Monday, 3 January 2005

New Years

Well I'm still trying to catch up!!  So here's an update for New Years :-)  Oh before I do that I have a big thank you for Stuart coz he sorted the problem out for me!!  Stuart I don't know where'd I be without ya THANK YOU!!

Right onwards.......I came home from mums on the Tuesday and the phone rang.  It was T saying I was going to her's for New Years Eve.  I did ask if I had a choice and guess what............No I didn't!!  I had thought if I'm gonna spend the rest of this year on my own why not spend New Years on my own.  T wouldn't hear of it and then my batteries went so I guess that was that!  Plus no other offers came in :-(  Story of my life lol...........(god I'm starting to feel sorry for myself)...........

So T & W picked me up at about 3pm on Friday and we got back to theirs and they had to take Dibley to the vets coz apparently he's been sick.  (He's a cat for you enquiring minds out there ;-)!!  Everytime I go to T's Dibley or Soloman have to go to the vets.  Anyway whilst they were gone it gave me a chance to read some more of my book.  Nearly finished it was getting exciting!  When they eventually came back we had to go shopping but before we did there was presents to exchange.  T said she wasn't gonna spend that much on me but I have a feeling that was a lie and it made me feel guilty about the state of her presents.  Anyway I got Shrek 2 DVD, Friends series 10 DVD, Ben Elton's Post Mortem, a book to write in with an elephant on the front, deodarant.  From T's mum I got a teddy from her trip to France, a crystal and money :-)  Not bad!!

We went shopping and I spent the money on booze :-)  that is something very unlike me!  But I was in the mood to get merry, and I wanted to make sure I had enough to do that on!  We got loadsa picky foods and a couple of pizzas.  We were all set :-)

We decided not to go out in the end, well with all the money we had spent on food and stuff we couldn't let it go to waste.  Plus with all the people that do go out I wasn't totally convinced I would enjoy doing that.  I'm not one for clubs and it takes me a while to start enjoying myself.

Saying that though I think we had a good time staying in.  Instead of watching tv we played games instead......what a laugh that was!!  We played that game where you write down a persons name and stick it to someone elses forehead and then you gotta try and guess who you are.  We had santas little helper, merlin, fred west, derek acorah, eeyore, bob geldof, del boy, inspector gadget, and many more.  The best one of the night came from W and he stuck it to T's head.  It was socratees.  Probably not spelt right but it was soooooo funny, knowing she wasn't gonna get it LOL.........(she did eventually).

Soon it was midnight, I kept asking T if people let off fireworks around where she lives but she said she didn't think they would.  LOL was she proved wrong.  We went outside and someone down at the end of the road was having a party and there was fireworks going off all round us.  There was some fantastic ones, that went boom right above where we were standing.  I liked them the best :-)  At midnight we hugged and tried to sing Auld Lang Syne but none of us know the words........W went back in not long afterwards and T and myself stayed outside and started dancing in the middle of the street to the tunes that the house with the party was playing.  Not long after midnight I heard Radio Ga Ga coming from one house, must have been a sign ;-)  LOL

In the end I had about 4 smirnoff ice's, 2 reefs and a black smirnoff and I didn't feel a thing.  I was happy but I put that down to the company I was keeping.  Next year I think I shall drink wine instead LOL!

Well here's to 2005 and the Queen tour!!  Awaiting those dates so patiently!!  :-)


jeanno43 said...

I just knew Stuart would sort it out for you, he is brill!!!  Glad you had such a good time (mental image of you dancing in the street lol) xxxxx

sarajanesmiles said...

Ooh, Smirnoff Ice!!!  Had my first Smirnoff ice on Boxing Day, think it will become a good future friend - the girl likes vodka :o)
Honestly, I hardly ever drink alcohol, but when I do I do, if that makes sense!!!
Glad you had a good New Years Eve, probably had much more fun than you would have had in a club.
Sara   x

sdrogerson said...

Queen = bleh = ;-)

irisclyde said...

Well, I'm not having another glass of wine again.....until Saturday when I'm going out, so I'll have to! The Queen tour will be very popular I'm sure!

jules19642001 said...

glad you had a good new year,  I was drinking vodka wkd's the blue ones.....Jules xxx

juliebreezej said...

Hi, loved reading your journal, i know you have visited mine and i thought it was about time i repayed the compliment, nice reading,take care xx Juliexx

ghwt9996 said...

Don't worry Jen, I'm sure those offers will be in for you next year so stop feeling sorry for yourself, that's an order :-)

I know the game with the post-it note on your head, great fun from such a silly and simple idea.

Dancing in the street?  You wasn't doing a Wayne's world to Bohemian Rhapsody was you?  Radio Gaga definitely a sign!


kingofankh said...

I had the misfortune of hearing Queen playing with their new singer on the TV over Christmas.  I was hugely disappointed.  The lads were fab though, as expected, but they need a better singer.  No-one will ever replace Freddie.

quartrlyfecrysis said...

So glad you had a fun New Years doll!  I go for the wine, a little bit goes a looooong way ;)  We did champagne for New Years and with the bubbles it definitely hits you harder!

Happy 2005 doll!