Monday, 31 October 2005

Down, Down, Deeper and Down

Happy halloween to all fellow journallers.

I'm losing my voice, didn't even realise it till I got to work, answered the phone and thought it sounded a bit gruffy.  Plus I'm really so I'm planning to log off pretty early and get to bed early!!  (believe it when I see it LOL)  I'm not gonna do much of an entry today, had a great weekend but am suffering for it today!!  Shall tell you more and show the photos another day...........

Just feelin' down (hence the title), Trina, god bless her, has been doing her best to make me smile and she usually succeeded so I'm probably just tired!!

Anyhoo thought I'd drop by and let you know the quiz results.  Oooooo I've not worked out the leader board........hang on................Right do apologise for the short interval........The scores for this round were:  Trina 13, Caff 19, Claudia 12, and Sara 13.  Which makes the leader board look like this:

Caff 72, Claudia 67, Sara 59 1/2, Trina 57, Denise 51, Sandra 45, Phil 44, Jan 19, Suzy 17, Jeannette 16.

So we have a new leader - well done Caff   New quiz on Wednesday!!

I'm sure there was more I was gonna tell you but it's just all popped out of my head grrrrrrrrr............Better go and read some more alerts ;-)

Take care everyone

Best wishes

  Jen xx


irisclyde said...

Ooo I'm slipping! I'm sure it will all comeback to you, what you were going to tell us, you're far off 'senior moments'!! Have a good sleep and rest the voice.

rachealcarol said...

Status Quo lolol............sorry you're not well Jen.  Plenty fluids, warm duvet, fave pic to cuddle, that's my prescription.  Be well soon. Take care Rache xx

icklemisssexpot said...

Ohhhh sounds like yer getting that fluey bug i had last week :o(  Nasty it is u want plenty bed rest, fluids, paracetamol and hot water bottle...OMG am in the lead WOOHOO!!!!!  won't last i just know it won't ROFL...Hope yer feeling better soon take care    Caff xxxx

sarajanesmiles said...

Oh you poor thing :o(
Hope you feel better soon m'dear.
Looking forward to hearing about your weekend, and seeing pics, yay!
Sara   x

suzyh73 said...

feel better!!! Looking forward to quiz!


woodsey2 said...

Here's hoping that you start to feel better soon.

Jo xx

ghwt9996 said...

Eek, my favourite Queen fan setting quizzes.  *wipes sweat from brow in fear, normally crash and burn with these!
Good entry and glad you had a great weekend too :)

jules19642001 said...

happy halloween..............Jules xxxx