Wednesday, 12 October 2005


Hiya Everyone!!

Just a quick posting as tonight is quiz night!!  First a little chit chat between friends :-)  I've noticed that I don't appear to be receiving any alerts for comments - well maybe one or two!!  It's quite disappointing as I think no-ones reading   I shall have to go and investigate the here to help journal and see if there's any pearls of wisdom over there!

Did you see that rain today?  I couldn't believe it!!  You know how I walked home yesterday, well it started belting down when I left this morning so I resign myself to having to catch the bus and I get more soaked walking from my flat to the bus stop, than I did walking home last night!!  I walked home again tonight and didn't get very wet at all!!  I hate catching the bus to work especially when it's raining.  Firstly I don't get there till about 9.15am, if I was walking I'd be there by 8.45am.  Secondly the money aspect, and thirdly there's those people that say 'oh it's busy but only coz it's raining''s not our fault it's raining!!  We don't really want to catch your precious bus and if we had a choice we wouldn't!!  I was thinking about purchasing one of those golfing umbrellas, mainly coz when I reached the bus stop it died off a bit double

Had a good day at work - brain was working LOL.......managed to balance accounts that I wouldn't have done about a month ago ;-)  Learning all the time see..........Team day tomorrow and team leader and I will be lucky if we make it there!!  Lady we're supposed to catching a lift from is not feeling well and went to the docs today!!  She doesn't have team leaders phone number so we could be waiting for ages for someone whose not turning up LOL.........Anyway I shall probably post on Friday to let you know how it went :-)  Bet you can't wait for that one.............

Stop babbling jen and get on with the quiz - right here we go 20 questions EMAIL ME your answers!!

1) Who made the 'wind of change' speech?  Harold Macmillan

2) Elvis Costello was born in which country?  UK

3) Which planet is closest to the sun?  Mercury

4) Who sang 'Like a Virgin'?  Madonna

5) Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce formed which group?  Cream

6) Jack the Ripper operated in which city?  London

7) Which Mia married Andre Previn?  Farrow

8) In which series did the London copper say 'Evening, all?'  Dixon of Dock Green

9) How many yards in an acre?  4,840

10) Who won a BAFTA for his role in Lawrence of Arabia but not an Oscar?  Peter O'Toole

11) Who was the outgoing American President when Bill Clinton took office?  George Bush snr

12) Which British daily paper was founded in the 1960's?  The Sun

13) Michael Hutchence dated which model Helena before Paula Yates?  Christeanson (wrong spelling, can't read what I wrote)

14) Who was the first female presenter of 'Desert Island Discs'?  Sue Lawley

15) Ian Botham first played for which county?  Somerset

16) In which country is the city of Alburquerque?  USA

17) Which Spaniard won a British Open at golf?  Severiano Ballesteros

18) Tony Blair is MP for which constituency?  Sedgefield

19) Whose first chart success was 'Your Song'?  Elton John

20) In Dad's army who called Sgt Wilson Uncle Arthur?  Pike

That wasn't really gonna be number 20 but I couldn't put the original one down coz it would've given the answer to number 19!!  Some of them were tough!!  Still in the easy section of the book though so you have no excuses!! LOL............

Don't forget if your taking part EMAIL me your answers and I shall post up the scores on Sunday or Saturday :-)  GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!

Well take care xx


jeadie05 said...

Iemailed you the quiz ,Ibet Iend up suporting everyone again LOL    Jan xx

woodsey2 said...

I don't get comment alerts either!  Will have a go at the quiz a bit later on :) and we had the rain late last night and wasn't a bad day yesterday.

Jo xxx

wobblymoo said...

I get most of my comments but sometimes they go awol, always find entries eventually :)

suzyh73 said...

no alerts for me either..oooh quiz.....


sarajanesmiles said...

I haven't been getting all my comment alerts for a week or so now :o(  Hopefully it'll be sorted out soon, and we won't all feel so unloved anymore!  Hard quizzy questions this week Jen, I think I might take over the position right at the bottom this time, lol, but I shall have a go ;o)
Hope your Team day go's well.
Sara   x

rachealcarol said...

You are learning all the time Jen, you're doing great in the job.  We had rain.....and rain.......and thunder and then.......some more rain. Rache xx

irisclyde said...

Oooo.......difficult this one......very difficult, except the Eric Clapton one.....:o)

shadp said...

Well done for balancing those accounts - our Jen's obviously going places now! If you can walk to work, then just get a good brolly for wet days - and some wellies - to hell with the bus. That little face with the wobbly mouth does make me laugh - lol!


scribbler1959 said...

It's been raining?  Must've got away with it up here.