Tuesday, 7 September 2004

Pondering Myself

Right where do I start today?? Work is probably a good idea.  Our so-called boss was down in our office today so one of my colleagues gave it to him straight, in otherwords what's been happening in our office since this god for saken merger.  It probably hit a raw nerve coz he left at lunch time ha ha ha.........

I'm still trying to get some exercise!!  Today I've done about 20 mins of a step exercise - I was certainly sweating a lot afterwards (you didn't need to know that huh??)  Makes me feel good anyway!

My Ex has just been round coz his bank stuff is getting posted to this address.  He asked me a question and instead of giving him a straight answer I said I would have to think about it.  I have a feeling it's upset him, (what a shame!) coz he left in quite a hurry.  So why do I feel bad about it?  It's not like I owe him anything.  If it wasn't for him needing his space and getting annoyed with every little thing I did then I wouldn't be living on my own.  (I glad I am but still!)  The simple truth is he does my head in, it's like he can't let go which annoys me coz I wanna move on and experience what life has to offer.  Obviously it wasn't meant to be, why can't he see that??

When we were going through the split a Queen song helped me a lot the words meant so much and it was the first time a song had truely sounded like my life.  It's called 'Let Me Live' from the Made In Heaven album.  Some of the words are:

Baby why don't you give me, a brand new start

All you do is take, all I do is give, all that I'm askin' Is a chance to live

Why can't we just be friends stop living a lie.

There sorry about that peeps just felt I wanted to share that with you.  I think the last line is probably still relevant.  Oh god knows!!

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