Wednesday, 9 November 2005

It's Wednesday!!

Hiya - you alright??  I'm okay!!  First in answer to Sandra's comment I didn't get to see Queen live with Freddie, unfortuantely I was too young :-(  I regret that everyday.  I know that's a silly thing to say coz I can't help being the age I am but I wish I had become a fan earlier and maybe I could've gone with my brother or something!!  In answer to Suzy I haven't a clue what the unicorn was called and that is bugging me now - thanks ;-)!!

I was planning to do my entry as it's Wednesday and that means quiz night but I was planning to tell you that I was still feelin' down etc.  Work has not been helping - usual reasons, although this afternoon was slightly better and Jez and Pete keep making me laugh!!  Got Jez good this afternoon, he finally remembered the entity number for this particular client so we could find out some info, but when I typed it in I was like that's not our part of the alphabet.  LOL.......I'd been bugging him all day to get the entity numbers like Pete does and the one time he does..............well it's obviously a case of you had to be there ;-)  Trust me it was funny!!  I walked up to him later and got up to his desk with a straight face, when I reached him I started laughing LOL.......I'm so mean!!  ;-) more talk of flooding!!  Yes you can guess that yet again I was over-reacting!!  They seem to be doing something to the river.......when I say they I don't mean the little people ;-) LOL......well I don't know who it is but someone's doing something they were there this morning with a digger of some kind etc...........Todays been gorgeous so no doubt tomorrow won't be!!  That's the way it's going isn't it??

I've been going through all my writing stuff in the view that when I have some spare time I'd like to work on it a bit more........I found the one that I had been working on when I was unemployed.  I had written loads.  Imagine if I was not working now I could have written a novel by now LOL...........Damn my stupid useless job!!  ;-)

Anyway enough of my ramblings, yes ladies and gents it's Wednesday so that can only mean one thing it's QUIZ NIGHT!!  Same rules apply, don't forget to EMAIL your answers................Good luck!!

1) Messrs Docherty, Atkinson and Ferguson have all managed which team?

2) Vienna is the capital of which European country?

3) The art of self defence aikido originated in which country?

4) If you mix blue and yellow paint what colour is made?

5) Which Spice Girl advertised Milky Bars as a child?

6) St Swithin's Day is in which summer month?

7) Which early Spielberg blockbuster was about a shark?

8) Which country produces Gruyere cheese?

9) On which channel is Countdown broadcast?

10) What does T stand for in the initials VAT?

11) Which detective did Dr Watson assist?

12) In which month is Thanksgiving celebrated in Amercia?

13) Mark Spitz won seven Olympic golds at record speeds doing what?

14) In which Dicken's novel is the character Bill Sykes?

15) Is 0171 the dialling code for central Manchester or central London?

16) Choux, puff and short are all types of what?

17) Which country did Abba come from?

18) Which Disney film is I wanna be like you from?

19) What is the profession of Geraldine Grainger of Dibley?

20) Red Admirals, Fritillaries and Tortoiseshells are all what?

mmmmmmm...........seem a bit easy to me this week, may have to go into the medium section of the book next week ;-)

Good luck everyone.................EMAIL your answers, results at the weekend!

Take care

Best wishes

Jen xx  LOL



jeadie05 said...

Isaid I thought theyd do some thing about the flooding they cant be seen to be ignoring these situations ,There was nobody quite like Freddy was there ?..Jan xx

suzyh73 said...

Ahhh Freddy! I saw them live...what a man! What a voice.. Sorry about bugging you! LOL!!!!!


jaymact1 said...

When I listened on Saturday to Queen on AOL as good as the singer was he was not Freddie was he.  Must replace some of my Queen records with CDs. Going to try your Quiz for the first time so wish me luck .Love Joan.

sarajanesmiles said...

A plea for not visiting the medium section of the book next week, lol, stay with the easy, for Sara ;o)  Glad you are feeling a little better hon, with a few laughs at work and no flooding.  Hope you feel all the way cheered up soon ;o)
Sara   x

irisclyde said...

Freddie was the only one.......and I saw him live, with the rest of the 'boys' at Wembley in 86! They were amazing, I have to say it, especially him, he just had such presence, apart from his powerful voice. I also have to say though, that I think Paul was a good choice. He is a respected and successful musician/singer of the same era, with his own following from his time with Free and Bad Company......and he likes wearing leather trousers, which Freddie would have approved of.....:o)

shadp said...

Glad you had a laugh at work anyway - always helps a bit! I didn't know you had been doing some writing. What sort of writing, I wonder - fiction? Poetry? Perhaps review stuff about Queen? Or, then again, maybe it's the autobiography? Whatever it is, I hope you carry on with it.


rachealcarol said...

Keep up with the writing Jen, work gets in the way of everything lolol. Rache xx

tommytickla said...

At last one of your quizzes I think I can answer....

danniboo05 said...

i found your link and i just wanted to give you mine and if you get bored you can stop by and check it out