Monday, 10 January 2005

2 days to go :-)

Hi everyone - how are you?  So here I am crawling towards Wednesday


Todays not been too bad at work.  The accounts are keeping us busy which I like :-)  Shocking news today the wicked witch has handed in her notice!!  But to be honest I don't think I should worry about her!!  After she saw me in Sainsbugs she's not been too bad.  Instead there are two other girls in that room I don't know what to make off.  Also I'm getting the impression if you ain't in a steady relationship this isn't the office for you ha ha......that's all they talk about!!.......well that and football.......

Didn't the grecians do well on Saturday?  Earnt themselves a replay at St James Park and it's gonna be televised.  That'll be weird watching that when it's being played the other side of the city ha ha...........Their goalkeeper did well and the boys played well and it was a shame they didn't score.  I doubt if they'll make it through to the next round but that would be good if they did coz apparently then it would be Middlesborough at home!!  Anyway we shall see and I shall be watching :-)  Next Wednesday I think!!

2 days to go till T and I go to London :-)  (Technically it's nearly only 1 day)!!  We've found out that Wednesday and Thursday the sun is supposed to shine.  When I mentioned it to T she said 'good weather for star stalking' LOL couldn't have said that better.  She rang me when I left work.  Apparently her other half had found out about a gig that is being held at the Cardiff millenium stadium for the tsunami victims.  It's being billed as the next 'Live Aid'!  Well she wanted to know if I wanted to go as there are tickets left.  I said yeah why not thinking she meant sometime in July but it's in 2 weekends time :-)  Tix only cost 15 quid and Feeder and Jools Holland are definites.  People who might go are Stereophonics, Lost Prophets, U2, Manic Street Preachers and Robbie Williams.  I'm just glad I'll be able to get to see Feeder and I'm crossing my fingers for the Lost Prophets.  But I don't reallymind it should be a good laugh anyway.  We won't have to stay over as W will be able to drive us home the same night bless him........

So I think that's all my news :-)  It's good to see Del back lets up she updates pretty soon.

Take care everyone


sdrogerson said...

Most of your post is over my head.
Del's back?

irisclyde said...

I can feel the excitment rising! Hope you have a great time on Wednesday & then another gig too! Know what you mean about being with people who are in relationships when you're not! At least you can talk football, which I can't! :o)

sarajanesmiles said...

Talk about relationships is BORING, much more interesting to chat about going to gigs 'n' stuff.  Women in offices can be so wierd, I never felt I fitted in an office until my last job, but that was an office in a warehouse so doesn't really count as a proper office!  You go have fun girlie :o)
Sara   x

jules19642001 said...

I am praying for rain on Wednesday cos I said I would go fishing with Mick if it is sunny!! Hope you have a good time in London.......Jules xxxxx

ghwt9996 said...

The money Exeter will get from the extra income will be very useful for them, a tidy sum I'm sure.  I have a feeling that Man U might be wheeling out the Rooneys and Ferdinands for the next match though.
Enjoy your gigs, sounds like a cracking event.

jeanno43 said...

Well they got the weather right. Hope that you enjoy your trip. Glad that pain in the bum is leaving xxxxx