Wednesday, 18 January 2006

Alerts and more!!

I'm shocked and a little surprised!!  I thought I only had like 2 comments and I was gonna write an entry to rant and moan about it even though I said in the last entry I'm not really writing this for the comments.  I log into my journal and I have 6 comments - the message board thing worked :-)  I didn't get the comment alerts for them though :-(

I haven't a clue what is up with these alerts - I've deleted all my alerts and re-entered them all to see if that makes a difference.  I don't think it has but never mind!!

So are you all having a good week??  Mine's not so bad - work has been slightly insane!!  So many people are off sick, one of them being our team leader - bless her!!  Of course everyone's been receiving their accounts and ringing up about them.  It's like just when you start one job another one comes in and you've gotta remember where you were LOL........It was James's last day today!!  Goodness knows what he is going to do next.........I don't think even he knows!!  Line manager was trying to sort out his life for him though LOL....... Talking about her, just before xmas she broke her foot or toe or something in that region, and was on crutches at the xmas meal.  Well she's not using her crutches anymore and has returned to work.  I can't believe she's walking on it, I mean it's not healed yet surely??  Seems a bit strange to me coz surely she'd be doing herself more damage!!

Anyway enough of work!!  I've received an email from the bloke about the MP3 player.  First he said that it should work unless I have Windows 98 (which I have coz I live in the dark ages LOL), this angered me coz I'd told him I had that system and the disc was clearly not working!! He's finally agreed to send me a new disc.   I actually have a back up plan anyway - I'm gonna sell it to Trina if it works on their computer :-)

I'm finally getting somewhere sorting out my photobucket accounts - Yay me!!  Just hope the computer doesn't suddenly go wrong with all these pics saved on it at the mo!

Logged into MSN tonight to see who of my buddies was online.  Got talking to a girl I know through a Most Haunted group.  I've kinda drifted away from that side of things and gone more into my Queen stuff so felt kinda - I don't know - awkward (can't spell) talking to her!!  But lo and behold she's drifted away from them as well due to some bitchiness that went on, so we had a nice chat and hopefully we'll stay in touch!!

Not a lot has been going on this week - oh that reminds me I wanted to ask if any of you have ever read any books by Alice Hoffman?  I'm currently reading one of hers called Blue Diary.  It started off all lovey dovey and has turned rather nasty, which is good and I must say I like her style of writing.  I looked at some of her other books in Waterstones on Saturday and they look quite intriguing!!

Well don't know what else to blabber on about, so before I go THANKS for the comments :-)

Best wishes to you all xx


jlocorriere05 said...

Hi Jen, no I haven't read Alice Hoffman. I love reading but haven't had time to read since I got this computer!! I shall look her up when I go into Waterstones next time! Alerts have been playing up so much lately, time for AOL to do something about it maybe!! Jeannette.

jeadie05 said...

Ihavent read any thing by the auther you mention though will look out for her ,Igot an alert for this so maybe we'er back on track ,Did you ever locate your beaker ? ..............Jan xx

katie39041 said...

   I hope you are having a good week.My comments have gone astray,with me being new my confidence took a nose dive yesterday. I get about 5/6 comments a entry mind it might be my journal that is pants and everyones done a runner,lol. i love reading so i might look in to that book you are reading.
take care

jaymact1 said...

Hi Jen, so sorry I missed your last entry but as you know and I know now there is a problem with your alert. Enjoyed reading this entry and the one below never mind it will soon be payday.  When we retired we choose weekly payments for our state pension and it is great after years of monthly wages.  Sorry again Love Joan.

sdrogerson said...

Glad to have caught up on both your entries I missed!

labdancer51 said...

Hi Jen, Flippin` alerts, what`s going on I!  I`ve not heard of Alice Hoffman myself, I`ll have to check her out.  It`s nice to know that you`re as busy as usual at! :o)

Sandra xxxx

jules19642001 said...

alerts have been terrible lately.......I had the same problem with an MP3 player and windows 98 :(....................Jules xxxxxx

irisclyde said...

I had some vouchers for xmas and have just bought Return of the Champions!! Is that you shouting in the crowd??? I realy like Paul Rodgers singing with Queen. (Ok, I really like Paul Rodgers).

stewielad1 said...

Most Haunted is a cool program i love it. Derek is a bit of a tosspot when he goes into a trance. I think he puts it on.

mtrib2 said...

I am reading a publication that delves into primarily American History.   About early presidents and their accomplishments and pro-slavery views.   How the constitution of the United States talked about "rights" and "libertys" and then made slavery legal is beyond comprehension.   The article before that was about bananas and it was more interesting.   Did you know that the common banana (cavendish) was made sterile so as not to produce seeds?   It is one of the oldest cultivated crops.    mark

icklemisssexpot said...

Hope the new disc works and you can get your mp3 player working...alerts are so over the place i've given up LOL...Have a nice weekend  Caff xxx

sarajanesmiles said...

Hope you get your MP3 player sorted out m'dear, though glad you have a back up plan ;o)  Comment comment comment, he he!  
Sara   x

elainey2465 said...

Sorry I took so long to comment!!! I do get the alerts I'm just slow to comment! I think I might have a go at reading the Blue Diary - hey maybe we could start a book club or something - swap books!!! Something to think about. Laine xxxx