Sunday, 6 November 2005

Quiz Results

Hey everyone  hope your all ok!!  Before I tell you the results can we just say a big to all new readers to my journal!!  Haven't done that for a while so figured it was about time!!  Also to those of you who read but don't comment - thanks just for stopping by :-)  It is appreciated.

Anyway.........Today I've done nothing.  Watched 'Saved the Last Dance' very good and Peter Kay Live at Bolton Hall.  Me thinks I've watched the Peter Kay one FAR too much.  I didn't laugh very much which is very odd for me!!  Hey ho............(blimin' ell Ronan Keatings my age!! , I bet Queen aren't gonna be mentioned!!  It's based on album sales for this decade thingy!!  I think they should be coz they do keep selling but what do I know.............)  I have managed to be creative though coz I've made my first animation.........wanna see??  ok hang on........

  That's pics from the Hyde Park bit on the DVD isn't it good??  Bit small but I'm only learning LOL............I've also made some wallpaper dedicated to my fave Queen video Breakthru'  click on the link if you wanna see it :-)   But apart from that creation I haven't done anything else.  Well I did walk round to the BP garage to get some milk and they didn't have any grrrrrrr...........don't you just hate it when that happens!!

Anyway without further ado here's the quiz results.  (oops chucked the piece of paper away with them on *embarrassed look*)  Firstly can we give a big round of applause to DENISE!!  She's the first person since my quiz idea to started to score full points - well done girl :-)

Here's the rest of the results..(in no particular order) Caff 18, Sandra 19, Trina 18 1/2, Sara 15, Claudia 17, and Jayne aka funnyface0s0 14.

This makes the leader board look like this...........

Caff 90, Claudia 84, Trina 75 1/2, Sara 74 1/2, Denise 71, Sandra 64, Phil 44, Jan 19, Suzy 17, Jeannette 16, Jayne 14.

So Caff's still leading  Big well done to you too!!  New quiz on Wednesday look out for it peeps :-)

*note to self* start thinking about the prize ;-)

I'm gonna go now - got a few journal alerts to read before going to bed.

Take care peeps xx

Best wishes



rachealcarol said...

Liking the animation Jen, you've talent.  He's singing just for u. Rache xx

jeadie05 said...

briliant entry,loads of fun. well done ,looked at the wall paper arent you clever ? ....Jan xx

sarajanesmiles said...

Love the animation, and the wallpaper, clever girlie :o) :o) :o)
I do hate when they run out of milk, and bread, the two things I rely on the corner shop for!!  
Sara   x

jaymact1 said...

Great amimation and will look at the wallpaper later when I finish this comment. Sorry I missed you quiz will watch out for it this week love things like that. Love Joan    .

woodsey2 said...

What about a Wallace and Gromit mug for a prize :::flees::::: LOL.  Nice wallpaper :) will look at the link a bit later on.

Jo xxx

labdancer51 said...

Well done Jen on your animation, you should put that in your `All about me` section, you being the Queen fan that you are! UGH...Ronan Keating...can`t stand!  :-)

Sandra xxxx

irisclyde said...

Clever thing with the photos. A prize?? I'd beter try to catch's not a night out with Pauls Rodgers, is it??? :o)

icklemisssexpot said...

Clever animation, will look at wallpaper laters...I should have got extra points for my extremely presise answer to hannibal lecter question <G> If you press Alt + 0189 (on number pad on left) then u get ½ symbol :o) Can't believe am still in the lead       Caff xxx