Sunday, 2 October 2005

Lazy and Bored

How's you all doin'?

Firstly thanks to those of you who took part in the quiz - you'll see I've added the answers to the last entry!!  I don't have excel or word so I've made a leader board in paint LOL............and here it is!! ...................Well I did make a leader board and it's rubbish so I shall just tell you who scored what by using a different font and some colour ;-) 

Denise aka Wobblymoo = 17

Suzy aka SuzyH73 = 17

Sandra aka Labdancer51 = 14

Sara aka Sarajanesmiles = 12

Trina aka jensbestmate = 10

Claudia aka Irisclyde = 9

Well done Denise and Suzy - so we have a tie on our first match!!  I think I shall have to think of a prize to send to the person with the highest score at Xmas ;-)  There's a thingy (sorry can't remember the word) for you to keep playing -  oooooooooo I think the words incentive  LOL..............  Next quiz appearing on Wednesday (if I remember ;-)

As you know I had Friday afternoon off!!  I managed to defrost my freezer.  I wrapped all the food that was left in there in Trina's sleeping bag.  I was getting bored of waiting for it to defrost and it had been going for about 3 hours, when I went shopping.  Came back and the frost had disappeared - how cool is that??!!  My freezer is lovely and clean and full of lovely food again :-)  My chocolate ice cream had gone a bit soft wrapped up in the sleeping bag so I got a spoon and started eating it but I managed to find some courage to put it back LOL.......

Yesterday I went to visit mum and Megan.  We popped into town for a while, had lunch in Wimpy and then went back to mums.  We tried to log onto the internet so I could show her Trina's wedding photos.  Unfortunately I only showed her the Hen Night ones before the computer started playing silly beggars and refused to work again!!

I love going to mums coz I usually come home with lots of books and dvd's :-)  This time she did not let me down!!  I had taken my big backpack for that particular reason LOL........The book I'm reading at the moment is one I borrowed from mum.  She's getting into crime books, I don't know if I can take the credit for that or not!!

Came home, had a nice taxi driver on the way (no I didn't ask if he'd been busy!!) When he wished me a good night though, I said 'yeah you too' and he said 'it will be if I'm busy' so I said 'I hope your busy then' LOL..........

Tried to watch Casualty but they'd put X-Factor on at the same time!!  Grrrrrrr..........why do they do that??!!  It's like that drama Elizabeth on channel 4.  That was shown on Wednesday and I could only watch an hour coz there was something else on the other side.  Well they repeated it yesterday and again I could only watch about an hour coz Casualty etc was on................Why don't you video it I hear you cry.....I would but my TV is a video combined and won't video seperate channels!!  :-(

Today I've been sooooooooooooooooooo lazy I've not even ventured outside.  Had a nice long lie in, read some of my book - it was getting interesting!!  It's called Bluebirds by Margaret Mayhew and it's about the introduction of WAAFS to the RAF in the second world war and how they coped.  Of course it's fictional but it's very good, I like history so it makes me wanna find out more :-)

I've managed to finish my letter to my Nan!!  I started thinking that I should ring Dad and try to find out the name of the B&B which is opposite the home she's in.  I really don't want to speak to him though!!  Long story don't ask.....................

Oh my goodness me I have my appraisal this week - wish me luck :-)  Have you voted in the journal awards yet?  i've been trying to think of who I shall vote's tough!!  I probably won't nominate in every category!!  Well good luck everyone *fingers crossed*

I've borrowed a scrabble cd of mum and have been playing that today - managing to beat the computer LOL.......mind you is it fair when he's on the lowest setting ;-)

Mmmmmmmm......not sure what else to write so I shall leave you here by saying I'm so jealous of anyone who has Sky One this week :-(  You get to watch the match and see Paddy in shorts :-(  I wanna see that too!!  I finally understand what women talk about when they mention footballers and the attraction ;-)  LOL............Obsessed what me??  *innocent face*

Take care everyone

Best wishes (second time lucky for trying to post this entry!!)

Jen xx


wobblymoo said...

Yipee, did beter than I thought, thanks for the quiz. You could maybe try an internet search for the area your nan is, maybe the local tourist information place would know

jeanno43 said...

You have reminded me, I must clean out our freezer, not been done this year.  Do you think if I brought a backpack your Mum could supply me as well? lol.  Elizabeth the 1st was great but oh those disembowelling scene and the beheading of Mary, graphic or what!  Good luck with your appraisal.

rachealcarol said...

Well done everyone on the quiz, good to see someone has a working grey matter.  Good Luck on the appraisal Jen, you'll fly through though, no trouble. Rache xx

woodsey2 said...

Well done to Denise :) i will remember to do the next one!

I defrost my fridge using an electric heat gun and i can have it all done in 20 minutes but i have to be careful not to melt the plastic LOL but there are attachments to do it with especially for this job.

Jo xxx

suzyh73 said...

yaya!! Well done me!!!!! Good luck on your apraisal


jeadie05 said...

Ibet someone on the staff of the nursing home, would be able to tell you the name of the B&B ,give them a ring Ibet you wouldnt be the first to use it to visit,The Elizabeth1 thing was brilliant,cant wait for the second half,Good luck with your Appraisal,youll be OK ,         Jan xx

sarajanesmiles said...

Well done Denise and Suzy!!  
Ooh, a prize?!  I will have to raise my game ;o)
Wimpy!  You had a Wimpy!  I'm so jealous.  That's my favourite burger place, and we don't have one near here.
My Mum is like your Mum.  I never leave her house, or she mine, without a huge pile of books to read.  Handy isn't it, like having your own personal library service!
Smiles at the nice taxi driver, 'cause hubby is a nice taxi driver too.
Sara   x

icklemisssexpot said...

I forgot to do your quiz i was so busy never mind will try the next one...Well done to all that did do it though :o) ...I put bowls of hot water into my freezer to defrost it quicker still seems to take forever though LOL...What match??? I have sky but not the pay for sports channels...Actually i have always loved football for the game and not the players HONESTLY...Mind you sometimes the odd dishy player is a bonus <ggg>    Caff x

labdancer51 said...

Well I`m looking forward to your next quiz Jen.  Congrats to Suzy and Denise.  I had to laugh at you using Trina`s sleeping bag to insulate your freezer food!  I`ve never read crime books but I`m told Minette Walters is a very good author.  I watched Elizabeth, I thought it was really good, can`t wait for the concluding installment. :-)

Sandra xxxx

shermeen0621 said...

I'm gonna have to come back on wednesday to play for next time, see if i can make it onto the leader board.
(smiles) what a way to spend your day off!
saturday i watch charmed, which i love. did manage to see a little of x-factor, but i dont really watch that. don't like british reality tv!
hope you're well, see you wednesday!

irisclyde said...

Well done Denise & Suzy! Shall we have another? I need the practice! Good luck with your appraisal.