Wednesday, 5 October 2005


So it's that time of the week - I promised you all yesterday that I would post a quiz today (and big thanks to jeadie for reminding me ;-)!!  Firstly I just wanna go yay!!  Trina and I are going to see the Wallace and Gromit movie at the weekend.  I can't wait haven't been to the cinema for ages.

I shall be submitting my votes for the journal awards soon - haven't voted in every category, I must say for a first timer like me it's all a bit daunting!!

Not much else to report - a week to go for a the team day ugh!!  So not looking forward to that - I have no idea how I'm getting there for a start!!

Anyway onwards and upwards.....................Quiz Time - 20 questions, email me your answers - Good luck!!  :-)

1)  How many zeros in a million written in digits? Six

2) What name is given to a small, portable computer? Laptop

3)  In the 70's which future MP had a shaved head to play a Tudor monarch? Glenda Jackson

4) Who played the head of the Corleone family in The Godfather? Marlon Brando

5)  Which TV show has an anagram puzzle called the Conundrum? Countdown

6)  Which Ben won the US Masters in 1995? Crenshaw

7)  In Cockney rhyming slang what are 'plates of meat'? Feet

8)  Which Anne presents 'Watchdog'?  Robinson

9)  Which Michael won an Oscar for Best Actor in Wall Street? Douglas

10)  Reykjavik is the capital of which country? Iceland

11)  Live Aid raised money for famine relief in which country? Ethiopia

12)  What colour was Bombalurina's teeny-weeny polka-dot bikini? Yellow

13)  Which vitamin deficiency was responsible for scurvy? C

14) Charles Dodgson wrote his classic children's story under what name?  Lewis Carroll

15)  What colour was the contestant's chair in 'Mastermind'?  Black

16)  Which actress married Andre Agassi in 1997?  Brooke Shields

17)  In the 90s who had a No1 with Some Might Say?  Oasis

18)  Which Gaby Roslin game show has contestants aiming to fulfil an ambition?  Whatever You Want

19)  Which country does Ian Baker-Finch come from?  Australia

20)  Which classical overture became the 'Lone Ranger' theme?  William Tell Overture


Well I hope you've done ok!!  See you later on in the week with the answers and I shall probably post another entry before that anyway :-)

Take care

Best wishes


wobblymoo said...

Arggh jeanette has posted her answers and I couldn't help looking <gg>

jmoqueen said...

I've deleted jeannette's comment ;-)  Sorry jeannette :-)

jeadie05 said...

Its nearly eleven oclock this ol gal will leave the quiz until the morrow,ni night godbless           Jan xx

suzyh73 said...

Hmmmm, some of these are hard!!


woodsey2 said...

Will try these later on.  Least you will get in to see Wallace and Gromit and not going a month early like i did LOL

JO xxx

sarajanesmiles said...

Yay, more quizy questions :o)
Will have a go later.
Enjoy the cinema, Wallace and Gromit are cool!
Sara   x

shermeen0621 said...

i figure i know the answer (or think i know the answer) to about 10 of these. not enough to win, but at least i gave it a try. can laugh at my pathetic attempt when you post the results later.
Wallace and Gromit isn't on my list of movies to see, but i hope you enjoy it. As for the VIVI awards, i voted, but it was so hard choosing. It'd be nice to see some of my nominations get through though!

take care
shermeen xx

irisclyde said...

Onward and Upward used to be my school motto! Ok, let's see if I know any of these!

rachealcarol said...

I'm a Wallace and Gromit fan, so is my all the creature comforts too, if you like them try and see the one they've done for Ramblers and the country code, it's side splitting.  Still no head for quizzes yet Jen but keep em coming, I attempt a few questions to myself. Rache xx