Thursday, 16 December 2004


Today's not been a very good day   I know I have always been very paranoid up until now and I think I'm coming to terms with the fact that no matter what happens and what I tell myself I shall ALWAYS be paranoid.  Of course I'm talking about work and my fellow colleagues.  I just don't think they like me but when I'm being a bit more rational I do remind myself that I've not even been there for a month.  I accidentally bumped into the wicked witch and called her by a different name (by accident) and she was like 'actually i'm blah blah' - I thought I do know it was just a mistake!!  Then later I get the impression that the woman who sits next to me (who doesn't like that bloke opposite me) suddenly does like him and not me - so of course I'm trying to think what have I done?  But it could have something to do with the fact that I keep making stupid mistakes!  I would tell you what but I can't be bothered to waste your time!!  I certainly couldn't do this job forever - it's so boring and very monotonous <<<< probably not spelt correctly

It just got worse though as I was eating my tea I bit on something really hard.  Two white pieces of whatever came out of my mouth.  It looks like a bit of tooth but I can't feel where it's come from!  I hate dentists with a passion and I'm not even sure if I'm registered anymore which causes another problem grrrr........

Anyway I'm watching Frank Skinner at the mo and Steve and Simon have just been on (Steve from the X-factor and Simon Cowell) (I did wonder if you were watching Sara ;-) They were quite funny!!

Wasn't the weather horrible today?   It was typical how it was raining, until we all got to work and it stopped lol

Phones are still playing up at work!!

Oh well at least tomorrow  LOL

This has been a rather boring entry I'm sorry so I'll finish on a game for you!!  I can only manage a measly one  Enjoy!!

Oh and don't forget to vote for Nathan (coz he's really cute!!) and I would say help stuart with his counter but last I heard it'd gone again............

Wish me luck for the weekend by the way my mate wants to look for her wedding dress and my dress.  Apparently though she wants me to be brutally honest with her - I'm looking forward to that *evil laugh*


sdrogerson said...

Where are you getting these nice graphics  Jenny. I  like the one with the rain!

jules19642001 said...

good luck with the dress hunting, hope you find something wonderful for both of you. My dentist had to do things gradual with me, a clean first, then a small filling. She let me know I could stop her at any time and never made me feel silly for doing so. You need an understanding patient dentist, good luck :)......Jules xxx

sarajanesmiles said...

Paranoia is one of my friends too, I know how you feel!
One of my pet hates is women in offices, you know, the bitchy ones, or ones that think they're better than you.  Hate them!!  I do NOT miss office politics in the slightest, is one of my favourite things about being a stay at home Mum!  Hope it gets better for you there. Oh, and hope that wasn't a tooth in your tea, dentists, another pet hate!!
(I missed that Frank Skinner :o( Will have to watch the repeat next week!!)
Sara   x

kingofankh said...

As J. D. Salinger once said, 'I am a kind of paranoiac in reverse. I suspect people of plotting to make me happy'.  Don't let them get to you, after all, they are the ones losing out.

jeanno43 said...

Your lovely little grahics do make me smile, really cheered me up today.  Now, I have lost my counter as well. I had recently achieved 5000 hits which was wonderful and had gone quite a few over that. Now all I get is the box but no numbers, what a bummer.
Oh, brutally honest eh?  Why do friends put you in those situations.  Are you going to be tactful or tell the truth, come on, own up.
Hope it goes well anyway. Have a great weekend xxxxx

irisclyde said...

Hope you're having a nice w/e & that you're successful with the dresses! People aren't always easy to get to know at work and it might be them, not you! By the way, I told my son J that Queen are going on tour with Paul Rodgers singing and he said: at least he was Free to do it! He he :o)