Thursday, 23 December 2004


Well that's it until the 4th January!!  I'm writing that here so I remember coz no doubt I'll turn up a day early :-P  LOL  It wasn't a bad day today I had my monthly probation and my team leader seems to think I'm doing ok - so I guess that's a bonus.  We both had a moan about the bloke who sits opposite me - unfortunately he's starting to grate on my nerves coz everything you talk about he's been there, or he knows someone whose done must know the type - irratating as hell LOL.......still who cares it's christmas :-)

  This entry is really to let you know that I'm going away for the next two to three days and as my mum's computer is playing silly beggars I probably won't be updating this or reading yours!!  So I'll catch you all when I get home no doubt :-)  Till then



(and roger ;-)   I made that it's good in't it? LOL



jeanno43 said...

The man who sits opposite you sounds just like my brother!!!!
Enjoy your trip away and have a wonderful Christmas. I think it is going to be very quiet on journals over the next few days.  As we are spending Boxing Day on our own, I shall miss not seeing my friends writing on their journals.  MERRY CHRISTMAS xxxxxx

sdrogerson said...

Have a good time.
Look forward to your return!

sarajanesmiles said...

Have a fantastic Christmas Jenny :o)
Enjoy enjoy enjoy, and come back soon!!
Sara   x

jules19642001 said...

Hope you have a wonderful time.............Jules xxxxxxxxxxx

ghwt9996 said...

Your entry comes across my screen all wide for some reason.  Anyway, have a great xmas Jen and as for Roger, it looks like he's slightly mad...

Gary x

irisclyde said...

Have a really good time over Christmas and hope you get lots of nice presents!