is............the aliens have landed and are trying to communicate with us ....lol.....(that was a joke - ok!).
Lots of love and hugs to you xx
Jayney x

jlocorriere05 said...

Poor you Jen! I'm sorry everything is going wrong. No it wouldn't have been a good idea to walk into work and burst into tears! Although come to think of it I often feel like that! Hope the rest of the week gets better and you can watch your telly! Jeannette xx  

coopscruiser said...

How I know these days when everything seems to go wrong! And I know that these days go by.....which won´t help you at the moment.
I hope it´s this atmospheric thing that makes your TV fooling around *crosses fingers*   For your crying mood: put on some sad music (my favourite is 'No one but you' ;) ), listen to it in the repeat mode for some hours and get drunk. Cry as much as you like. You will feel better afterwards!! (((hugs))) coops

salonrose123 said...

You just rant away honey.  That's what journals are for, after all!!
Just hope you get the telly fixed for Catherine on Thursday....won't do to miss that!!  Love it!!
Hope your week gets better.
Big hugs,
A xxx

rachealcarol said...

Leaving you ((((( massive hugs Jen ))))) down days happen and electrical things have theirs as well.

Tissues and chocci bics on table.........Tv has had a thump and Youtube a kick up the rear end, hopefully that'll knock em into shape :) Enjoy your little boxes, I like blockbuster. Rache

jaymact1 said...

Hi Jen I heard a item on the TV yesterday morning about bad TV reception maybe that is what is wrong with your telly we can only hope. They said it would be better once this area of high pressure moves away. Hope you enjoyed you rant feel like having one myself tonight my PC is on a go slow and I have a pile of emails to see to. Love and take care. Joan.