Wednesday, 19 October 2005

Just the usual madness!

Alright??  So it's Wednesday and you know what that means!!  Yep it's quiz night..............

News first!!  Apparently about 6am this morning there was an almighty thunder storm, torrential rain etc, guess who slept through it??  *big grin* yep yours truely!!  So glad!!  I need my sleep!!  Was obviously worth not going to bed too early last night!!  After I logged off I thought I'd sit down and watch a bit of tv - ended up sewing my t-shirt back together :-)  Gettin' good at sewing me!!  Saying that I don't know how long it will last the stichin' was a bit haphazard!!  Thought I might be able to sew my jeans too but no such luck!!  Just wear them around the flat then me thinks.

Everyone was talking about the thunder though!!  I remember something waking me up but I was too dozey to care and went back to sleep.  I remember hearing a gurgling noise and wondered if it was the drains outside or my loo..........When the alarm went off the people on the radio were saying how bad the weather was like an hour ago.  Some part of town was flooded!!  Anyway I slept through it and that's what counts.  :-)

Calculated my finances last night!!  They are not looking very good at all!!  Especially as I have to go away next weekend for a birthday bash!!  At least the pressie isn't too expensive ;-)  Have something in mind see........

Work didn't go too well today, brain was not connected to fingers for a start!!  Snacking after lunch went out the window too coz James brought in a packet of cookies and team leader brought back hot cross buns :-)  Didn't do any real exercise tonight - perhaps I should try those trousers back on LOL.........Ooooooooo that reminds me I must look at the returns policy thing and if there's a time limit to it!!  Need that money back!!

Well I shall stop divering and just point out a couple of things - I know most of my readers would've checked out Jeannettes map but if you haven't make sure you do so coz it's really cool :-) ---------> link over there somewhere!!  Secondly here's a game for you all  a bit addictive and aren't the little guys cute ;-)

Onwards and upwards to the quiz!!  Usual rules apply 20 questions blah blah don't forget to EMAIL your answers through to me!!  Denise try not to forget this week hun xx

1) Which Elton John song includes the words 'Goodbye Norman Jean?'  Candle In The Wind

2) Who is R2D2's robot companion in Star Wars?  C3PO

3) If you were in France and crossed La Manche, where would you be?  England

4) Which Pink character appeared in three top films of the 70's?  Pink Panther

5) June Croft is associated with which sport?  Swimming

6) If you practised callisthenics what type of activity would you be doing?  Keep Fit

7) The letter R is on which row of a typewriter or computer keyboard?  Top letters row

8) Who was Bristish monarch throughout the Second World War?  George VI

9) Which German player effectively created the sweeper role?  (hint: in football)  Franz Beckenbauer

10) Which prime minister held office first - Eden or Macmillan?  Eden

11) In mammals, the Asian elephant is second but man has the longest - what?  Lifespan

12) The characters Alf, Else, and Rita appeared in which TV series?  Till Death Us Do Part

13) Who recorded Rubber Soul?  The Beatles

14) Desmond Douglas is associated with which sport?  Table Tennis

15) Which Clive chaired, 'Whose Line is It Anyway?'  Anderson

16) Diaghilev was associated with which brand of the arts?  Ballet

17) In rugby, what did Keighley add to their name in the 90's?  Cougars

18) Which Attenborough brother directed Gandhi?  Richard

19) Agar-agar is a type of gelatine made from what?  Seaweed

20) What is the first name of the supermodel Ms Turlington?  Christy

Right that's your lot - bit of a mixed bag me thinks!!  Good luck peeps :-)

Take care

Jen xx

p.s still no gromit mug :-(


wobblymoo said...

Won't forget, I always miss the good storms too lol

icklemisssexpot said...

ohhhhh i love a good thunderstorm...We ain't had one way up here in ages :o( ...Done rayray parade thing yonks ago tis addictive until u can get an A in them all....Sent me quiz answers back already :o)     Caff xxx

jeadie05 said...

Woke up this morning,it had been raining hard if it had thundered Id missed it ,didnt miss the storm at teatime though,that was a noisy rainy one ,still keeping a look out for your beaker  Jan xx

rachealcarol said...

I saw the black clouds late yesterday in the distance, no storm here though, sorry you had it all. Finances!! slippery little suckers ain't they hope it don't spoil your weekend away Jen. Rache xx

woodsey2 said...

Hope the storm doesn't travel this way i hate them.  Will look at the game a bit later.

Jo xxx

labdancer51 said...

I usually sleep through storms too.  It`s better that way....! ;-)

Sandra xxxx

shadp said...

Best to get those trousers back as soon as poss - and get hold of the money. You're never going to need them, cos your size is shrinking now - isn't it? Of course it is! That sounds like quite a storm you had there. Trust Jen to sleep right through it, lol!


irisclyde said...

My brain is struggling, especially after my holiday but will try tomorrow! If there was a storm where you are, there must have been one where I was......but I must have slept through too!!