Sunday, 23 October 2005


Hi Everyone - Firstly congratulations  to all those who have been nominated in the journal awards.  It was nice to see so many of the journals I voted for in amongst those!!  I think this next round is going to be difficult ;-)

So it's been a fairly quiet weekend.  Trina's taken Wayne to watch a football match as part of his thirtieth birthday.  I have no idea when they are due back - it's weird not to have any contact with her!!  Still I'm gonna see her next weekend so I shan't moan too much LOL........

What've I been up to then??  Well work was a nightmare on Friday both team leader and I were VERY stressed.  So many people rang up with bizarre queries but the answers were just not easy to find and just when you think you were getting somewhere the phone went again!!  The most annoying was this bloke (or at least we think it was a bloke ;-) rang up to say we were taking Direct Debits from his dad's account.  I explained that this was not the case as his mum was no longer having charges raised and therefore no DD could be taken.  He was adament that it was us and our fault.  Eventually I asked what it said on the bank statement and he said that his father had told him it was us.  I gave him the number of a district office as they may have taken it.

He came back to us through the other team at the end of the office, this time he was transferred to our team leader.  She said the same as me!!  He came back a third time through to myself!!  Eventually he caved in and suggested that he goes and has a look at the bank statment himself!!  uh duh I suggested he does that in the first place..........We expected him to come back in the afternoon, luckily he didn't!!  Pray for no phone calls tomorrow!!  I also had to write a letter of apology as this woman shouted at me down the really was a day for it on Friday

I left earlish on Friday and made my way into town.  Jeez the traffic, I'm so glad I walk to work!!  Couldn't handle that everyday - mind you when it gets darker in the evenings I shall have too!!  Grrrrrrrr.......Managed to take the trousers back no probs!!

Saturday I cleaned the flat, did my shopping (still no gromit mug ), came back and dyed my hair!!  The colour was mocha and a garnier essentials :-)  It's darker than it was which is cool!!  Didn't do anything else significant worth telling you!!  Outraged regarding x-factor........Yay at Bullseye being on the gameshow marathon.  Couldn't watch it without laughing........if any of you have seen Peter Kay live at Bolton Albert Halls you'll know what I'm on about ;-)  If you haven't seen that - go out and get it :-)  I couldn't watch it properly though I wanted to know what was going on in Casualty, otherwise it would've been the 3rd week in a row of not watching it and that's just not right!!

Today I went for a walk up to Somerfield (still no gromit mugs !!  I'm thinking about wording a letter of complaint to PG, mind you there was an empty space on the shelf so I wondered if they did have some but don't anymore!!)  then went to the Range and got a frame for Cat's pressie for the princely sum of £2.09 LOL.........I really must start working on that, I've only got till Friday!!

Can't wait to get the DVD (Queen one that is ;-) *stop reading here Trina* Apparently there is a close up of yours truely and my condom catching incident is on there - how COOL is that!!  Hopefully gonna see it at the weekend - have to wait till xmas to own it!!  Shall probably ask Trina to get it for me, gonna ask my brother to get unofficial ones and mum to get Peter Kay live at Manchester, wasn't gonna bother with that one but I like the look of the extras!!  Oooooooo and Max and Paddy's fitness dvd whenever that comes out LOL............  Lotta watchin' over the xmas period me thinks :-)

Onto the quiz!!  Thanks to those who are taking part - hope your enjoying it :-)  Also thanks for the answers coz they make me laugh!!  Anyway I've put the answers up and here's what people scored:

In no particular order:  Phil 13, Claudia 16, Sara 9 1/2, Trina 17, Sandra 14, Caff 18, and Denise 15.

So that makes the leader board look like this:

1  Claudia - 55

2  Caff - 53

3 Denise - 51

4 Sara - 46 1/2

5 Sandra - 45

6 Phil/Trina - 44

7 Jan - 19

8 Suzy - 17

9 Jeannette - 16

So Claudia's hanging onto her top spot!!  Can Caff beat her next week?  Stay tuned to find out :-)

Hope you all have a good week

Take care

 Jen xx


wobblymoo said...

Sometimes people don't think to check before they go off on one, mind you I know it's quite hard to keep calm when you are 100% sure you are right, and someone is telling you , no you're wrong.

irisclyde said...

Talk about pressure......under pressure!! My winning streak doesn't usually last for too long! Hope your week goes well! (I don't want to go back to work.....)

jeadie05 said...

Hi Jen ,Still no Gromits in our Somerfield ,glad they changed your trousers with no trouble ,you sound as though you get enough of that at work,you know just what Santa is to bring you,dont you like surprises ?LOL    Jan xx

icklemisssexpot said...

ohhh cool am in 2nd place...that won't last for long just watch me slide backwards and then land on my huge bum with a thud <ggg> X-factor was shocking louis walsh needs a good slapping...Philip murdered wind beneath my wings i really didn't think the irish were tone deaf but they're who are voting for him......Caff xx

jeanno43 said...

Sorry you had a bad day on Friday. Yes, Peter Kaye has me in stitches, especially with his DJ's at weddings!  Hope you get your mugs.

woodsey2 said...

Remember phone calls like that when i worked at the bank, was one of the reasons i left so i can sympathise with you!  Sure you will get hold of a mug shortly, is it a limited edition??

Jo xxx

sarajanesmiles said...

He he, I like my little half score ;o)
Shame about your Gromit mug, one of these days they will have them m'dear.  Can't believe what's happening with the X Factor, and it's only the second week!  How is Chico still in it????????  I LOVE Brenda, but lots of them raised their game this week didn't they.  Can you tell I'm addicted, lol!!
Sara   x

tillysweetchops said...

I love the X-Factor but always seem to miss it as I do everything! I think it's the 6th child that's done it. The last time I really watched Coronation Street was in the Glory Days of Raquel!

Thanks for the congrats BTW.

Tilly x

rachealcarol said...

When I do see a gromit mug, you are going to spring to mind Jen lolol.  I really hope you can find one soon.......Birthday's (the shop) are pretty good for things like that but I bet it's expensive. The quiz people are doing excellent, good to see some people have grey matter that works lolol. Rache xx