Wednesday, 4 January 2006

Don't Faint tis only me!!

 how are you all?

I've been thinking about this entry whilst at work, and to be honest I have no idea where to start.  I haven't done a proper entry since the beginning of December and there's so much to update you on that I'll be here forever!!

Instead lets just talk about xmas and new year for now and I'll update you on the rest some other time.  (The Queenonline meet up for a start and seeing WWRY!!  I have written out the details for that just need to copy and paste them in ;-)

So how was your xmas?  I turned my alerts off but have been doing some power reading over most of the journals to find out if you had a good time :-)  I finished work on the 23rd at 12 noon.  What a waste of a morning that was LOL...........We had no work to do, was eating mince pies, listening to xmas music on P's cd player and trying to do a quiz I was sent by email - which I surprised myself over LOL..............Went home, packed and made my way to mums.  Meggy opened her birthday pressie straight away (well it was on the 2nd December!!) Not sure if she liked it or not, it can be hard to tell sometimes but I suppose that's children for you...........

We went for a browse around the shops and to get some last minute groceries on xmas eve, and went for a meal at the pub.  It was really busy and noisy - there were kids everywhere.  At one point Santa made an appearance and the kids went noisier LOL.............One of Megs best mates was there and she moaned that it wasn't the real santa coz he got into a car LOL............. bless 'em!!  Next thing she's telling Megs that one little girl had said that Santa was gay!!  The youth of today I don't know...............*rolls eyes*

Xmas day was alright!!  My bro turned up, along with mum's partner's family and it was pretty quiet.  Meggy got excited with all her pressies, it was amazing to see how much she actually got!!  In the evening after a game of the Simpsons thingy that she got, Bro and myself started teasing her.  It was a good moment to remember, I know that sounds stupid but it was a moment of family and I just wanted to remember it!!  Don't worry it wasn't horrible teasing or anything like that ;-)  We wouldn't be that mean!!  In the evening Bro drove me home, along with my new Hi-Fi.  I didn't get it for xmas, mum just doesn't use it and said I could have it :-)  I curled up under my duvet and watched some rubbish on TV.

Wednesday - I went to Trina's to swap pressies.  You may remember that I had been working on Trina's which is why I couldn't post an entry!!  Well I had ordered all our photos from the past year of all the events we'd been to and done.  Our trip to Living Coasts, the gigs, meet-ups, the hen night, convention weekend, etc etc...........and what I did was to print out my journal entries of the memories I had written for those specific events and stuck them into a book with selections of photos from those events.  Trust me it sounds rubbish being described like that but it's not honest!!  It took me nearly the whole of December to get it done and by then I was up till midnight trying to get it finished and wrapped.  The rest of the photos went into a photo album.

We exchanged gifts and had a lovely roast meal :-)  We then went bowling which was fun, up to a certain point.  (I shan't go into it coz it's just not worth it - but let's just say some kids need to grow up!!)  In the evening we watched TV and it got too late for them to take me home and be back in time for Wayne to watch the footie so I stayed over :-) Even though I was not prepared!!

The next day they went shopping for a DVD recorder in the sales.  Trust me if you ever get invited with a married couple to do something like that - decline gracefully!!  It's THE most stressful time I've EVER witnessed!!  Then I got dragged into it (only joking Trine), but I did manage to get a bagless hoover in the bargin!!  (Damn I'm so broke LOL, but the hoover is sooooooooooooooo worth it ;-)

New Years Eve I went back to Trina's.  Met them at the train station with Cat.  We spent the afternoon eating, drinking and playing either 'Now that's what I call music' quiz or 'Bullseye'.  I love the music quiz coz I can win on that ;-)  LOL............At midnight we went outside and watched the fireworks and general silliness ensued!!  I'll upload the photos at some point.

New Years Day - I was irritated coz I was tired (didn't go to bed till about 3.30am coz I was watching a programme about Live8!)  and I was feeling depressed.  Anyway it was a lovely time spent with my mates :-)

New Years Resolutions (and you can hold me to them ;-)

- Be more creative - look what I managed to achieve for Trina with some hard work and dedication, imagine what I could do for myself!

- Get a passport - if I wanna go to eurodisney I have to seriously get one this year and who knows perhaps I could go to germany and meet my internet mates :-)

- Get fit and lose weight - who doesn't put that down??  I've really gotta try my best though - well not until the xmas food has gone ;-)

- Try to find a new job - where I am now is ok but it's no career!!  I just wanna find a more administrative post rather than finance related.

Well I hope you all had a good time and I'm sorry this is such a long entry!

That's pretty much brought you up to date - I shall post the photos another day.

Take care & best wishes



jaymact1 said...

Just thought i would check your journal to see if you were back with us and low and behold a nice big entry to read. Don't know why my alert for you did not work but i found you in the end.  Glad you had such a good time at the festive season and hope you keep to all those resolutions. Me I must loose some lbs or i will have ti o go naked. Thank for all the comments. Love Joan.

jeadie05 said...

Good to read all about your Christmas and new year,and to know you are ok ,Ididnt get an alert  but came via your comment on my journal ,Ithink theres been lots of missed alerts ..............Did you ever get your mug? ......Jan xx

elainey2465 said...

Hi Jen,

Wow you had alot to say hun. Thanks for looking at my journal and showing an interest in it - it means alot to me every comment I get.  Thanks so much! So you are going to be creative this year then - in what way? Im intrigued to know!! How long have you been writing journals for? They are a great idea - I never thought of doing it before - so that's why Im going to use it in my art.  Not sure how though yet - so really its exciting when you dont know what is going to happen!!

visit me again!! Love Laine xxx

icklemisssexpot said...

grrrr never got an alert for this...Oh well am here now :o) Sounds like you had a good xmas and new year :o) the pressie you did for your friend sounds brill...I don't have a passport either but i have no intentions of travelling abroad so my photo driving licence is good enuff to fly within UK.   Caff xxx

scribbler1959 said...

Hi Jen, Glad to hear you had such a good festive season with much festiving being done (that isn't a word by the way).  Best of luck with all the resolutions, particularly the job thing - I know it can eventually get really depressing plugging away day after day at a job that doesn't do anything for you.  If it ever gets to the stage where you actually dislike going in you know it's time to move on.  I love that graphic at the bottom - is it the new you all set to jet off to sunny Germany?
Best wishes for '06

funnyface0s0 said...

Hi Jen
Trina's pressie sounds fab-a-rooney!!   what a great idea, so thoughtful knowing you spent all that time making your friend a nice pressie of happy memories.
Glad Christmas went well, its nice to be with family isn't it?    Good luck with NYR, don't forget that they are made with the intention of breaking them or is that jus me?!

jlocorriere05 said...

I didn't get an alert for this one . Glad you had a good Christmas, hope Trina loved her pressie after all the hours you put into it. Happy new year, I hope you manage to keep all your resolutions! Jeannette.

irisclyde said...

Happy New Year to you! Ahhh, New Year Resolutions........I must think of some, that is, some that I might have a chance of keeping! Good luck with yours.