Sunday, 29 January 2006

Wicked and I'm Lazy

Hi everyone - how are you all??  Is it cold enough for ya?? LOL  Before I begin my entry I just wanna send big hugs to Sara   I think she needs j-lands support at the mo :-)  Bless her!!

Anyway have you all had a good weekend?  As the title suggests I have been fairly lazy this weekend.  Well I have rearranged the kitchen - well as much as you can rearrange a kitchen anyway LOL!!  Tidied up the living room and sorted out my recycle stuff and had a general tidy up :-)  Feels good when you do that doesn't it?  I was thinking about rearranging my bedroom but I don't know if it'll work.  I can't move the cupboard cos whoever constructed that must've got it from the cheapest MFI they could find!!  I swear just one touch and it'll break whether it's got stuff in it or not LOL........still I shall contemplate it!!

Yesterday and today I've been out for a walk.  It's flippin chilly out there isn't it??  We've not seen any snow down here but I wouldn't be surprised if we did!  Isn't it strange what you see when you go for a walk?  Yesterday there were some army blokes down by the river doing some kinda training.  They would walk along for a bit and then duck down and hide (I suppose!!) It was quite amusing to see that!!  I'm sure there was something today but I can't remember it perhaps it will come to me at the end of the entry...........

Did you see 'Rabbit Proof Fence' last night?  I did, I remember when it was in the cinema and some work colleagues went to see it.  It was either that last night or Rat Race and I wasn't sure I fancied watching that!!  I definitely made the right choice what a film.  Very good and if you haven't seen it I reccommend it!!

I'm trying to avoid the subject of work but I suppose I have to mention it a bit.  K comes back to work (the lady who was on maternity leave) tomorrow and I'm nervous about it!!  I've told you all before as to why I'm nervous so I shan't moan on about it again!  I've been thinking about stuff this weekend and I really wanna job in the Devon Record Office, I reckon it would be really good and interesting and right up my street.  I've been wondering how I would go about getting a job there........Everyday when I walk into work there's pictures of all these people who different jobs on the walls and one of them is a woman called Eliza and she's an archivist.  I wanna do that!!  Instead I'm stuck sending out residential bills how crap is that!!  Don't go there jen...........I don't want my career there and if I don't do something soon I won't be able to move.  Problem is because of budget problems the council is not advertising for anyone, hence us having B do a part-time job share thingy within the office.  So I have to wait anyway but if I could see them advertising at least I know what I would need, qualifications and stuff!!  If I can't fulfill my dream, which I probably won't as I'm not sure I have the dedication, at least I wanna be working in something that I enjoy or is that asking too much??

Sorry I'm going on a bit aren't I??!!  Just I have these thoughts in my head and if I don't go on about it here, it shall probably fester all the time.  Anyway I shall have to go soon as Invasion will be on.........have you been watching that??  I swear that policeman blokie knows too much ;-) and how fit is Russell??!!

Before I go though I thought I'd post these pics.  These are from the Return of the Champions DVD and you can see me!!

 That's me, Cat and Sarah!!

 You can just about make me out as it's fading into Brian :-)

 This one is the Hyde Park bonus thingy at the end and you can see me as there's an arrow above my head :-)  (Thanks to Sarah for the screencaps)!

Well I hope you have a good week.

Take care


jlocorriere05 said...

Yeah, it's cold!! I can't wait for summer, I want it now! I hope you manage to find a job you want to do, it's soul destroying to do something you have no interest in. Have a good week, hope it'll warm up! Jeannette.  

stewielad1 said...

Cool pics!! You lucky thing. We had snow down here on Friday night, not much but enough for a little snow ball fight.

ghwt9996 said...

Hi Jen.

None of us ever really get the jobs we want.  Look at me, a budding writer who never comes to bloom and wastes his time counting bits of stationery.  Wonderful.  Being an archivist sounds like good fun and you never know what might come your way.  BTW I'm getting alerts of a sort, it says register a wireless device in me e-mail, weird.

Take care now

Gary x

wldconnie said...

It must be hard doing a job you do not enjoy. I always loved teaching until recently which is why I have now decided to retire. I like you pics. I loved Queen too. Do you know the musical is coming off in London very soon and going on tour? Have you sen it yet. Better be quick!Love Conniex

jaymact1 said...

Enjoying Invasion very much don't like the policeman at all. Glad you got all your choresd done come and do some for me Love Joan.

xleeleexf said...

Hey! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I hope my happiness comes back soon too, although im not feeling too bad today.
Good luck with the job searching, and i hope you find the one you want. I havent been watching that invasion, but i know my mum and dad are really in to it :)

keep reading:)


irisclyde said...

Oh look, isn't that Paul in his leather trousers??? It must be exciting to be on the DVD, I'll have to buy it soon. Hope a job comes up in the place where you want to work. You shouldn't give up, you're too young to! You've got years of your working life, so try to get the job you want. I know it's always that easy, but don't give up!

debbiewebb4465 said...

Hi Jenny, so glad I've found your journal, it's bloody freezing down here in Essex - I hate the winter - roll on the spring I say !! speak soon, take care, love Debbie xx

jeadie05 said...

It cant hurt to make enqierys about a job at that place ,you are far to young to be in a job your not happy with ............Jan xx

labdancer51 said...

Hi Jen,  I`ve got Rabbit Proof Fence on DVD and I think it`s a smashing film.  I taped Rat Race, watched some of it and wound it back, it was funny but not as funny as I hoped.  You DID make the right choice...! :o)