Friday, 31 December 2004

Quick One

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU IN J-LAND :-)  Hope you get what you hope for!!

(I will give a proper entry some other time.  I like the new game Stuart - I've got to Level 6 last night but can't remember how to do screen shots - oh well never mind!!) 


sdrogerson said...

You use the Print Screen button (or Prt Scr). Hit it. It takes a snapshot of whole screen and places it on clipboard.

Then open email and paste it and send then send it

sarajanesmiles said...

And a Happy New Year to you too, from a fellow smiley paintball fan :o)
Sara   x

irisclyde said...

Wow, level 6! Not got past level 1!
Happy New Year!

jules19642001 said...

hope you have a wonderful new year.......Jules xxxxxxx