Sunday, 16 October 2005

The Weekend

Hey all!!  So the quiz has finished - I'm guessing that those who wanted to take part have done so (apart from Trina!!  I'm being mean where she's regarded ;-)  So here's the results:

Jan 9, Sara 13, Sandra 17, Claudia 14, Caff 16, Phil 16

So that makes the leader board look like this:

Claudia - 39

Sara - 37

Denise - 36

Caff - 35

Sandra/Phil - 31

Trina - 27

Jan - 19

Suzy - 17

Jeannette - 16

So we have a new leader - well done Claudia!!   (I wonder if she'll win the prize ;-) It's a shame she's on her hols, I think I'll send her an email so she'll know that she was in the lead at one point!!  :-)  New quiz on Wednesday!!

So the weekend has come and gone...........I must say that yesterday everything kept going right and I was loving it!!  Oh before I forget I too had the pressie from AOL that Sara got!!  I can't be upgraded either - what I thought was funny was I didn't even know they were trying LOL..............Anyway then I went and did my big shop, and got to the checkout and the woman asked if I was saving my nectar points.   I said no, and the bill which was £28 something turned into £15 something.  How cool is that - well surprised I was!!

Back to yesterday, went to get my hair cut.  Thinking I was gonna be in there for hours but came out in about 1/2 an hour.  Didn't like the way she did my fringe, but I think my fringe is a sore spot with me, can never get it right!!  Then I went up town, with a few missions inmind.  I managed to fulfill them all :-)  I brought a sieve for the next time Trina and I have rice, and a new pair of trousers for work!  I am sure there was something else but I can't think of it.............I didn't manage to get any more hoover bags but I managed to clear some room in the one I have to make the hoover work better :-) 

And...................if you think it ends there your wrong!!  This pair of trousers that I brought for work, well basically I tried two pairs on!!  I really liked one pair that were really comfortable but were too wide in the leg.  The other pair were too thin for my liking, it's gonna get cold going to work and I can't have cold legs can I??  So I decided to go for the thin pair in the end but I went back to the trousers and saw this pair hanging up that I thought were like the other pair that I'd rejected (are you keeping up with me??) So I paid, got them home, realised they were a totally different kind anyway!!  So tried them on and guess what??  They are TOO BIG!!  I did buy them in my usual size so putting two and two together it obviously means I've lost weight  All I've been doing is my exercise video, walking to work and not snacking between lunch and tea, which is difficult not to do especially when I get home in the evening.  The temptation to sit down with a cuppa and eat something!!  Anyhoo I have to take this pair back!!  I'm estatic and I have found a formula that works for me ;-)

Then coz I was on a high and it was an absolutely beautiful day I went for a small walk and sat on a bench near the river and tried to read my book for about 1/2 an hour.  I say tried, but because I'm a people watcher whenever someone walked past me I was watching them and stopped reading...............*rolls eyes*!!

Today I've done nothing.  Well i tell a lie!!  I went round to Sainsbury's to get some t-bags.  I saw an advert last night that says you get pg tips and get a gromit heat up nose mug.  So there was me really lookin' forward to it, but do you think I could find one?? No!!  I wonder if I saw the advert wrong!! Never mind I shall keep an eye out for it coz I really want one :-)  I did manage to get some Disney kitchen roll LOL.........a big softie at heart me!!

I haven't posted the answers to the quiz, as Trina wanted to have a go!!  Her score won't count but she can have a go  *mean laughter*

What else is there to tell you?  Nothing I shall leave you here, hope you all had a good weekend!

Take care xx

 Jen x


wobblymoo said...

I knew I'd forgotten something lol, I save points everywhere, you'd be surprised what you can save

icklemisssexpot said...

If you're with Talk Talk for your phonecalls then you can register your nectar card and get points on it that way too :o)  I like buying disney kitchen roll too but it's got effalumps on it just now...I want TIGGER back lol cos i lurves tigger......Caff xxx

jeadie05 said...

Yes Isaw the mug advert ,Ithink they tend to advertise things ,way before they go into shops ,anyway keep looking ,great losing weight like that ,well done ,why dont you post the answers to the quiz then we will know where we have gone wrong    Jan xx

labdancer51 said...

Well done on saving money on your shopping.  Now you can spend the leftover on your self!  I`m getting better in the quiz stakes and am looking forwars to the next one, :-)

Sandra xxxx

sarajanesmiles said...

I was second to bottom last week, lol, I'm thinking that some must have forgotten the quiz this week, or I'd probably still be there!!  Hoover bags!  If you find any, let me know where 'cause I'm on a hunt for them too now!
I've seen the advert for the Gromit mug too, but haven't seen them in the shops yet.  
Sara   x

rachealcarol said...

Some good scores on the quiz Jen.  Brilliant on the trousers and the saving. Rache xx

shadp said...

Well done, Jen - the wrong trousers - but the right result! Congrats on all that self-discipline and stuff, it's damn hard when you can't just have a snack when you want one - life's so unfair sometimes! But you've obviously found the right formula now. Love the bouncing smilies, lol!


scribbler1959 said...

Well done on the weight loss :-)  Good for you!  People watcher, eh?  That's why I can never read anything on the bus.