Sunday, 19 December 2004

Some Kind of Beautiful

Well I promised a proper entry today so I better get on with it ;-)

Unfortunately the smilies had to go because of spyware!!  Wasn't sure what it was until Stuart kindly pointed it out - doh @ myself LOL

Friday - was not a very good day at work :-(  I felt very miserable and very incapable of doing the job when I made YET another mistake.  I'm coping with it the best I can though and trying to take one day at a time - eeeekkkk it's nearly Monday!!

Saturday - Well as some of you maybe aware we went dress shopping for T's big day!!  She and I have been friends since secondary school so when I did see her in the dress I welled up and would've cried except we weren't the only customers in the shop!  The other customers was this other girl trying on dresses and two people who my mate, myself and the sales lady who was attending to T, thought were her parents.  Apparently it was her mum and her husband to be :-O  talk about being shocked!!  It was quite funny.  Anyway we had never seen these people before and when T was stood on the box in the dress with her hair slightly up and a veil and a tiara and shoes the bloke said, she looked wonderful!!  This coming from a total stranger, we knew it was the one she had to go for.  Plus I noticed afterwards that his bride to be started copying the look especially coz he thought T had the wow factor and this woman didn't LOL.  The dress is ivory with rum coloured roses on it but their very small and silver thread which attaches all the flowers (this is a bad description - I'll see if I can find a piccie).  It has off the shoulder sleeves (which will cover up her tattoos and a sort of v necked front.  The train at the back has the same pattern on it and buttons that go all the way down.  Looked kinda weird when it was hanging up but when she had it on it wasn't so bad!  The veil (which she wasn't gonna have one!) is a long one which is about the same length as the train of the dress and has little sparkly flecks in and when they catch the light it's amazing!!  I've seriously never seen that side to her and it was quite stunning :-) 

The sales lady made her try on two other dresses but we were both so overwhelmed by the first one it didn't make a blind bit of difference!!  So she decided to order it then and there.  Then unfortunately it was my turn!!  I'm not into girly things and what made it worse they didn't have a single dress in my size so everything I tried on I couldn't imagine what it would look like!!  Eventually we have settled on what was called victoria rose coloured, which is basically a dark pink (she's got her wish and put me in pink grrrr.....) which matches the flowers on her dress.  It also has a slight v-neck and is a two piece bodice and long skirt.  She's only having two bridesmaids and the other is 8 years old so we're hoping she'll find something that will match!  The sales lady suggested getting some flowers the same colour to put in the bridesmaids hair which sounded really nice but I guess we'll have to wait and see!

Right enough of this girly stuff onto the toilet scenario!  Just after I moved in, in August the toilet made some funny gurgling sounds and the water started rising when I flushed it but the water gurgled in the bath and went back down again.  This was at the time of all that heavy rain.  Well yesterday it had been heavy raining for a good few hours.  I went to the toilet and noticed the water was slightly higher than usual.  But I went anyway (well I was desperate!).  Then as I was about to flush I noticed the water had risen even more arrrrggghhh.....but I had to flush so I did, but the water didn't go down.  So when I put my entry in last night I was panicking that I wouldn't be able to go to the toilet again and that I'd have a flood - luckily at 12pm when I went to bed I noticed it had gone down, coz it had stopped raining *phew*  Sorry about that - hope you weren't eating at the time ;-)

Today nothing's happened except I've finally accured enough nectar points to get 5 quid off my shopping.  What a con I've had that card since August and it's taken me till December to get money off!!  The only card worth anything is the boots one!!  If you spend enough in there the next time you go in and you don't have any money you can pay using the card - sorted!!

My nan rung today - that's twice within a week, she must be lonely!!  I've made a pact with myself that I am definitely gonna go and see her in the new year.  I haven't seen her in years and now she's in a home in Bedford.  :-(  I'm planning to go with my big bro' which will be a nice surprise for her!!

Well xmas lunch is on tuesday if nothing exciting happens tomorrow I'll update more then :-)

Take care everyone!!  (extra note my dads just rung - haven't spoken to him since August - more shocked lol)


sdrogerson said...

Saz is doing her dissertation on Nectar Cards!

jeanno43 said...

Well, I sort of got the gist from your description of the dress, sound lovely.  Glad it covers her tattoos lol.  I do not like them on women where it shows!!!!  What is wrong with pink?  I am sure you will look wonderful.  Be glad to see the pics when the time is right.  Glad you got your loo sorted out. xxxxxx

irisclyde said...

The dresses sound lovely, I never wear pink either, but it doesn't sound like proper pink! That's nice that you're going to see your Nan and hope hearing from your Dad was good too.

sarajanesmiles said...

Nothing wrong with tattoo's, says she with the little daisy's on her ankle :o)
Glad you found a nice dress, and am sure you will look stunning on the day, even if it is pink - secretly love pink, though used to be very much a wearer of black, brown, blue etc!!  Discovered I'm a girlie girl after all, pink and flowers, almost horrifies me ;o)
Sara   x

jules19642001 said...

The dress sounds beautiful, glad you had a lovey time looking for it...........Jules xxxxxxxxxxx