Tuesday, 28 September 2004

How to cheer up a mate :-)

Today i found out my mate didn't get her job.  Basically she had to apply for the job she is already doing for more money.  She went for it but kept telling me she wasn't gonna get it coz her face doesn't fit.  Up until Monday I believed her but then I started thinking 'maybe she's being stupid, maybe they would keep her on coz she already knows the job and she enjoys it there!'  So I thought as a nice gesture i would try and arrange and take her out for a meal if she gets it.  I managed to convince her when she rung last night that I wanted to speak to her boyfriend.  I used my bike as an excuse, (yes people it is fixed!!  AT LAST!!) and he thought the meal thing was a good idea. 

I rung her this afternoon and asked her if she got it and she said no but sounded really happy about it which I thought was strange coz if it was me I would've been devestated.  Still bless her she was fine!!  I actually told her about the meal idea and she thought it was sweet but not to worry, we would do something at a later date.  I decided to text her bloke and told him to give her a hug from me and that I'd told her about the meal idea.  He texted back saying why don't we take her out for a meal anyway as a way to cheer her up (even if she doesn't need it!)  I thought it was a great idea.  He gave me 10/15 mins to get home arrrrgggghhhh......(if I didn't have my bike this would not have been achieveable).  (I know I can't spell ha ha ha......)

I managed to get home, get changed and ended up waiting for them for about 5 mins.  When they pulled up outside Trina (my mate) said how she had no idea what was going on until they pulled into the road where my flat is.............She is soooooooooo gullible ha ha ha.........She didn't say anything when Wayne (her blokie) took the wrong turn from picking her up.  Apparently his excuse was he wanted her to get work stuff of her chest and not to talk about it at home so he would drive round town until she had.  Not a bad excuse huh? 

We had a right laugh!!  We went to the Malthouse which is a brewers fayre pub and it was nice and quiet (until we walked in anyway ha ha....) I think we succeed in helping her to forget if not then to put things into perspective.  She now wants to leave her job which is fair enough.  I think I feel angry for her though.  She's been doing the job for the last 4 years and she doesn't get it - really that stinks!!  Apparently they got her on the role play.  They told her it doesn't count towards the end result but when they were telling her whether she got it or not they told her that she hadn't because she didn't do the role play.  Soooo infuriating or what???  I made her night anyway coz I said as soon as any work comes up from my office I'll let her know asap.  We sooooooooo need help!!  I wish people could see that!!  I'm not gonna go on about that again coz I need my sleep :-)


sdrogerson said...

Well done you for being a good friend.
That's a really crap way to treat someone at work.

jeanno43 said...

Well, with friends like you, she will not go far wrong.  Same thing happened to my daughter when she was working. Been Managing the place for three years, there was a takeover and they all had to reapply for their own jobs. My daughter did not get hers back as the new people said they wanted someone with five years Managerial experience!!!! The workplace has changed so much.  Anyway, it was the best thing in the long run because out of it came our Grandson.