Sunday, 13 November 2005

Weekend catchup!!

Hiya everyone :-) Hope your all well!!

Have you all had a good weekend? Weather’s been rather kind to us hasn’t it? Oh talking about the weather, that reminds me you know I mentioned those people doing something to the river. Well the plot thickens even seems there is a big tube like thing spurting water out at both ends into the river??!! I really wanna ask what they’re doing but I probably won’t LOL................

Here’s what I’ve been up to: Friday was alright at work, but Friday night was really cool :-) Trina and I met up in town and went to Pizza Express. The pizza wasn’t as nice as I remembered it from Bristol but the chocolate fudge cake was just as good but no strawberry lol.........After an hour or so we went round to st georges hall where there was a flippin’ queue!! Now I know Trina and I are not adverse to queueing but come on.........not for a tribute band LOL!! Anyhow.........we did and Trina started talking to the blokes next to us!! Once the doors opened she helped them up the steps, (i think they were visually impaired!) and we made our way into the hall. There were sets of chairs on each side, but not many and the majority of the audience went to sit in them. Trina wanted to grab her place in the front but there was NO way I was gonna stand there and look like a dork!! So with a little gentle persuasion we sat at the side. It was so funny watching the people coz they all congregated either at the side or by the door. A couple of times we saw band members walking through. We had a good ol’ laugh whilst waiting for the band.

A few minutes before hand people started moving forwards so that was it Trina was gone!! She wanted to get closer and closer to the stage but I still didn’t want too.......We settled for a spot in the middle not too far back!! The band were tribute act GAGA, a 3-piece from Liverpool. If you EVER get the chance to go and see them GO!! We first saw them at a convention quite a while ago and we loved every minute of their set. Mainly because we weren’t as adverse to tribute bands as we are now but also because there is only 3 of them. It makes you wonder how they do it!! The big plus for me is they play songs that a non-fan wouldn’t necessairly know!! This set comprised mainly of songs you’d find on the Greatest Hits albums such as.....Another One Bites The Dust, Radio Ga Ga, Crazy Little Thing, Bo Rhap, Fat bottomed girls, etc.... They were going down well and people all around us were dancing and singing along. The funniest were these two girls right at the front of the stage. They couldn’t have been more than 11/12 years old and they knew every word!!

After the interval, during which people were gettin’ very drunk, the band did Breakthru’ which I adore!! If just for the video alone :-) Trina wanted to do the breakthru’ train but I was adamant I wasn’t doing it. They kept starting songs off in ways that I didn’t know so it was fun to guess what they were gonna do next. I kept saying to Trina I know this!! I would though, wouldn’t I? LOL.......There’s just no help!! Bo Rhap was great, lots of headbanging (I’m actually suffering from a sore neck now!!) There was this one bloke going up and down the front row, thinking he was the best and clapping every five minutes wanting everyone to join in with him. He started to annoy us big time!! I felt like saying to him that I’ve paid to see the band not him, but I tried desperately to ignore him!!

At the end the band said they were gonna see everyone in the bar. Trina and I decided we weren’t gonna go straight away and made our way to the bar. The merchandise bloke had packed up but we made him unpack LOL.....bless him!! We did make it worth his while and we brought some t-shirts, a programme and a cd :-) I got two new t-shirts, one says under pressure on it and the other one says don’t stop me now I’m having such a good time LOL.....

We got to the bar, got a drink and some drunk bloke started talking to Trina so I looked through the programme. Eventually the band walked towards us so Trina offered to buy them a drink. We started chatting to them and ended up staying there till gone midnight chatting to them :-) Graham the drummer in particular!! It amused me and Trina coz none of the other audience members realised it was them, nor did the bar staff. Can’t wait for them to come back next year!! It was such a laugh and a really good time :-)

Trina and I had to go out via a fire escape door and when we opened the doors this woman was stood there pulling up her trousers. There was another person there but neither Trina nor myself can confirm whether that person was male or female!! I have afeelin’ it was male!! Couldn’t stop laughing at that!!! We got back to mine and watched some of ‘return of the champions’ dvd and every time we spotted ourselves we had to rewind it and watch it several times was funny!!

Here is a pic of us on the DVD note the arrows ;-)

Saturday we had to watch the rest of the dvd, and some downloads. Wayne joined us for a burger at lunchtime and Trina did a bit of shopping. As Wayne wanted to get back to watch the footie I said goodbye to them in Argos. I had intended to buy myself something but I came home with a birthday card for my brother and some food shopping LOL........last of the big spenders me LOL.........

Today I’ve hoovered and am using the last of the bags so I better get myself one in the sales in January ;-)

I’m getting addicted to AOL radio, love changing the channels when I get fed up of the song. Oh, that reminds me I have taken part in Tommy’s idea but I’ll post that entry sometime during the week when I’m happy with my definitive list LOL..........

Only working 4 1/2 days this week :-) Then I gotta do the tribute band thingy again on Friday with mum. Not sure if I’ve seen them before and it’ll be strange to go with mum. Don’t think Queen Jen will be there but still................

Right here’s the quiz results for this week - thanks to all those who took part :-)

Caff 20, Joan aka jaymact1 19, Claudia 18, Jeanette aka JLocorrie05 20, Sara 16, Tommytickla 20, Trina 18, Mark bless him 7.

That means the leader board looks like this: Caff 110, Claudia 102, Trina 93 1/2, Sara 90 1/2, Denise 71, Sandra 64, Phil 44, Jeannette 20, Tommytickla 20, Joan 19, Jan 19, Suzy 17, Jeannette 16, Jayne 14 and Mark 7.

Well done Caff :-) Claudia’s chasing you for that prize (still no ideas towards that by the way LOL)!! Glad to see the quiz is getting quite popular - thanks guys!!

Well that’s it for me!!

Have a good week

God bless ya!!

Jen xx 

P.s Thanks Sara looks like I might be able to do that link thingy :-)


icklemisssexpot said...

ohhh i thought everyone would have got 20 outta 20 on this weeks one...Oh well can't believe am still in lead...Am sure my downfall will be soon <ggg>  The weather may have been kind where you live but it has been hideous where i am...Bitterly cold, extremely high winds (80mph) and pouring rain      Caff xx

jaymact1 said...

You seemed to have a great weekend makes me wish I was young again. Enjoyed doing your quiz for the first time and will try again this week.  Love Joan.

irisclyde said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I haven't been to see a live bad for ages! I think the last time was to see a Rolling Stones tribute band. Can't remember their name but they were good!

shadp said...

Sounds like a great weekend - living life to the full - good for you! As for the river mystery, you simply MUST ask them what they're doing! You've got me well intrigued now, lol!


shadp said...

By the way, Jen - Channel 4 tonight 11.05 - "The Queen story"! But I guess you already knew that, lol! :-)