Sunday, 2 January 2005

Update since xmas

Hello everyone :-)  Hope you had a good xmas and new year!!  Since I've come back from mum's I've been trying to catch up with reading about you guys before I updated mine.  I'm now fully updated with your journals so here's my update.

Actually before I continue does anyone know what's happened to my journal and how I can correct it?  I thought maybe the bridal picture was too big but I've resized it and it's not made a difference - please help!!  Thank you in advance!

Right xmas - getting up to mum's was no probs.  I decided to go later and caught a train around 12/1ish.  They'd put extra carriages on the train and when it stopped at our station there was hardly anyone on it.  :-)  Got to mums and we went up to the shop, and had chips for tea whilst we watched Shrek - probably the best thing on TV all xmas!!  Stayed up till about 12ish and was sharing a room with my ickle sis......

XMAS DAY - Everybody had to get up before Megs could open any pressies which was good.  The last time I stayed there I missed her opening her pressies and she'd opened one of mine :-(  But this year was different.  She handed them out and we opened them when we were given one.  I will not even attempt to list what she got it would go on for ever!!  I got perfume, a jumper, money, unofficial Queen calendar, Live at MK bowl on cd, little bag of choccies, and I think that was all!!  The rest of the day was alright.  My brother, my mum's boyfriends brother and mother turned up and we had dinner.  After dinner the blokes went into the living room to watch 'Gangs of New York' (I've still not see that yet) and the women went into the other room to keep Megs entertained.  We tried playing operation.  That has to be the worst present I've ever brought her.  It's soooooooo tricky!!  Once that had been attempted we did some colouring.  Megs played up for most of the afternoon which did my head in a bit.  Eventually the visitors left.  It was nice to see my bro, managed to get an up to date piccie of him :-)

BOXING DAY - Got up quite late, couldn't really be bothered to get up at all, was managing toread some of my Minette Walters book and was hoping I might finish it.  Anyway we spent the morning watching TV.  In the afternoon we went to Nan and Grandads.  It was the first time I had been there and to be honest I wish I hadn't!!  You see the last time I'd seen my nan & grandad was back when I was a teenager and they lived in this house that they'd lived in for years and I always remember Grandad tending to the garden that was a steep slope and Nan tending to the rayburn in the kitchen or going for walks with me :-)  But seeing them I could've cried.  They live in a bungalow and Nan has a walking frame, neither of them can remember anything and nan apparently keeps falling down :-(  What makes me even more angry is that my uncle who doesn't live that far from them doesn't see them that often and when he does he's probably only there for like 5 minutes.  Grrrrrrrr.........Mum said she was gonna ring the social worker anyway and try and get them some proper help.  Apparently they won't move up to live near mum!!  It's the independant thing we had it with my nan on my dad's side.  Also their phone is in the hallway and they can't hear it ringing when the TV's on.  Such bad mum and I take megs into the park outside nan and grandads but it's too cold and wet and she doesn't wanna go on anything.  I felt like giving up!!  Got some pics of both my grandparents.  At least I can say I've seen them now :-)

From there we went to R & B's house, friends of my mums.  When I was little we lived in a village and they lived at num 5 and we lived at num 2.  Mum and R were good friends and still are :-)  I thought it was gonna be alright.  First off it was weird being back in the village, even more so to park in front of our old house.  Secondly B was drunk and p***ed me off!!  I didn't mean for it to happen and I only hope I didn't ruin my mums fun, it's just when you get asked the same question about twenty times it kinda does your head in!!  I couldn't stand it.  He commented to mum about how I would say once we were in the car about how I never want to go back there.  Once we were in the car I kept quiet as Megs wanted to go to sleep and kept telling us all to be quiet.

MONDAY - I was planning to go home but Megs begged me to stay and said to mum about how she wanted me to stay for 100 days.  LOL bless her!!  To be honest with you it wasn't as bad as I thought.  I've never really got on with my mum's boyfriend but I think we were quite civil to each other during xmas and stuff.  On the monday we went to the sales!!  Oh dear what a mistake!  Quite funny though as mum went home with about 7 dvd's and 2 toys for megs and I went home with a reduced official Queen calendar and a calculator that was only 2 quid :-)  I'm getting pretty good at this saving money lark!!  That night we watched Arthur which is quite good and I recommend it to anyone!!

That's all the update from xmas all in all it wasn't so bad, and my flat was fine when I got home Yay!!


sdrogerson said...

One of your copied entries and or graphics is causing the problem as it was too wide to start with.
Can't quite work out which one Jenny.

sdrogerson said...

Out of Office replies is the culprit entry

ghwt9996 said...

Sounds like you had a great time.  Your journal is all as it should be again :-)  Stuart really is a bit of a web guru isn't he?
Gary :-)

sarajanesmiles said...

Sounds like you had a great time :o)
It is sad when things change, my Grandparents always lived in the same house, and my Uncle still lives there.  It's not the same though, as they are not there.  I still miss the house I grew up in, that's how much I hate change!!!
Sara   x

jules19642001 said...

Happy New Year, sounds like you had a lovely time........Jules xxxxxxx