Tuesday, 24 January 2006

Tuesday Drivel!!

hi everyone :-)  how are you all??  Cold enough for ya??  Nah I didn't think so LOL!!

So what to tell you about?  King Kong was good, as you know (well I mentioned it in the last entry if you got an alert for it LOL), I went to see it Saturday night.  This meant I had to miss Casualty - hope it wasn't a good one!!  Trina reckons I've got a heart of stone cos I didn't cry over the gorilla dying!!  I kinda knew it was coming though and didn't really feel like crying.  My bottom did go numb though for sitting there so long!!

Trina made me have a go at the M&P fitness DVD.  We managed to do the warm up, stretching and part of the routine before we had to give up for Trina to concentrate on tea, (jacket spuds with cheese and bacon bits mmmmmmm........) The next day my legs were killing me but it didn't stop me for going for a walk.  I finally went all the way up to the train station to see how long it would take me.  Considering I was walking my usual amble it took about an hour.  So I could save money when I go to see mum.  Instead of catching a bus to town and then down to the train station, I walk!!  It was nice on Sunday with the sun shining!!  I was kinda hoping I'd get some inspiration on this walk but to no avail!!  Didn't really do anything else on Sunday - well nothing worth mentioning!

Works been ok, Team Leader is back from sick leave and it would appear that P is now coming down with it.  I feel so left out!!  P reckons I'm super fit or something cos I've only had a few days off sick and that was last year.  I said to her that i don't often get ill but when I do I know it!!  Which I suppose is true for anybody.  I don't know why I've not come down with any colds, could be cos of the walking, exercise who knows??!!  More to the point who cares LOL ;-)

I'm in a very queen mood at the moment!!  I know what regular readers are thinking - what's new!!  It's strange cos I go through times when I listen to nothing but and then go through times when I listen to anything but LOL But whatever mood I'm in if I hear them on the radio I yell and turn it up :-)  and sometimes start dancing around lol..........probably shouldn't admit to that!!

I've finished my book, it was very good!!  Have started 'The book, the film, the t-shirt' by Matt Beaumont.  A comedy writer.  I read his other book simply entitled 'E' which was based on a marketing companies emails for a week, short but simple - my kind of book LOL ;-)  No seriously it was good fun!

Anyway..........don't know what else to drivel on about - I was thinking about bringing back the quiz but if your not getting the alerts there's probably no point!

Well until next time peeps.

Take care & Best wishes


elainey2465 said...

Hi Jenny - well I got this alert!! Crikey I cried when King Kong died even knowing what was coming LOL - means Im a softy LOL. I'm reading The book about Caron Keating at the moment - probably why Im so depressed - but it is a good read. Laine xxxx

jaymact1 said...

Got an alert for you ok today and the last one too.  Glad you enjoyed the movie its nice to get out sometimes.  Hope you decide to start the quiz again you stopped just when I found you. Bye just now Joan.

jlocorriere05 said...

I got an alert for this but I think I missed the last entry! I'll go back and have a look. Haven't seen King Kong yet but heard it's good. I walked from Torquay coach station once down to the harbour with a suitcase loaded with vinyl LP's!! It was back in the sixties, if ever you want to get fit that's a sure way to do it!! Jeannette.  

sdrogerson said...

got this alert............ ;)

jules19642001 said...

got an alert for once, and I am glad. Well done on the walking. I will be glad when it is nicer weather so I can do my walking again................Jules xxx

jeadie05 said...

I got an alert for this Jen ,and yes it has been cold ,its good you dont get colds often your rather tempting fate are't you ?.............Jan xx

stewielad1 said...

I've not seem King Kong because I know I will cry. I still cant watch Watership Down without crying my eyes out!! Dont watch Brokeback Mountain..its a pile of shit!!

rachealcarol said...

I like the way they made King Kong Jen, he's so huge.....but cute, but like yer say, the fella had to die. Enjoy the new book. Rache xx

sarajanesmiles said...

Jacket spuds with cheese and bacon bits sounds Mmmm :o)
Typical Sara, picking out the part about food to comment on!!
Sara   x

labdancer51 said...

Hi Jen,  well I got THIS alert anyway!  I loved King Kong but didn`t cry either, I mean to say, we all know what happens at the end , don`t we...lol!  I was a VERY long film though, 3 hours is a long time to sit still.  I loved the quiz and if you want to bring it back one day, fine, I`ll have a go! :o)

Sandra xxxx

irisclyde said...

Walking is my favourite exercise, because it's easy! I don't do enough of it at the moment though. Still enjoying The Return of the Champions, but I wish I would have thought of buying the DVD instead!

mtrib2 said...

I don't think I will see Kong.   I have bought all 3 of the Trilogy, Lord of the Rings, by the director and enjoy them because they are made so well.   I have read the books and will read them again some time so I know whats going on exactly as I don't hear every word they are saying.   At first I did not want to see the Trilogy because I already had my own image of the tale created in my mind just like a movie.  lol   I don't listen to the rock and role music that I listened to so many times for many years.   In fact I am not listening to much beside the TV at night.   I have a perforation in my one ear that needs to be there to keep fluid from accumulating, so I hear a noise all the time.   I am used to it and it does not bother me.     Queen has some excellent music that will remembered for future generations to reflect on.     mark

scribbler1959 said...

I cried like a gurl when Kong fell off the Empire State but I'm a big soft old Hector!
Why didn't his foot come off when that T. Rex was hanging off the end of it?

woodsey2 said...

I never went to see King Kong, maybe i should go now after your review!  Well done on the walking, well done on not coming down with a cold, you can have mine that i have had for a few weeks!

Jo xx

icklemisssexpot said...

well done you on the walking and exercise :o)  Not seen king kong and not gonna bother, it's not my cup of tea and besides i know the story already...Bring back the quiz i was doing well at it <ggg>  Caff xx

shermeen0621 said...

(smiles) are you serious? a walk, in this weather? yes, its way too cold for me! my body was shaking when i got in from work today and tried to put the key in the door. i swear it took me five minutes...well, maybe i exaggerate slightly.

I haven't seen King Kong, my brother wanted to see it. but the thought of sitting through all that brings back bad memories of Lord Of The Rings and Speed 2: Cruise Control. The two longest movies i've ever seen.
Still, i'm glad you enjoyed it!

Shermeen xx

oddb0dkins said...

Hi Jenny, just having a Sunday morning stroll myself - around journal land.

I'm not the biggest Queen fan you'll ever meet but there's no getting away from the fact that they are damn good. I managed to get to see them last year in Hyde Park with Paul Rogers, who I am a fan of. Needless to say they were awesome. Freddie may be missed but they've found a the best replacement possible I think.
Barry. x

wldconnie said...

Thanks for your link to your journal. I have just read through a couple of entries and it seems really good. You are not drivelling on...you are being creative! Please do visit me someday. I am a lot older than you but very young at heart! It is very cold out there today...just went out for the paper. However, walking will do you good. I am now on the usual diet and fitness regime. I only have 4 stone to lose! Love Conniex