Wednesday, 26 October 2005

Get Ready to Ruuuuummbbbbblllllllleeeeeee

Hi Everyone - hope your week's are going okay? (That makes it sound like you've got more than one on the go - well you know what I mean LOL)

I am a happy bunny!!  If your a regular reader you'll probably remember that I was dead jealous of anyone having Sky One!!  Well last night my real player decided to play the video clips so I was able to watch it and I went to bed in an extremely good mood :-)  Today I've finished my book Bluebirds, not bad and I would recommend, easy reading and a happy ending what more could you ask for after all those people died!! After going to bed happy unfortunately though I had to wake up and go to work, damn it!!

Pauline's back from her holiday and of course, without disappointing she was in a rotten mood!!  The only good thing about this is I only have to put up with it tomorrow coz I'm off on Friday woohoo :-)  Spending the day with mum and then off to Bristol for the weekend.

That means of course I shall once again fall behind on the ol' alerts.  I'm not doing too well with them at the moment.  I don't know what it is I never seem to be up to date with anything the roger board, alerts, emails in general, my washing up and general tidying of the flat,  it makes me wonder what I'm doing in the evenings LOL...........

Still no gromit mug by the way - have found out that only certain stores have them - *tut* they don't tell you that on the advert do they??  I am going to have to catch two buses to get to Tescos and see if they've got any!!  That sounds like desperation doesn't it??

Have you been voting in the next round of journal awards?  I couldn't believe it last night I thought I'd pick one of the nominee's at random to see what it was like and the first thing I see once I've clicked the link is the guy has Brian May in his favourites - how cool is that??!!  LOL............

Right well as you know it's quiz night................(damn me having the tv on at the same time...........!!  I must concentrate on my journal LOL)  Here's the questions, if your taking part don't forget to EMAIL your answers :-)

1 - Clive Rice played cricket for which country? South Africa

2 - The green jacket is presented to the winner of which event? US Masters

3 - Gnocchi is a food from which country? Italy

4 - Which British jockey was jailed for tax evasion in 1987? Lester Pigott

5 - You Can't Hurry Love was the first no 1 for which male singer? Phil Collins

6 - Which Rik starred in The New Statesman? Mayall

7 - Michael French left which soap to star as Slade in Crime Traveller? Eastenders

8 - The three Christian brothers founded which group? The Christians

9 - What colour wine goes into sangria? Red

10 - In which decade did the driving test introduce a written section? 1990's

11 - In verse, which bells said You owe me five farthings? St Martin's

12 - Who was Ginger Roger's most famous screen partner? Fred Astaire

13 - Which pianist Russ had a 50s No 1.?  Conway

14 - Which green plant is widely seen on St. Patricks day?  Shamrock

15 - Who sang with Elton John on True Love? Kiki Dee

16 - On which radio station does Jimmy Young have a morning show? Radio 2

17 - Which Pat was flat racing's champion jockey in 1993? Eddery

18 - The warmth rating of what is measured in togs?  Duvets

19 - The song Memory comes from which musical?  Cats

20 - How many feet in a nautical mile?  6,080

Well that's it for today, Good Luck and don't forget to email your answers!!

Take care everyone


Jen xx


P.s this is just personal but been watching the NTA's on ITV and I reckon Peter and Paddy were robbed of the comedy award.  I would say that though, but only coz I don't find Little Britain funny!! 


jeanno43 said...

I do hope your get your mug, pity you have to travel that much to get it. Cool on the Brian May thing.  My votes went in immediately the site opened.  Too late for the quiz tonight, I must remember to try and do it .

sdrogerson said...

Cruel quiz woman make me feel stupid.............;-)

jeadie05 said...

I second everything Jeannette just said ,and who wrote Bluebirds? and I dont find little Britain very funny either !   Jan xx

woodsey2 said...

Tried Ebay for the mug LOL?  Hope you manage to get hold of one!

Jo xxx

shadp said...

Have a great day off on Friday - and a good weekend in Bristol. Say hi to the city for me - I lived in Bristol for about ten years, back in the last century!


irisclyde said...

Nice to see you happy! Have to ponder on some of the questions! Sounds like you're going to have a nice w/e! Have fun!

jules19642001 said...

I would try ebay for the mug. Have a lovely weekend :)..............Jules xxxxxxx

sarajanesmiles said...

Have a lovely weekend m'dear :o)
You never know, you might find that gromit mug while you're there!!
Sara   x

tillysweetchops said...

If I wasn't so late getting along here, I might have tried to play! Good fun!
Tilly x

abatwingedangel said...

Hi Jen,
Loving your journal! I've been reading for a while.
I hope you manage to find a gromit mug. We managed to get one, though my Dad had to look in no less than 6 supermarkets until he found it.
Take care :) xx

ghwt9996 said...

Hi Jen

Just a quick note to say hi!  I'm still floating about in the ether and always try to pop into a fellow Queen fans place :)