Sunday, 5 September 2004

Bringing You up to Speed

Well hasn't today been beautiful - I've been to the beach with a friend it was good!!  Anyway I need to bring you up to date with my life!!  I started off life living with my mum and brother and then moved in with my mate and her family.  From there I moved in with my then boyfriend.  He was alright but it didn't work out after 3 years of living together and now for the first time in my life I'm living on my own.  I have to say it is very different to what you may imagine it to be.  Don't get me wrong it's certainly done me the world of good being on my own, I feel calmer!!

The other thing is I love the fact I have so much space in this place.  I never realised how small the last flat was ha ha ha......It's great that I can put pictures up and nobody will say anything about them, it's great I can go on the internet when I want and listen and watch anything I want.  It's definitely the single life for me at the moment!!

Other than starting up on my own, the company I work for has gone through a merger with another one and I've never known anything so chaotic in my life.  It's ridiculous but I shouldn't really go on about it on here I guess!!  I have applied elsewhere for a job though, it's certainly time I seriously started looking now that I've sorted out my home life, time to sort out my employment. 

Anyway I think I've outlined what's going on I just hope I can keep you guys interested in reading this.

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