Tuesday, 21 December 2004

Secret Santa & Xmas Lunch

Before I start with the proper entry I looked for T's dress on the internet and I came across this which is the same number and the same make - I don't remember it having that pattern though - well my memory's like a sieve anyway!  So here it is :-)

Today was the xmas lunch and secret santa, but I'm gonna start on yesterday instead :-P  I was dreading going to work, but not long after I was there I heard my name mentioned.  It was the wicked witch.  She asked if I had been in Sainsbugs on Sunday when I said yes she said she would've said hello except she wasn't sure it was me :-0  Then we had a conversation.  I couldn't believe it!!  That set me on a small high because I really didn't think she liked me.  Ok I know a conversation doesn't mean that she likes me but it's close isn't it?  I also managed to deal with most of my calls and so I was pretty chuffed with myself :-)

Today I was worried again as it was the secret santa day!  Again I'm a silly muppet - I shouldn't have been!!  The morning was okay I managed to sneak my pressie in when I walked in!  Then at about 11.30am one of the team leaders walked in as she was on holiday and the two team leaders gave out pressies to everyone in their team!  Even though I've not been there a month I still got a pressie too :-)  Awww isn't that sweet of them!  I haven't unwrapped it but you can tell it's chocolate ;-)

Next they did secret santa - people got some good pressies (not like my last office - my last line manager was given a blow up doll, don't ask lol)!!  I was given two photo frames, I was quite pleased with it.  I'm not sure if the guy liked what I got him - unfortunately I didn't see him unwrap it!

Xmas lunch was nice was sat next to my team leader and the woman who sits next to me!  I had turkey followed by xmas pud!!  Later on the wicked witch had another conversation with me.  Things are looking up!!  Only two more work days and then I'll be off to mum's for a couple of days.  Tell me something do you need to switch the water off if your not around?  Just curious coz I heard that on the radio.

By the way to those of you that have thanks for the e-cards they are really nice and it's sooooo sweet that you thought of me!  (That's not a hint to the rest of you by the way ;-)

Sorry it's a boring entry can't really think of anything interesting to write!!


jeanno43 said...

Lovely dress, I could never fit into something like that lol and I wish I looked as good as her as well.  Secret Santa, I remember Becky and all that when she was working.  Have a wonderful Christmas xxx

kingofankh said...

Very foxy.  You will have to model the dress for us.

irisclyde said...

Pleased to hear that work is better. I don't turn the water off when I go away. Have a lovely Christmas, relax and enjoy!