Tuesday, 18 October 2005


Hi - Don't have much to say just had it in my head to make an entry!  I suddenly realised that I haven't posted the quiz answers I better do that LOL..........New quiz tomorrow peeps (if I remember ;-)!!

Did you see that rain this morning??  Guess who walked to work?  Yep yours truely!!  I have a new weapon you see (something I forgot to mention from the shopping trip on Saturday!!) and I nearly had to use it on the way home but that's another story!!  I brought a golfing umbrella from Woolies :-)  I didn't get wet at all!!  Plus I must've saved myself like £2 from not taking the bus!!  I said to my team leader the brollies gonna pay for itself!!  LOL.........

So why did I nearly have to use it??  Bicyclist!!  My new word LOL......Can't be bothered to say cyclist!!  I was happily walking along (listening to my walkman as usual), this was on the way home and it wasn't raining at this point.  I looked round like I usually do to make sure no-ones behind me trying to get past.  Anyway I look and a bicyclist is behind me so I move out of the way, but to begin with I was shocked he was there so it took me a few seconds to move.  As he went past he was shaking his head................. What was that about??!!  I moved - I tell you something they shouldn't get angry with me when I have my big brolly.  Put that in their spokes and they won't be angry anymore will they??  (sorry just had to get that off my chest!!)

Worked quite hard today!!  Paulines on hols until next Wednesday!!  Feelin' quite tired - I should go to bed but I wanted to post an entry!!  There is so much to do and read on the internet, most of my evenings are taken up by it LOL..........

Ooooooo that reminds me - I got the results back from the test I went for the other week and they've come back normal - which is good news *yay*

I think I might dye my hair again at the weekend.  I was gettin' it cut on Saturday and the light that was in there wasn't flattering for my hair - the top is covered in grey it's so depressing!!

I'm still not getting my comment alerts.  A few but not all of them - I must look into that.  My computer is playing silly bananas at the moment!!  It takes two attempts to turn the flippin thing off!!  It won't do the disk defragmenter thing - only reaches 4% and won't go any further.  I turned it on at 10am on Sunday to do it by 3pm it was still on 4%. Grrrrrrrrrrr.................I think maybe I should do a system restore but I can't be bothered with that at the moment!!  I can access the internet and that's the main thing :-)

I seem to be going on a bit in this entry aren't I??  I think I should go to bed and try to wake up in a more cheerful mood LOL.........Don't you find it hard to get up at the mo, in the dark?? I soooooooooo want to stay under my duvet!!

Anyhoo.............time to go!

Take care all xx

 Jen xx

p.s better go and update the answers to the quiz!!


wobblymoo said...

I think it's probably an AOL glitch, we haven't had rain here. WooHoo for the test results xxx

icklemisssexpot said...

brill news on the test results...It's AOL and it's infamous glitches the alerts thingy cos seems to be happeneing to everyone <sigh> No rain here you can keep it ROFL       Caff xx

jeanno43 said...

So glad about the tests results. We did not get any rain until this evening and only drizzle then

woodsey2 said...

Re the defrag only reaching 4%, are you stopping everything running at startup?  If you do that it should go all the way through without stopping.

Glad the test results came back clear :)

Jo xxx

suzyh73 said...

My alerts are off too for some reason *sigh* What colour are you going to do your hair? What was the bike doing o the pavement? Honestly you should have pushed him over or something!!!


sarajanesmiles said...

I thought the same as Su, about the bike being on the pavement, bad bicyclist ;o)  Great news about the test results though, yay you!  And, I know what you mean about getting up in the dark, that's my least favourite thing about this time of year!!
Sara   x

jeadie05 said...

Im pleased the test results came back O K ,what was the cyclist getting in astate for he shouldnt have been on the pavement ,this is the nice part about being retired I dont have to leap out of bed at the alarm clocks demand, any more  yay ,Ican snuggle down and come round in my own time ,   Jan xx

labdancer51 said...

That`s right, bikes on the pavement are a no no, naughty person was breaking the law!  Golf umbrellas are great except on a windy day....think Mary Poppins...lol!  :-)

Sandra xxxx