Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Midweek Madness

Hello peeps 

I’ve had a thought about today’s journal entry and I’ve decided that you can have a day in the life of me ~ whilst I’m at work anyway LOL  Once I get home it would be too boring for you to read.  So here I am going to give you a blow by blow account of my day including any thoughts etc……………Enjoy ;-)

Starting 21/11/06  

Time 4.06pm  - just finished flattening boxes with the team leader.  Bit bored have been all afternoon.  The morning went by quite quickly.  No song stuck in my head!!

4.20pm – Big discussion about jelly babies and which brand is better ~ stay away from Tesco’s own people………...  Nothing’s changed and I still don’t have any songs stuck in my head.

5.00pm – My team have all gone home and I’m still here making up the flex for my leave on Monday grrrrr……….  Jim and I had a discussion about this week’s Holby  still no songs stuck in my head.


8.47am – logged in for work booooo………..Want to go home already that’s not a good sign lol……DVD should be there tonight yay ~ song stuck in my head Tribute – Tenacious D.  *starts singing, 'best song in the world'*

9.40am – So far have done a write off and dealt with some emails etc  Now I’m about to write to the woman whose recorded post went missing.  Already found out from Trina her copy of the DVD is here……………*fingers crossed* ~ still singing ‘this is a tribute ooooohhhhh oooooooooo’ lol

10.44am – Now eating chocolate cake brought in by P and about to answer a very sweet email from my Fairy friend LOL that sounds dodgy!!  Finished my letter to the woman about her recorded delivery and just made a prat of myself asking the other team why they’d done something.  According to them M from the other team asked them to do it grrrrrrrrrrrrr…………………wish he wouldn’t do that!!  Ooooo my ears just gone funny…………… ~ still singing ‘he said, be you angels’ in a very funny voice!!

11.49am – can slowly feel the life drain away from me, soooooooooooo bored lol.  Nothing new to report!!  ~ singing still ‘nay we are but men........ROCK …..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh’

12.07pm – can’t stop yawning, am pretty positive I shall fall asleep soon……………..

12.43pm – stopped yawning, now feel chilly brrrrrr………………Trina’s just rung to ask if I have a PS2 (which I have) I know what’s she’s getting me for xmas LOL *yay*

13.10pm - Lunch woohoo – consisting of two ham sarnies and a packet of Walkers cheese and onion crisps!!

13.48pm - back from lunch booo………..Played the puzzle game on Kafka at lunch and had a sneaky look at the graphics blog – shall have to share some of the ones I’ve pinched from other people me thinks!!  Couldn’t finish the puzzle I couldn’t see all the pieces.

2.55pm – Email from Trina to say she’s off (not amused with Trina regarding xmas but that's another story!!) ~ been fairly busy and laughed at P for spilling yoghurt down her top.  She’s not amused with me coz I hadn’t told her, well how could I when I didn't see it *shakes head*.  Soon be going home time and I shall find out if my DVD’s there *eeek*

3.25pm – Nearly the last entry!!  Gonna eat my banana now, been on the phone to benefits offices for part of the afternoon aren’t I lucky??!!  Worked out my flex earlier ~ just one more night of staying late woohoo (that’s tonight in case you wondered) and I can still leave at 4pm on Friday yay!!

4.38pm – been kept busy this afternoon allocating credits (BORING!!)

So that’s it peeps my day at work!!  Hope you enjoyed reading this and I promise we shall be back to normal entries soon.  No more staying on for extra 10 mins lol………….  It’s worked quite well though I have to say!!  Anyway I shall leave you here and pray my DVD has turned up…………….  If it’s not you’ll probably hear me cry and scream where you live lol

Bye for now xx

So did you hear me scream - no??  That's coz I held it in!!  No my DVD hasn't turned up :(  I'm not amused but sworn Trina to secrecy that if she watches hers she ain't to ring me and tell me about it.  Tried in vain to cheer myself up and download some new vaguely worked lol  That's the reason I've not choosen a mood coz f****n' cheesed off isn't an option ;-) LOL  C'mon aol give us new moods........................


mtrib2 said...

I enjoyed reading about your day at work.     P dropped yoghurt down her top - but you didn't see - lol !   mark

jaymact1 said...

Loved that entry Jen vey good. I hate when you are waiting for a parcel that is late I get really upset (maybe i should get a life) Love Joan.

jeadie05 said...

Thats great ,I loved this entry Jen ,you will have to do it again ,hope your dvd comes today, love Jan xx

salonrose123 said...

Loved this entry Jen....very funny!!
Tell me again what dvd you're waiting for....I've forgotted!!
Hope it's arrived by now, anyway.
A xx

katie39041 said...

loved this entry, sorry your dvd did not turn up. and i love  Tenacious D. love and hugs
katie xx