Saturday, 11 December 2004

Give Peas A Chance

 OH MY GOD!!!!

According to an interview that was done over in Germany with a certain Mr T there is gonna be a tour next spring <<<<<< me!!  Then apparently whilst they were on stage Mr M confirmed it!!  I know I've heard this all before and never really believed it but this time I do!!  Don't ask me why!  But then the question comes into the reality how am I gonna pay for this??  I was very lucky 5 years ago when Mr T toured coz my mate payed for us to go to 7 of his shows paying for tickets, b&b's and train tickets.  I know how much she spent then and there is NO WAY either of us can afford that now!!  I mean for a start she's getting married next August and I'm renting so all my money is going to that!!  What are we going to do?  Win the lottery I think is the only answer!  Of course with this tour announced that means we shan't be going to the convention.  That is a shame coz I had a plan when we got there and also it would've been our 10th one and it's their 20th so that's kinda special!!  Oh I'm sure something will come together!!

Anway today I went shopping (even if I should now be saving)!!  I brought a fab t-shirt which says 'Give Peas A Chance' LOL isn't that funny?

I've decided I ain't gonna change my puncture so that story will have to wait for another time.  Things just ain't going right today.  I tried to get rid of my rubbish in the section here at the block of flats with the bins in!  Well you need a key to get into this place, so I took my key with me - walked across the car park with all the other flats around me (so people could see what I was doing) and put my key in the lock.  Blimin' thing wouldn't turn!!    I tried and tried and tried and no luck, so I thought what am I gonna do with this bin bag now?  Luckily there are some bins on the other side of the front car park so I put it in there but why wouldn't my key work?  grrrr......

The other day my light bulb went in the bathroom.  So I get my little footstool in there, manage to get the bulb out but all this other stuff falls down too.  But it's not a two pin bulb like most others are!!  So I go traipsing all over town trying to find this type of bulb but could I find it, NO!!  When I get home I decide to investigate further.  I manage to unscrew the main bit and get the lamp down.  There's another bit that's all kinda yucky so I pull at that and it breaks up and most of it falls on the floor.  Turns out it is one of those two pin bulbs but has just rotted away   How stupid did I feel??  Don't answer that....................... lol

I still don't feel very christmasey!!  Even watching that silly stuff of christmas mania on the tv.  Alright I was on the phone during the beginning bit and now I've turned it off but I haven't wrapped my pressies and I haven't written any cards.  I just do not feel like doing it!  I don't know - maybe I should wear my xmas hat and that might get me in the spirit!

Well I shall leave you pondering these thoughts - till next time................


sarajanesmiles said...

OK, am new to your journal, so have to ask... who is Mr T, and who is Mr M?!!
Like that 'give peas a chance' thing :o)
Is daft, I like daft!!
Sara   x

jules19642001 said...

whos Mr T and Mr M and what does the tour involve, nosey aren't I, lol. Thing tend to got wrong a lot for me as well, hope you manage to get the key working again :)...Jules xxx

ghwt9996 said...

Mr T - bloke from A-team, Mr M - bloke who owns the of course it's Mr Taylor and Mr May.  If some of you are still unclear they are two members of a small band that's called Queen.  Who's going to do the vocals though?
You be careful changing lightbulbs Jen, perhaps you should use candles!
Take care
Gary :-)

irisclyde said...

I'm sure the Christmassy feeling will creep up on you soon. Try eating mince pies??? :0) yes, who's going to do the vocals??? I hope you get tickets!

elyzabethj said...

OK, I don't know who Mr T or Mr M are but I have similiar "I want to go but can't afford it" thoughts!  Love the shirt too!  E.

kingofankh said...

I for one will go to see Mr T and Mr M, I only hope that Mr D joins in with the bloke from Free... See you there J